Meet Paul Frankel, Editor in Chief at IPR, ANTIFA Terrorist, Convicted Forger, Former LNC Rep, and His Freak Show Seeking to Disaffiliate the LPF

Paul Frankel, AKA Pauli Cannoli on Facebook, made a name for himself writing puff pieces for Paul Stanton last year at the Republican Party consultant owned internet site, Independent Political Report. He has resurfaced spreading false allegations about former US Senate candidate Augustus Invictus. I have written about the saga in the last few weeks.(1) I was contacted today and asked to edit out information on his former accusers, as they are retracting the stories that were part of a revenge plot against the Orlando area civil rights attorney.

The story reads like an over the top fiction novel, featuring drugs, prostitution, and social security fraud. The characters include prostitutes, drug dealers,  a Miami based lawyer and ANTIFA terrorist named Matteo Marchetti and the disgraced former Chair of the LPF, Adrian Wyllie, as well as Invictus’ former US Senate campaign rival “Commie Paul” Stanton, who was appointed to the LPF EC despite allegations of stolen valor, election fraud, and a bizarre obsession with invoking Godwin’s Law.

Paul Frankel is the Editor in Chief of Independent Political Report, henceforth called IPR. He has been mentioning me in articles as a “neo-nazi”, apparently sharing Commie Paul’s fetishism. The fact I have been a leader in showing a better way of life to white nationalists for years and risked my life to start a nationwide liberty group open to all races means little to him. The LPF recently retracted a false statement made in 2015 about Augustus Invictus, there was video proof he repudiated the ideas he was accused of promoting. Furthermore a few items from his website that could be read the wrong way were removed by Mr. Invictus in 2015 at my personal request.

His legal case was solid, myself and multiple other Executive Committee members consulted attorneys, who all advised that we would likely lose if we went to court. He had been asking nicely for 18 months. ANTIFA terrorists and their threats of violence forced the cancellation of the Mid Atlantic Liberty Festival, where he was to debate Will Coley, a final straw that prompted him to push the issue. I praised Will Coley and defended him as well.(2) The issue is a serious one, in fact, ANTIFA in Portland attacked one of his campaign events last year, beating attendees with cubs and tire irons, and breaking windows out of their vehicles as they fled.

There seems to be confusion regarding the retraction. The LPF merely retracted a false statement due to the facts. It was not a mandate on the individuals myriad of views, and as libertarians we are not here to judge his thoughts.  Commie Paul was pushing to pay over 1/3 of the parties treasury to a slimy lawyer from Nevada who was recently forced to pay $600,000.00 to a client for gross dereliction of fiduciary responsibility.(3) The decision facing the LPF Executive Committee was bankruptcy, or retract the former Chairmans lies. We examined the meeting audio from that year, and found the statement went beyond what was authorized, on top of the fact Mr. Invictus published a video on June 1, 2015 repudiating his college paper from years ago.(4) It included the following quotes, note the time stamps if you want to hear them yourself,  and the video contains a fairly detailed repudiation of state sponsored eugenics.

“While in law school, I wrote a paper in which I stated that we, as a society, have a duty to implement a state sponsored eugenics program. I argued that the implementation of such a program would be the most humane approach to mental and physical handicaps, incurable diseases, and other such ills afflicting humankind.

What my critics fail to take notice of, is that this paper was written between 5 and 6 years ago. I wrote the paper as a staff writer for my journal in law school. It is, of course, a cardinal sin of politics for a politician to change his mind about something, but that is the case here”. (5:29-6:02)

“The fact is, that a eugenics program in the wrong hands would be a monstrosity”. (7:19-7:25)

In a prophetic moment, he urges the listener to:

“Let us examine what I actually said, rather than parroting internet tabloids” (8:11-8:15)

The idea of bankrupting the party over something so silly was only a good idea to Commie Paul. After he lost, and when he could not get a second for his motion to censure me for recruiting a trained arbitrator from within the party to solve the problem pro bono, he began spreading the fake police report with help from Paul Frankel, Adrian Wyllie, and the Florida Bar Associations head ANTIFA lawyer, Matteo Marchetti. Frankel started attacking my character in his articles, and the LP Nevada started calling for the LPF to be disaffiliated from the LNC. I began to look into this character, who still uses an official LNC Email account. In 2012 he was an Alternate Regional Representative at the LNC while seeking election as an At-Large Representative.(5)

lncatlargeLNC Atlargecontact

This is where things get interesting. At the same time he was serving as an LNC Alternate Region Representative, he was also a fugitive from justice! Furthermore, to this day he has not paid fines related to a 2001 Felony conviction in Oregon. What was he convicted of? Forging signatures for petitions, and his arrest was for a litany of election fraud related charges.(6) He ratted on his associates and agreed to cooperate to get many of the charges dropped. After this he became a drifter, traveling the country as a scam artist. Despite claims of being a successful entrepreneur, he still owes money to Oregon, and the State put it out to collections in 2011.

Yes, you read that correctly, an LNC Representative was a convicted forger involved in electoral fraud. His close association with Paul Stanton adds more credibility to the allegations of election fraud in the primary, during which Stanton and Frankel were working very closely. Maybe he taught Stanton some of his old tricks. I am struggling to understand how the LNC would have a Representative who is barred from various activities regarding elections serving as a representative. Even more bizarre is the claim Augustus Invictus brings discredit on the Libertarian Party. I cannot imagine anything that looks worse than petition forgers leading political parties. Then I found out that he and another man tortured a rivals dog to death and dumped its corpse in another state. I am still searching for records, but multiple websites discuss the story. That may be the charge he was a fugitive from while serving on the LNC, and he was arrested in South Carolina on the fugitive warrant shortly after he was campaigning for the At-Large seat.




As Frankel continued to stoke the fires, he began floating stories that the LNC was considering disaffiliating the LPF. Most of that talk came out of Nevada, where Vice Chairman David Colborne stated that no LPF member was “allowed” in Nevada, and some of his quotes became memes widely circulated on social media. Jason Weinman was in the mix, and another woman Debra Caren Payne was also prominent in these attacks on Florida. She claims a 17 year history with the LNC. When it was looked into, Paul Frankel is friends with this crowd, and the next revelations were discovered. As recently as last month he openly admitted to membership in the left wing terrorist organization known as  ANTIFA.

With Mark Hinkle, Debra Caren Payne, Thomas Hill, Sarah Rebecca and Paulie Cannoli.

Debra Caren Payne in the Old Navy sweatpants, Frankel Far Right

lp nevada David colbornecolburneweinmanviolenceweinmanaustinjason weinman 2nevada debra responsey3nevadagdebraresponse6

PaulfrankelantifaPaulFrankell ANTIFA 2stilllpetitioning2stillpetitioning

Court order be damned, let the forging of petitions continue!

The crooked lawyer Stanton tried to bankrupt the LPF with, and a cultural Marxist infestation, both out of Nevada, are all wrapped up with Paul Frankel and ANTIFA. I started looking into Frankel’s associates. I think the criminal activity surrounding him will require a book, but one close associate with a long LP past stuck out, because of the glaring hypocrisy. Gary Fincher lists Frankel as a reference on his personal site, and the two are longtime friends. Gary is the alleged partner in the torture and killing of the dog dumped in Alabama. The two traveled together for years. He also was arrested in 2001 for stalking and has been in and out of mental institutions, his bizarre ranting on his blog tells the story of his breaking parole conditions to stalk his ex across the country, landing him in a mental institution.

His legal troubles began in 1991 in Florida. A citizen asked him to remove their name from a petition, and he refused. Police were called, and he proceeded to attack the officers and was charged with battery on a LEO among other charges, leading to the probation he broke to stalk his ex. He was arrested yet again in 2014 for a fraudulent veteran’s charity. He claimed that his 29 days in the army before he washed out of basic training, entitled him to collect money as a homeless veteran. At every turn I find more criminal and all around degenerate activity surrounding Paul Frankel.


With a forger and degenerate like Frankel as the editor, who owns IPR? The answer is natural, a Republican. A Republican who left the LP and uses his media arm to sabotage the competition. His name is Warren Redlich. Here are some biographical items from his Wikipedia.(7) The IPR attacks on Mr. Invictus are even more hypocritical when you consider his arguing for sexualization of young girls, and his own defamation suit against Roger Stone, who was talked about in LPF circles as a possible opponent against Augustus before the sudden arrival of Stanton.

-Redlich was a registered Democrat before joining the Republican Party circa 2001.

-In the past, he has run with support from the Liberal Party of New York; he has also sought support of the Green Party of New York and Working Families Party.

-Later, during his gubernatorial campaign, he would coordinate some of his events with Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins.

-He has served on the Guilderland town board since 2007 as a Republican.

-Redlich ran as the Republicans’ nominee against the now-retired Michael McNulty for the seat representing New York’s 21st congressional district. He lost both elections, the latter by a 78-22 margin. Redlich, during his congressional runs, did not have the support of the Conservative Party of New York State as most Republicans traditionally do; instead, the Conservative Party endorsed McNulty in both races.

-Redlich has been accused of cybersquatting. He purchases domain names related to his political opponents and others and posts websites about them such as, primarily as a means of revenue (the O’Donnell site nets him approximately US$85 per day in advertising revenue from Google AdSense). He has heavily advertised on the Internet during his gubernatorial campaign

-Redlich posted a blog post in April 2008 criticizing what he saw was an overblown reaction to Miley Cyrus‘s appearance in Vanity Fair, suggesting that sexual objectification of females under the age of 18 has historically been accepted.

– In October 2010, Roger Stone, the campaign manager for Kristin M. Davis, encouraged an outside group to circulate flyers labeling Redlich a “public danger,” citing that post as a source, and encouraging people to “call the police” if they encountered him. The flyer received a rebuke in the form of an open letter from Redlich’s wife. Redlich later sued Stone for defamation over the allegations; as of 2017, the case is still in litigation. Davis, Republican nominee Carl Paladino and Paladino’s campaign manager Michael Caputo were all named as co-defendants (Davis was later dropped from the suit); Redlich is seeing damages of $20,000,000 over the flyer.

-Redlich relocated to Palm Beach County, Florida, primarily citing poor weather in upstate New York. In 2012 Redlich became a member of the Palm Beach Republican Executive Committee. He also purchased third-party news website Independent Political Report.

In summary, a news outlet owned by the Republican opposition to the Libertarian Party of Florida, whose editor a convicted forger, election fraudster, and claims membership in a left wing terror group has teamed up with the disgruntled former LPF Chair, Paul Stanton, and people from Nevada, the same state as the shady lawyer that Stanton insisted should be allowed to bankrupt the LPF. This crowd is behind a push to disaffiliate the LPF from the national party. Nice try Republicans and Communists. We see right through you. You will not destroy the Libertarian Party of Florida, and we are not taking any criticism from the likes of you. Thanks for playing, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


History of ANTIFA-



Arbitrator: Marc Randazza must pay $600K+ for “clear and serious breaches of fiduciary duty” against his former client





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