Who is Paul Stanton? Who is behind him?

If you thought I had disappeared, I have not. I have been under a coordinated electronic attack. For the last 2 months, my phones, computers, printers, and even ROKU have been controlling my phone calls, internet use, text messages, and all other activities. I am pretty proud actually. The idea my words have such power that at least 2 dozen people would keep tabs on me 24 hours a day is an accomplishment. I know many of the individuals behind it and they will all be dealt with. I am posting this under duress from a small device on a VPN through proxy server and TOR browser. I could not have explained those terms 90 days ago, although my phones and computers have been literally under the full control of a network of cyber criminals since October 30 of last year. Coincidentally when the disgraced former chairman of the LPF, who owns a so called “White Hat” hacker company quit. 1 week before Paul Stanton registered to vote in Fl, 2 days before the deadline to run for the US Senate. He is also in the IT field. I am sure it is merely a coincidence that one of Stanton’s supporters, an officer living outside the county he chairs for the LPF, just happens to be an expert in the interactive shell programs that have hijacked my life. I am sure it is also a coincidence the mass of extensions and script covering my every log in expires just after the voting booths close August 30.

According to the experts tracing them down, all of my devices boot to an interactive shell that only allows me the control the want. Calls are not received or dropped. Text messages are not delivered and even altered to cause chaos in my personal and business. A notification goes out when I log on to a device. The network is notified and whoever is available begins to block content or the connection entirely. I was producing a documentary about this whole situation, but months of work was literally stolen. My entire library of radio shows, family pictures, and everything else. I have copies of the programs now. This sort of attack, known as Tribe Flood Network, is generally used against banks and large corporations to extort millions of dollars. I am pretty sure the individuals behind this are also involved in those attacks. The longest one we found lasted 30 days. I am a lone man and it has been over twice that. Here is some reading material. This was a lesson in vulnerability to me, and you all need to tighten up your defenses. I have lost 2 desktops, 5 laptops, 8 android phones and 2 tablets since I published my last article. No recording music. No radio. I have lost business and missed EC meetings and events. You do not realize how important electronics are until they turn against you.





As w approach the Presidential election, I have been speaking and writing about how to capitalize on disenfranchised voters from the 2 major parties. One of the biggest complaints is the idea politics is a sleazy game greedy crooks. I believe the way to set ourselves apart as Libertarians is to get out in front and say we are different. I started the LPF Transparency and Accountability Initiative and immediately things got weird. I stated looking into Stanton and he was a ghost. Doing a cache search, you could find information, so somebody with extensive computer expertise was wiping his history from the internet. I wondered, why does he wait so long to announce his candidacy? I find no record of his ever being a registered Libertarian, but 2 days before the one year deadline he shows up from Indiana? Every answer brought more questions, and I soon realized I uncovered something far bigger than the election. I believe the former chair is pulling the strings and Stanton is the puppet. Why? If you though it was a pretty bold move to have a lackey attempt to bag him a slot as a Presidential Elector at a recent EC meeting, you should look at the LPF corporate filing. Regardless of his voter card, we are a private organization….remember? According to the Florida Division of Corporations, which can be seen on SUNBIZ.org, he is still the Chair.

Many do not know that the party found a way to avoid filing financial reports with the state, which is bizarre considering the LPF is always living on pennies. Or are we? Looking at what I see now Fuhrer Wyllie played a smart game. After they gained a loophole, an honest man become treasurer, and to my knowledge, he is not responsible for any backroom shenanigans. Our Treasurer is one of the only people who was forthright and helpful during my research. I do not believe he is anything but faithful in his duties and a believer in Liberty. He just got the same information as the accountants who filed the paperwork. It can be seen here and I encourage all to read through these documents. Since we spoke he has been forwarding me monthly statements.


That is not setting us apart from the other parties. That is not how we should market ourselves to the public. It is a staple of the former regime though. Wyllie has many interesting things to be found. Search on Sunbiz.org, and there are many various entities under White Hat, research the principals, and ask why a small home based business requires so many variations?

Screenshot 2016-08-30 at 5.43.01 AM.png

Here we get to the root of the issue. Something else happened in 2012. A con man named John D. Stanton was captured and sent to Federal Prison for a decade. His chief rackets included embezzling and possibly poisoning his business partner, pushing penny stocks based around solar energy, and tax evasion. Taxation is theft right? Perhaps I wouldn’t have such a problem if it was given robin hood style for liberty. Stanton was known to donate to libertarian leaning republican circles in the Tampa Bay area. The creation of a spreadsheet tying all the real estate, lawyers, and shell corporations together to sot out all the links to The former Fuhrer of the LPF and Stanton was the trigger to the massive attack on my family. It did not stop online. We are being followed. A man was on our property. Have you ever had to gather your friends with rifles to clear your property? Augustus Invictus is not a Nazi, he just threatens to bring attention to a well kept secret. Just as John Wayne Smith, Alexander George, myself, and many others. Franklin Perez says Wyllie is a racist. He says Augustus and I are. There is no congruence, there has to be something more. I believe Stanton is here to protect the family jewels. If he would be forthright about his background we wouldn’t have to speculate. I will let you decide and help with research. The fact such extreme measures have been employed tell me there is something very sinister going on here.




John Stanton was a know womanizer with business interests in Ohio, where it is believed he met Pauline Hung. Also kn0wn as PH Hung. She is also known as PH Hungstanton. According to the FEC she is retired, and lives at this address, a shopping mall in Naples, and donated 1/3 of the filing fee for the Stanton campaign.

Screenshot 2016-08-30 at 6.07.42 AM

One of his unemployed sister lists her address on his FEC filing as this alley behind a granite countertop company in Philadelphia. Or the School next door. Shady at best.

Screenshot 2016-08-30 at 6.11.54 AM

The other 1/3 of his 10,000 fee came from the other unemployed sister. She lives in a pretty nice place, who knows, maybe she has a rich boyfriend, we found no marriage records. It is pretty obvious they all have something to hide, and that there is plenty of money, and Stanton refuses to answer many questions about anything.

Screenshot 2016-08-06 at 4.05.43 PM (1)

What it looks like is that John D Stanton has entrusted the 67 million he owes the IRS with a sophisticated group of criminals. The computer experts move the money offshore, Wyllie likely had a problem with the REAL ID act because it made laundering the money in real estate, which appears to be a staple, more difficult. You will notice a large amount of arrests for not having licenses among his associates, going back decades, long before real ID, that was a way to wash it. His love for the undocumented migrant may have more to do with getting money back in than the freedom to travel. This is also not confined to Florida. What do you think about Party Affiliates chartered as “For Profit” Corporations that issue shares? What if our beliefs were hijacked by con men who are desperate to keep the party from growing because it is such a great cover to hide under? Bitcoin you say?

Is it a coincidence that 2012 Stanton was apprehended? Did he leave his millions in the trust of these people? is his son their way to keep their stranglehold on the LPF? Why do his supporters list fake names and addresses on state documents like this? Does another party officer also reside at this in Pasco County who uses another address in Pinellas for a fraudulent voter registration? This is from our April Annual report:


Screenshot 2016-08-30 at 6.37.41 AM.png

Hudson is not in St. Pete. Why would someone falsify state documents? Why does everything around Paul Stanton end in Adrian Wyllie or fraudulent documents and criminal records? I wish I could give you all the answers. Unfortunately some people are working extremely hard to prevent that. I cannot allow you to go to the polls today without telling you what has happened. I have much to tell you all. You know in your heart the only reason you would vote for Stanton is you do not like his opponent. You may as well go back to the Democrat or Republican Party if that is your game. Like him or not, Augustus Invictus stands up for what he believes, and is one of us. He has campaigned for over a year, and won many people over. Maybe some of these questions can be cleared up, and the people attacking us will be brought to justice and he can run next time. Today is the time to stop the people who would hijack our party for ends just as evil as the other two. I’ll be doing a quick chamber check on my rifle and heading for the polls.

Liberty or Death, Come and Take It!

August 30, 2016

Vote for Augustus Invictus

Ryan Ramsey

Region 4 Representative, and Bradford County Chairman,

Libertarian Party of Florida

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