Politicized Genitalia

Thoughts on the Frankfurt School “Pride Month” By: Ryan Ramsey This picture is ridiculous. So are the narratives ebbing and flowing among the body politic regarding “lbgtqchomoetc” and “pride month”. I wrote about “Hate Bait” during the engineered controversy regarding the “migrant caravan”. I had to make a correction, it was engineered by Maduro, not … More Politicized Genitalia

Official American Guard Statement On Venezuela

With Spanish Translation JANUARY 20, 2019 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The American Guard is dedicated to the liberties guaranteed in our Constitution, particularly the first 10 Amendments. Under the Venezuelan Constitution, in absence of a President, the leader of the National Assembly assumes the presidency until there’s a new election. That leader is Juan Guaidó, … More Official American Guard Statement On Venezuela

Rise Of The Venezuelan Patriots

A call for global support of the Venezuelan Anti-Communist Opposition Government January 15, 2019 Say your prayers for our brothers and sisters who remain steadfast against the vile Communists in Venezuela. They have responded to Maduro’s sham election and dissolution of the National Assembly by forming an opposition government. Juan Guaido, the legitimate Venezuelan leader. … More Rise Of The Venezuelan Patriots

We Are Orion

“Under the stars with the children and the ancestors as we near the end of Yule.” I have been spending some time with the family and communicating with varied and diverse freedom fighters across planet earth over the last few weeks. Our ancestral tradition this time of year compels my family to spend some time … More We Are Orion

Right Wing Populism is Making Syria Free Again, America Should Be Next

The job of a political party is not to define an ideology, but to change policy and elect people to that end. We have a chance in less than 6 years to become the dominant US political party, and most libertarians are already screwing it up. For a guy who can’t hide his inner commie … More Right Wing Populism is Making Syria Free Again, America Should Be Next

Nelson Mandela Turns 100

Facebook is posting graphics “Remembering Mandela” today, on what would have been his 100th birthday. Are they remembering the bombings and the “necklaces”, and the exploiting of race tensions in service of Communism? Will Facebook remember how upon his release he resumed singing “Kill the Boer” in public? His legacy was to to merely upgrade … More Nelson Mandela Turns 100

The Fate of Empires

The people are saber rattling. Washington would do well to listen. If the 535 vampires in the capitol had any sense they would remember the historical end result of their arrogance. Watching them add a trillion in deficit spending while trying to bribe us with a temporary tax cut shows some incredibly serious chutzpah on … More The Fate of Empires