Florida Citizen Child Protection Act

Proposing the “Gary Plauché Law”, to let the people of Florida clean up their own communities. It is time for a “Libertarian Solution”. Gary Plauché (November 10, 1945 – October 23, 2014), was an American man known for the 1984 killing of Jeff Doucet, who had kidnapped, sexually assaulted, and molested Plauché’s son, Jody. The … More Florida Citizen Child Protection Act

God Hates Feds

Take a moment and look at the divide in our nation, and consider what the left is actually peddling. *Change your DNA with the death shot, you cannot trust 99.7% chance with immune system. *Chromosomes are not real, pick a gender or make one up. *Everyone should have the same amount of stuff, but not … More God Hates Feds

Communists Are Not Libertarians, So Why Do Communists Control The LP?

Cutting the shit, and getting real about the Libertarian National Committee, the New Hampshire incident, Mises Caucus, and the elephant in the room. There has been a big shakeup in the Libertarian National Committee, and in state affiliates like New Hampshire over the last few weeks.  They forced the resignation of the aptly named former … More Communists Are Not Libertarians, So Why Do Communists Control The LP?

Liberty or Equality?

Libertarianism is natural law enshrined in a political system and makes a presumption of inequality and that it is a product of nature and thus non discriminatory in any way humans can control. Atheists must accept inequity as the product of nature and evolution. Those of faith recognize inequity as the will of our creator, … More Liberty or Equality?

Official Proud Boy Statement on the Kalamazoo Rally

Official statement from the Proud Boys Michigan Chapter: This statement is prepared to publicly communicate Proud Boy Michigan Chapter’s (PBMC) experience in Kalamazoo while conducting a Flag-Wave march on August 15th, 2020. Planning for this event began in late spring and early summer. The motivation for the march was to protest the riotous actions of … More Official Proud Boy Statement on the Kalamazoo Rally

Libertarians and a Burning Rome

David Azerrad published a powerful piece in The American Conservative, titled “American Conservatism is Fiddling While Rome Burns”. The critique of modern Conservatism is fantastic. The critique of Libertarianism not so much, in the sense it critiques a “modal libertarianism” that Murray Rothbard, godfather of the LP, also critiqued with the same vigor. These people … More Libertarians and a Burning Rome

Free and Masktard Business List, Jax FL

Gold Star, have defied government shut down, respect free choice: All Fired Up Pizza/Larry’s Giant Subs Bar and Grill, Edgewood Ave. Murray Hill (Defied original shut down order until JSO forced customers out, true heroes)   Boycott List of Masktard Owned Business Retail: Publix, Normandy and I-295 Restaurants: Seafood Island Bar and Grill, San Marco … More Free and Masktard Business List, Jax FL