LPF Under Attack by Adrian Wyllie, Paul Stanton, and ANTIFA

April 7, 2017

So all of you who thought we were crazy for saying Wyllie was still pulling strings and Stanton was his puppet, it is OK, we accept your apology. Yet another article came out today, part of a hate orgy by Adrian Wyllie, “Commie Paul” Stanton, and ANTIFA in the days following an amicable mediation being reached between the LPF and Augustus Invictus. Following the mediatian vote, they went after him personally, in a revenge pot, by manipulating a PTSD patient to make false allegations against the former US Senate Candidate.


Prior to the retraction, she gave the document to Adrian Wyllie, who spread it across the internet like AIDS on a dirty needle, with the help of LNC election fraudster Paul Frankel (https://libertarianheathen.com/2017/04/11/meet-paul-frankel-editor-in-chief-at-ipr-antifa-terrorist-and-former-fugitivelnc-regional-alternate/), and Commie Paul.  It was not hard to trace the source back to Adrian, he was always an arrogant guy, he did not even try to cover his tracks.


Yesterday, both these two dirtbags are quoted by the hit-piece writer, Scott Powers. Powers is a close associate of Wyllie and Commie Paul. He was Stanton’s go-to guy for smear pieces on Mr. Invictus during the campaign, as any google search  of his articles can confirm. In fact, his claim to fame is being a tool of political parties to run unscrupulous or mudslinging stories. He was in the news last year after hacked Democratic Committee emails showed discussions of how to employ him against political rivals, after he was fired from the Orlando Sentinel and started blogging for Florida Politics. In the emails they discussed concerns the Republican Consultant who owns Florida Politics may make him reluctant to write bad press about the Republican candidate. I bet they are more than happy to trash the Libertarian Party of Florida.


Wyllie, Commie Paul, and “Hit-Piece Powers”, are now spreading the bullshit assault story, that was never ACTUALLY reported to the police, anywhere and everywhere on the internet. It became so absurd that Stanton quit popular Libertarian Facebook groups when they asked him politely to stop posting incessantly about his former US Senate campaign rival. Here is Powers latest pulp fiction political piece:


Let me make sure I have this straight.

-Disgraced former Chair, Adrian Wyllie, the guy who quit the LPF in 2015, and saying he retired from politics and has no interest in our affairs – is all over social media with the exact same material as Commie Paul, who is also spreading it everywhere.

-Only one person voted against the amicable mediation to end the conflict in the party, Commie Paul, preferring to bankrupt the party in his bizarre vendetta against Augustus.

-Today they are both quoted together in an article by this muckraker, who makes sure to mention they do not know each other and are not working together. How stupid do these people think we are? As if both men are not obsessed with destroying Augustus enough to help the Republicans destroy the LPF if they cannot get their way. Wyllie already tried to destroy the LPF once, leaving us a few short days to find a Chair before being dissolved like the Independent Party earlier this year. If you think I am exaggerating I ask you to read the response from our Treasurer when I inquired about our ability to fight a lawsuit if Paul Stanton and Wyllie sabotaged the amicable solution:


Tho only person who seems panicked at the idea of reconciliation and positive energy is Wyllie, who is not even an LPF member, and Commie Paul, who showed up out of nowhere last year and has been a corrosive influence ever since, slowly turning even his own campaign staff against him, to the point he is universally reviled by all but a handful of members, most of whom are new and just have not had the chance to get to know him, libertarians being pretty non-judgmental outside of the small, but loud, Cultural Marxist Camp. They are both working with a Republican Consultant owned publication with its head muckraker. Tell me again I was paranoid about outside forces manipulating the LPF.

Stanton was the only person who voted not to mediate, preferring to bankrupt the party in his bizarre vendetta against Augustus.Look at how the conversation went before and after this lone saboteur injected himself into the process like a lethal dose of cyanide. Watch how everyone on the EC was working it out fine, and Commie Paul suggests a lawyer and puts the brakes on the entire process. One word comes to mind SABOTAGE.

augustusrequest6augustus request7augustus request 9Augustusrequest 8stantonllawyerupmain4stantonawyerupmainstantonllawyerupmainresponsestantonawyerupmain3Augustusrequest13stantoncharlezbullylawyerupbystanton3lawyer for Augustus

Ignoring everyone but Commie Paul, the Chair claims to be speaking with a legal team, which raises red flags. Under our Rules and Bylaws, the EC has to approve of any expenditure over $100.00. I begin a series of text messages to find out who was this mythical legal team that rejected the retraction letter.

The next day we are presented with a contract from a lawyer in Nevada, with terms that we must go to Nevada to settle any disputes that may arise about his fees. A motion is filed to pay him a $10,000.00 retainer, with the expectation of another $10-20,000.00 before any hope of settling the case. This would bankrupt the LPF and we would have to shut down the party and lose it. Myself and other EC members research the lawyer, Mark Randazza. What we found was disturbing to say the least., including the fact he was forced to pay $600,000.00 to a previous client for “Serious Breach of Fiduciary Responsibility”. The articles and some quotes we found are followed by an impassioned defense of this crook by none other then….you guessed it…Commie Paul. He even suggests that it is a bizarre conspiracy theory that we are being subverted, when everyone but him is working for a solution, and he is trying to bankrupt the party as if our future should be sacrificed on the alter of his cognitive dissonance. As if the liberty movement in Florida is worth less than his obsession with invoking Godwin’s Law.

“The multi-year arbitration that revealed all the information above ended this summer. It was disastrous for Randazza. The arbiter ultimately found (PDF) that Randazza “secretly negotiated” a $75,000 bribe that did not result in payment, Randazza did unauthorized outside work, and he wrongly kept that $55,000 payment from Righthaven. The arbiter ordered Randazza to pay his former employer more than $600,000. Now, Randazza also faces state bar complaints in Nevada and Florida accusing him of unethical behavior, which could threaten his ability to practice law in those states.”
“Randazza didn’t fare much better on his “hostile workplace” claims. In addition to the porn shoot in his office, Randazza claimed that CEO Jason Gibson and another Liberty exec engaged in oral sex in the back of his car while Randazza was driving back from a company party, greatly upsetting him”.

“Don’t jizz on my briefs,” wrote Randazza .


Arbitrator: Marc Randazza must pay $600K+ for “clear and serious breaches of fiduciary duty” against his former client

lawyerdefensebystanton1Lawyer defense Stanton 2lawyer Defense stanton 3lawyer defense stanton4

I guess my “conspiracy theories” were “old” enough he decided to censure me for standing in his way. Logic won the day at our Executive Committee Meeting Sunday, and we appointed the Chair to mediate a settlement. Randy Wiseman, a well liked and respected Libertarian candidate for Governor is a trained mediator. I asked Randy earlier in the day if he would help, and he graciously agreed to donate his time to heal this wound and move the party forward. Augustus also agreed and the whole matter was once again moving into the rear view mirror. Commie Paul was humiliated when his motion to censure me could not muster a second.

The EC has worked with me all year, and knows I did not come here to do anything but help the LPF grow. I have never been a troublemaker or made decisions for personal gain or used my authority to harm any member. In fact, I helped make peace in the party and defended people I do not personally get along with for reasons of principle. My first motion was to affiliate Alachua County. I voted against a good friends motion to throw Joe Wendt out of the party for his out of control alcoholism and crazy rants against other members. I would do it again, even though he has joined Commie Paul in yelling “Nazi” at every opportunity. Why? I don’t think we have to like each other to fight together. When Region 7 had no representation, I even defended Commie Paul, when he protested moving an affiliate to a different county without their input. I would do it again too, we should consult the affiliate in question about such matters. In contrast, Stanton’s first motion from his EC bully pulpit? Censure Ryan Ramsey.

I have lost some votes on the EC, Stanton’s appointment for one. I knew this would be the result. I knew the second he could start disrupting the party and using his position to attack members he did not like, he would. He proved me right within a month. I just said, oh well, and went about my business. Stanton chose to call Adrian, and a reporter named Pauli Cannoli – AKA Paul Frankel, also with IPR. Augustus accused the LNC of behind the scenes collusion, and this was the first person to post the fake police report about Mr. Invictus. A short bit of research lent credibility to the theory. He writes under a fake name, because the former left wing Democrat was a Region Representative with the LNC. He is Commie Paul’s other head muckraker at IPR, look at the first headline he wrote when Stanton appeared last spring, like an SJW rabbit, right out of a hat – “Not the goat and Eugenics guy”! This, nearly a year after his repudiation of eugenics in a YouTube video widely circulated that is the center of the issue at hand. As the Democrats leaked E-mail laments, real newspapers wont run this garbage, but theres always a few scumbags like Powers and Pauli. If you thought that Commie Paul was not involved with ANTIFA, here is the punchline, Paul Frankel openly admits  to being a member of the left wing terror group.


stanton Pauli


PaulFrankell ANTIFA 2.png

We have now established another fact, that the LNC has ANTIFA in its highest offices, do you really think he is the only one? The party has been shocked by the LNC Chair, Nick Sarwark, condoning ANTIFA violence. One of Commie Paul’s only allies in the party was the first one to publish the story by this Frankel douchebag, Matteo Marchetti, AKA Mattia Malamento. The first time Stanton threatened me with censure, was about 30 seconds after I concluded a conversation in which I attempted to convince Mr. Marchetti, PA,  that spreading these fake police reports was harmful to the party. He tried to claim I threatened him. Pictures of him wearing t-shirts advocating beating his philosophical opponents unconscious, and advocating the murder of the entire white race surfaced, effectively making him a NAP violator by default, and thus subject to use of force by anyone at any time. Thus, the first censure attempt of the week died. He found another excuse though, and it was an honor to face censure for trying to save the party from these Marxist fools. He literally tried to censure me for trying to save the party from financial insolvency and defending the rights of a member in good standing.


Matteo Marchetti, AKA Mattia Malamento, can you believe he is a member of the Florida BAR and a Practicing Attorney?

By midweek, LPF members across Florida began receiving Facebook messages with the IPR stories by the ANTIFA muckrakers at IPR. The fake profile with zero friends was called “Ficus Manus”, and fed up libertarians lashed out, sharing the ANTIFA fake news messages on their walls. I checked and had one myself, but the profile had been reported enough by then and removed.



As the crescendo kept rising, new outrage against Wyllie and Commie Paul emerged, as the same groups they worked with to cancel the Invictus/Coley debate, joined with left-libertarians to push adding “P for Pedophile” to the end of LGBT. In fact, Matteo Marchetti, Stanton’s confederate, personally admitted to me he worked with these exact same pedophile apologists to stop the Invictus debate in Harrisburg, mere days before these posts.

 auggieantifaantifaeastshoreantifa augustusantifaharrisburg5antifapedoantifaharrisburg7antifaharrisburglgbtqp+antifaharrisburd3antifaharrisburg4

 Just as Commie Paul and Adrian tried to claim the groups were not involved in pedophilia, reports from January surfaced, of the arrest one of the leaders of a Portland group with close ties to another ANTIFA/pedophile ring known as “Rose City ANTIFA”, the same group that attacked an Augustus campaign event last year and beat attendees with 2×4’s and tire irons. These are not fake police reports made in another jurisdiction by prostitutes in drug withdrawal, and never followed up on. These are arrests, part of a growing alliance between ANTIFA, pedophiles, and left-libertarians.

‘Portland’s Resistance’ co-leader charged with sex abuse

There is a dark current in politics of child sex abuse. The scandal known as “Pizzagate” has rocked the political world, in which pedophile rings going back decades were uncovered. I did a show on this infection in the Libertarian Party, and how we need to drive out this cancer so we are not associated with it. We all remember Brad Spangler, big-wig at the left-wing think tank “Center For A Stateless Society”. He admitted to molesting his own daughter and left-libertarians actually  defended him. Myself and others criticized Ian Freeman, AKA Ian Bernard, for his relationship with a 12 or 13 year old girl when he was at least 30, and his comments were on YouTube for all to hear. Free Talk Live, his radio station, was raided last year on child porn allegations.


Why this insane hatred and sabotage of a Party finally coming together? Who would try to co-opt the Libertarian Party of Florida to join in league with left-wing terrorists, serving as the masked neo-blackshirts of pedophiles and cultural marxists? Those attempting to purge Augustus Invictus, myself, and any other person with intelligence and charisma can no longer hide their true colors. They are obviously bent on sabotaging the mediation process, and with it, the LPF.

Luckily for the party, everyone else voted for this amicable solution. The Chair was given the ability to take care of this without outside pressure or input last Sunday. The mediation will happen. We will not let outsiders like ANTIFA or Adrian Wyllie tell us what we can and cannot do. Augustus and Char-lez are reasonable men, and Randy Wiseman is universally respected in the LPF, and a professional mediator. The EC did not bow to Commie Paul or his henchmen within the party. We will not let the bigotry of Wyllie, or the SJW mental illness of Paul Stanton leave us blind to the Republican Consultants who run Independent Political Report. We won’t let IPR be an accomplice to the destruction and bankrupting of the LPF. We will be asking serious questions and rooting out corruption as part of the healing process. We expect a resolution any day now and this to be put in the past, whether the enemies of liberty like it or not.

 I do want to pose to the membership some questions and offer immunity to anyone who wishes to step forward with information. Someone in this party has a business client or other financier manipulating them, and I am going to find out who it is. I suspected a donor, but nobody gives enough money on the books to be more valuable than the $20,000.00 they tried to spend on the crooked lawyer.

Another possibility is the shady lawyer planned to split the money with someone. Stanton was the ONLY person who called to get lawyers involved, nobody has even explained where the shady Nevada attorney came from. He would be the chief suspect, as his defense of this slimeball was pretty indefensible.

If we cannot get clear answers and another attempt to bankrupt this party is made, we will probably have to bring in the authorities. It is starting to look like the corruption we though left with Wyllie is still lurking behind the scenes.

I am calling on all LPF members who care about Transparency and Accountability to start asking questions. Start reading party history. Start looking into the books of both the LPF and the shell companies of Adrian Wyllie and his associates.

There are some dark forces trying to sabotage the LPF, Augustus is merely the excuse, and we need to get this Albatross off our necks in order to take advantage of our true potential. This was already fading in the rear-view mirror, and everyone was getting along, why is some guy who looks like a textbook money launderer, and quit our Party in 2015, stirring all this up? Why on earth would a member of our EC, who has a sanitized online history and appeared out of nowhere, intent on forcing us into insolvency? Question everything brothers and sisters. Remember Lakeland? Look at how fast they are screwing this up.

I have faith in the membership of Region 7 to chose a competent leader if we survive until convention. I pledge to fight to make sure we stay solvent that long, and it looks like the EC is unified in that purpose, even if the Chair or Stanton try to fight. Thank you to all of you who kept open minds and open hearts. We have to confront evil to destroy it. The olive branch is always there for those who see the light, I am a forgiving man, and so are most Libertarians.

One last rhetorical question – You didn’t think this would be easy, did you?

Exist to Resist,

Ryan Ramsey
Region 4 Representative, and Bradford County Chairman

Libertarian Party of Florida

Ron paul


Links can be found to the complete Email discussions at the bottom of this article:


More back story here:


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