Chairman Char-lez and His Knights, a Tale of Treachery, Lies, and Stolen Valor in King Alexander of Hanover’s LPF.

The bullshit crown is awarded.

Feb 3, 2017

All political movements have growing pains, but they need not be self inflicted.

The resignation of Adrian Wyllie as LPF Chairman in the fall of 2016 gave new hope to the membership. I dismissed initial criticism of the new Chairman, Char-Lez Braden, because the law gave only a few days to fill certain offices or we could face dissolution by the state.

Some of the membership said he was acting as a monarch, and creating his own fiefdom by appointing cronies, but the convention was only a few months away, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

Shortly afterwards, the Region 4 Representative resigned due to an out of state move. There were no affiliates in 9 counties of the region. I affiliated my own county and expressed interest in the region seat.

This began a bizarre chain of events. I had been critical of an EC member named Martin Sullivan for his exploitation of impoverished migrants at his orchard, and felt that as an elected official, this could be used to discredit the party since it is illegal, regardless of personal opinions on the immigration issue.

He joined with another current EC member named Russ Wood to attempt a character assassination on me in the press.

The following email was sent to a reporter, claiming that I was a member of a white supremacist group hosting an event for a Libertarian candidate along with the Duval LPF affiliate.

——– Original Message ——–

Subject: Augustus Invictus
From: “Ferguson, Mike” <>
Date: Thu, September 17, 2015 2:37 pm
To: “” <>

Hi Mr. Chipman,

My name is Mike Ferguson and I’m a reporter at The Ledger in Lakeland. I’m working on a story about Augustus Invictus. He’s a Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate, but I’ve spoken with the Polk affiliate as well as Adrian Wyllie, who are concerned he could bring some unwanted white supremacist infiltration into the party. Martin Sullivan, a member of the Polk party and a regional representative, said white supremacists have already begun trying to infiltrate there in Jacksonville. Mr. Russ Wood, who is the chairman in Polk County, said the American Front is actually having an event for Mr. Invictus in that area on Saturday and I was wondering if you can confirm that you’ve witnessed the effort to infiltrate or if you know about the rally? Feel free to call me or reply by email.

Thanks for your time

Mike Ferguson
455 6th St NW, Winter Haven, FL 33881
T: 863-401-6981

Duval chairman Chipman replied that it was nonsense, and the story was not run.

The truth was that my black co-worker threw money in to sponsor it, and the event was attended by people of all races. Pictures of the black co-sponsor, myself, and the Asian man who first introduced me to Augustus circulated on social media, and the man we call “Slave Trader Sullivan” resigned.

Rather than appoint me to the vacant region seat in the region I had just founded the first affiliate, the other man who falsely accused me was appointed.

Russ Wood lived nowhere near the region, and had no contacts here.

This was the first red flag that there were motives at play beyond growth of the party. I confronted Mr. Wood on the matter. He denied talking to the reporter. Honestly I cannot imagine why he would make it up, but the convention was only 4 months away and I was pretty sure I could get the votes I would need, so I let the matter go.

I was correct and was voted into the Region 4 State Representative position at the state convention. It was a great experience, and many people I met apologized for judging me. The first sign of trouble was at the National Convention in Orlando a few weeks later.

Paul Stanton had registered in November of 2015, just before the deadline, but nobody knew him.

He put forth a bizarre motion at the state convention to create a thoughtcrime in the LPF that nobody voted for after an EC member repudiated it.

When he announced his candidacy I had kind words at first. He gave a moving speech about his Iraq experiences, and how he had ordered the gunner of the tank he commanded to aim at a building. Subsequently children ran out and he realized if the roles were reversed, he would be upset and not regard us as the good guys, to paraphrase.

It thought he may be a great asset to the Veterans Caucus and that the controversy would subside now that the membership had a choice.

My band Lovecrime agreed to play an event featuring a debate between Stanton and Augustus Invictus, sponsored by the Orange County LPF affiliate at the National Convention. It was to be the first 3rd party US Senate Primary Election in Florida in a century. Stanton backed out, and in a last ditch effort to not waste everyones time and money, he was approached on the convention floor and asked to please reconsider, but he refused.

Brandi was a delegate and the following morning we talked to the Chair, Char-lez via phone to let him know our cab was late so he would be in the loop regarding quorum. He assured us she would be seated upon arrival.

When we got there he refused to seat her. This was when I really started to doubt the Chairman and his sincerity. I was forced to appeal to the National Secretary, who confirmed Char-lez was in violation of the rules. He waited until I was walking up to the podium to lodge a complaint before the entire convention, and then relented and seated her.

To this day he has never offered an explanation. Stanton has never apologized for wasting everyone’s time and money either.

We decided to check into Stanton’s past, and soon after, a denial of service attack began that almost completely isolated us from all electronic communication.

My life’s work of radio shows, music, and writing was wiped off of my drives. My phones would not work.

Considering the controversy with the former Chairman and the fact he owned a “white hat hacker” business, we suspected him. It would be much later until I learned Char-lez was also a hacker.

Ultimately I may have to eat some crow and apologize to Wyllie, because of that newer information.

In the case of Stanton, it has been over 5 months and he has not answered any of the questions I raised in THIS ARTICLE.

It would be rather simple to release a birth certificate, less simple to explain how his unemployed family or others that live in apparent alleyways have that kind of money to donate.

Most important is his refusal to release his DD-214. I personally asked Stanton for a copy last summer, and Ryan Hansen, a Florida resident and LPF member who heads up the Libertarian Veterans Caucus also asked him.




It has been many months. The election is over. However, I learned that Char-lez wanted to appoint Stanton to the LPF Platform Committee and I talked to him privately about recent discoveries.

He ignored my concerns and forced me to ask during a December EC meeting to postpone the Stanton appointment for 30 days so that I could bring this information to the EC.

I asked if we could wait until after the holidays since I had my fill of controversy for the year, but the man we would soon realize was a monarch in his own mind forced the appointment through.

The reason Stanton has refused to release his DD-214 is because it shows he is a liar. Satellite Communication and IT Techs are not commanding tanks or on Bomb Squads, or doing any of the other things he lied about.





This is not the service record he presented to the public. He filled the media with fantastic tales of his bomb squad exploits and how they shaped his views on war, all of it fabricated.

To lie about your military service is a federal crime. The Stolen Valor act is controversial among libertarians, who see it as an issue of free speech. Their answer is that such individuals should be ridiculed and shamed rather than punished by law.

I tend to agree, so rather than turn this information over with copies of his inaugural speech with his tales of tank warfare to the authorities, I am officially condemning him and demanding he resign from the Platform Committee and apologize in public to the membership of the LPF, especially those who worked so hard on his campaign.

The only thing remarkable about his campaign was his amazing lack of substance and charisma. His own campaign team said it best when queried as to why he would not debate his opponent Augustus Invictus, with Russ Wood stating, “You know Augustus would destroy him in a debate”. If he had posed any sort of threat to the establishment there is a 100% chance this information would have become public and turned over to the authorities.

The winner of the first US Senate Primary for a third party in Florida being arrested for lying about his war record seems to be a far bigger risk of embarrassment than the religious practices of his opponent, or a college paper on Eugenics that he renounced in a lengthy video posted on YouTube in May of 2015, where he explained his reasons for changing his mind on the issue.

This party is filled with free spirits who have winding paths to libertarianism. That is why I never made an issue out of Paul Stanton being a member of the Socialist Party, or at least he claimed to be on another site we found, through 2012.

If so it is another lie, unless he voted libertarian while registering socialist. We could not find any voter registration for him prior to his Florida LPF registration just a few days short of the 365 day requirement before the election.

The proof is right in front of us all that the opposition to Augustus Invictus was born of some noble quest to protect the party image. To not even check the DD-214 of a man running on war stories in the media shows an outrageous lack of competence on the part of Chairman Char-lez Braden, and is another element that makes his collusion with Stanton suspicious.

The investigation is ongoing, but finding out Stanton was not on a bomb squad, but rather a satellite communications and IT expert sent up obvious red flags. Considering Brandi was the campaign treasurer for Stanton’s opponent and I was a close friend and informal advisor, opportunity was added to motive and made us even more suspicious.

This grew when we realized that Stanton works for Frontier Communications as a lead systems programmer. His move to Florida was part of Frontier’s expansion which included purchasing Verizon holdings here. Guess who our cell phone carrier is? Verizon, unfortunately the only carrier that works in our rural area.

We learned this about the same time we learned that Char-lez was voted out of the LPF for HACKING A POLITICAL OPPONENT a few years ago. Ironically the subject of the hack was Adrian Wyllie, and we began to realize we may have been purposefully tricked into thinking it was Wyllie.

I had done a cursory check earlier in the investigation, but his business seemed to be related to insurance and finance. A revisit showed extensive computer expertise. It also showed he used to live in Mountain View, Ca.

What are the odds my website was being hijacked by a company in Mountain View, Ca and my Android was responsible for delivering the malware….with Char-lez being a former resident, computer expert, and already kicked out of the party for hacking opponents…. and Stanton working for my cell phone carrier?

This is a crime notoriously hard to prosecute, so whether or not they are arrested before the convention, I think any reasonable person can see what the most likely answer is.

We are preparing civil cases against Verizon, Frontier, and Char-lez and his business interests to recover damages that may end up proving more successful in the end at receiving justice. One would think this was as bizarre as it could get, but alas, it proves even weirder.

King Alexander of Hanover and His Knights

From the moment he anointed himself Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Florida, many among the membership complained he was acting as a monarch, ignoring rules and bylaws, to create his own fiefdom.

As we would later discover, truth is stranger than fiction. Char-lez Braden LITERALLY considers himself king, and has been playing out his bizarre monarch fetishism as LPF King. He has been living an alternate life for many years under his alternate personality “King Alexander of Hanover”. The website can be found HERE.

He reign was apparently the 3rd longest in the kingdom, and perhaps this explains his need to rule the LPF, the site describes it here:

The Reign of King Alexander

Hanover’s third and longest-reigning king, Alexander, emerged not from the blue-blooded ranks of Hanover’s founding grandees, but from the emerging white collar world of Hanover’s business-minded technocrats.

King Alexander was the first Varennaise monarch to be crowned. Governor General James Marchmain, the former King, crowned King Alexander personally at his home in Upstate New York in the Summer of 2006.

His extensive biography can be found HERE.

(Allegations the Spell-Checker of the Realm Was Executed Have Not Been Substantiated)

Here you can listen to his majesty address his loyal subject. He correctly notes change can sometimes be uncomfortable. Change in LPF leadership now seems a bit more cozy.


Our dearest lord King Alexander, please direct those interested in being Hanoverian subjects to your website rather than Thanks.

The King Answers to Nobody!

With the election looming, I was thinking of ways to set ourselves apart from the other parties. The average voter thinks of politics as corrupt, so I decided to found the transparency and accountability initiative.

The LPF platform calls for the Sunshine law on government, so why shouldn’t we also open up our books and communications?

If people could see how their money was being spent and the decision making process was transparent, we could probably attract more members and donors.

Compounding this problem is that for some reason in 2012 the former leadership found a loophole that allowed them to avoid filing financial information with the Florida Division of Elections.

You can see the charts here, but basically nobody really knows how much money we have or what is being done with it. If I was a person considering donating, this would be a huge red flag and my checkbook would close with a quickness.


If I was willing to get past that, once I read this I would be a fool to donate.


When I approached the Chairman last spring, Char-lez scoffed at the idea and said membership was uninterested in transparency and accountability, so I started this facebook page to see if that was the case. Shortly after I was totally blacked out, a fact I find hard to believe was a coincidence.

Marcos Miralles Challenges the King

Late in 2016, Miami-Dade LPF Chair Marcos Miralles announced his candidacy for LPF Chair.

I called him to ask if he would support the transparency and accountability initiative. Not only was the answer “Yes”, but his affiliate had already voted for nearly identical provisions.

Article 1

8. Sunshine laws should apply to all public employees working in any public place. With modern technology virtually every person has the ability to record and report on the actions of our public officials and workers. There should be no laws prohibiting or limiting the electronic recording and reporting using any means of any public official, including law enforcement officers, while performing their duties.

Why would anyone oppose the same for our party? The ONLY answer is that they have something to hide.

I have also been a proponent of building a foundation at the local level and working our way up. While “King Alexander of Hanover” and “Stolen Valor Stanton” were dividing the party over a US Senate campaign, the Miami-Dade affiliate put 5 Libertarians in office last election.

I am not claiming credit for the ideas, rather I am saying great minds think alike. It does not take a genius to realize we should hold ourselves to the standard we expect of others. If you have not read the “Free County Initiative”, it can be found here:

It is time we put the old guard and all of their conspiracies and prejudices to bed.

“King Char-lez Alexander of Hanover” can practice his monarch fetishism on his own time and “Stolen Valor Stanton” can go find a social justice warrior group to join and whine about Nazi boogey men.

As history rolls on, we can only hope that our monarch passes his sceptre to the next LPF Chairman at our upcoming convention as graciously as he abdicated his last throne, although his prior calls for the use of force to keep the kingdom together are somewhat disturbing.

Here you can find his heartwarming royal decree:

My beloved people,

From the beginning of my reign I made it clear that we would experiment and grow in ways as yet unimagined, and we have been very successful in this quest. So successful that one of our major experiments has become a nation unto itself. This success, however, has come at a terrible price.

The Kingdom has allowed itself grow into two distinct communities, and the two do not understand one another well and they can only function as a unit with great difficulty. There has grown up an animosity between the major groups to the point that out right hostility has been expressed from both sides, and not by a just a few malcontents, but by the rank and file among both groups. Both sides blame the other for the problems.

In addition there are other factions in the Commonwealth that add stress to the nation as each takes up its own needs before the needs of the community.

It became clear to me some time ago that the commonwealth could, much like so many Empires throughout history, be held together only by force. In our case by force of law, not force of arms, but by force none the less. Such use of force as this has, in our community of nations, always resulted in division, resentment and ultimately destruction. As Sovereign I became aware of the plight of the various peoples throughout the commonwealth which I recount now:

His Majesty King Vincent the Third of Morovia contacted me personally and stated his case for the return of his Throne explaining that he was in contact with Morovians and they were continuing on even if their interactions were not reflected on the forums. As I laid claim to it only to preserve Morovia for her people, our common kindred, I felt moved to restore Vincent to the Throne, and have done so.

The people of New Bergen, seeing the deepening conflict with Parliament asked to be granted independence, and as our love for them is great, We have seen fit to release them to their destiny as a separate power among the nations of the earth.

The Royal Vicar of Laitenburg has sought clarity in the relationship between Laitenburg and Hanover and has claimed to be a member of the Commonwealth, but under a different Crown, an unusual arrangement but one that seems mutually agreeable and as such I was pleased to allow this situation to continue.

The Kingdom of Hanover itself has experienced a sort of identity crisis and malaise of late. This is nothing more than the periodic ebb and flow of participation as we have seen so many times and as such poses no danger to the Kingdom itself. However, the people of the Kingdom are now drifting and in need of a definition that only they can provide for themselves.

All of these things show four very different populations moving in four very different directions. This has placed the Commonwealth in the position of being a house divided. Therefore, as I am desirous of nothing more than the health, peace and prosperity of my loyal subjects, I cannot allow this condition to remain.

With Laitenburg and Morovia now resolved, this leaves only New Bergen to address. The solution here is no easy one for the political ties have been severed, all except one, your Sovereign King. For the King holds the crowns of both nations, and in the same way that the commonwealth has become divided, so the Monarchy runs the risk of becoming divided as well. For the paths that both nations lead grow farther apart with time, not closer. Therefore it is clear to me that the course of action that best nurtures and protects both nations is to sever this last tie by relinquishing one of the two crowns.

Doing this means I have to make a very difficult choice. Should I choose to stay as Sovereign of the Kingdom of Hanover then the Principality of New Bergen shall surely languish for want of a strong and proper Monarchy unto the point of extinction I fear. Should I retain the Principality then there is the chance that the Hanoverians whom I have counted among my best friends for many years now will feel as if I have abandoned them and my personal loss will be great.

Being Sovereign means that I must put aside danger to myself and think of only the nations interest, and upon seeing that a very able, just and deserving Heir already exists in Hanover, and none in the Principality, my choice is clear.

Thus it is with some trepidation for my own future, but with complete confidence for that of Hanover, that I shall abdicate my Throne in Hanover in favor of the Heir Prince of Emden.

While the character, line and credentials of the Prince are well known it is fitting and right to recount them again here lest some think this perhaps a rash decision. The Prince is from the House of Marchmain, the founding Royal house in Hanover. The Prince is the most loyal citizen who loves Hanover above all other nations unto the point of once setting aside his claim to the Throne in order to save the nation from a very destructive division. Prince Justin has been at my side through all the trials and triumphs and has proved himself capable and knowledgeable in all the skills required to be a proper King. I have full confidence that he will bring yet another amazing chapter to the history of our nation.

And this is the most important point of all, the best is still before us. Sometimes we see current circumstances and we begin to think that perhaps the golden era has passed, but I believe with all my heart that the future is bright. I exhort all of you to join me in supporting our new Sovereign. Hanover has a tradition of smooth transitions and this will be our final experiment under my Reign, to set an even higher standard for calm, orderly and constructive transfer of the Crown such that those who may follow after us can look back and see as instructive for themselves how such a transition aught to be done. Hanover is blessed to have such a man as the Prince of Emden ready to take up the difficult calling that is the Throne of Hanover, and I will be the happiest man in Hanover to say “God save the King”.

Your loving Sovereign,
Alexander R.

[Image: sig2.gif]

I am not feeling your love “Sovereign” – Region 4

Despite spending half of my term on the EC being kept off of the internet and dealing with The Knights of King Alexanders’ unrelenting attacks, I was still able to get alot of work done.

I put our principles front and center in the Florida House during last years session, and befriended a group of pro-liberty lawmen founded by a former LP US Senate Candidate in Arizona. You can watch the video here:

I was able to do some great radio before the Kings men shut me down, including this great interview I hope you all listen to with the man in the video with me. I talked education with a fellow heathens doing amazing things in New Orleans, among other great topics.

I gave speeches around the state and my band “Lovecrime” was able to play some good shows supporting Libertarian candidates and events all over Florida.

This one was given in front of “Stolen Valor Stanton”. He had been attacking me despite never meeting me, and I will admit this speech was purposefully delivered at this event as my way of responding to him in person (he was 10ft away), in a non-confrontational manner in hopes it would lay his fears to rest and end the controversy. It did not work.

I was able to write some good articles on the way I feel the party should adjust its tactics for more success and speak out on persecution of members, and set an example by making peace with as many former adversaries as possible, unfortunately the Kingdom of Hanover was unwilling to do so.

If you missed them, here is a bit of reading material.

I was published in some great forums like my article on gun control and prohibition:

Prohibition and Gun Control: The Hypocrisy of Supporting Gun Rights and the Drug War

I was also able to gain some good press for the LPF before the King sent his men after me:

Most notably I achieved my goal of bringing the LPF back to the University of Florida at Gainesville, and now the region that had zero affiliates at the start of December 2015 has my Bradford County Affiliate making good waves in the capitol, and Alachua County doing great things, including radio ads for the Johnson campaign and some very well received public events.

My region has 9 counties, all but Alachua very rural and sparsely populated. In addition to war with the King of Hanover I also had a motorcycle wreck in October.

Going into this year I hope to be riding through beautiful rural Region 4 and get the other 7 counties mobilized. I have already done some legwork in 2 of them.

We have some exciting local political issues to weigh in on relating to the environment and business, and I announced “Operation Brushfires” this month to flood the capitol with Libertarians for the Constitutional Review Commission, which only happens every 20 years. You can read about it here:

This may be the year we get open carry, and perhaps Patti Silliman can finally get some Justice for Jason. For those unaware we have been working since 2014 on a body camera bill in the name of Jason Westcott, murdered by Tampa Police. If you do not know the tragic story here is a link:

When the Florida Liberty Project was unable to find sponsors we decided we needed to put some Libertarians in the State House and Senate, and that was the express purpose of our joining the LPF to organize out here.

I am making plans for a run in the midterms, so my goal is to see how many affiliates I can kick off before the 2018 Convention, and pass the EC chair on to another person. I have not asked them yet, but good leaders always look for a successor.

With any luck I can mount a successful campaign and sponsor the Jason Westcott Body Camera Bill and other pro-liberty legislation. Looking back, I think I have done a pretty good job.

Imagine if I was able to work with an intelligent and motivated young Libertarian who supported my efforts and worked as a team.

Imagine if all the energy spent fighting off “Stolen Valor Stanton” , “King Alexander of Hanover”, and all of their henchmen was spent on more networking, writing, music, and motorcycle strategy sessions?

Imagine if we left the past behind and moved forward with transparency, accountability, and new ideas?

I gave it careful consideration, but this is not the place to live out your fantasy to make us all your subjects, King Alexander.

You exposed the party to an incredible embarrassment by not properly vetting Paul Stanton, one that paled in comparison to what the religion of the other candidate may have brought.

You showed poor leadership in ignoring calls for transparency and accountability.

Your work behind the scenes to undermine me take away any risk I have by challenging you in public. You have obviously been attacking me anyways.

I urge my fellow LPF members to join me in voting for a new era of the LPF. As the Region 4 State Representative and Bradford County Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Florida, I proudly endorse Marcos Miralles for LPF Chair, and disavow King Alexander while I am at it.

After you are done touring the cathedral in Hanover you can go visit:


Post Script

The vast majority of the LPF deposed King Char-Lez at the 2017 LPF Convention, after he brought in left wing terror groups to threaten Brandi and other LPF officers with violence. Brandi was pregnant at the time. He refused to provide security, forcing members to crowdfund for a security guard.

He has spent every waking minute since sabotaging the LPF and the new Chair, Marcos Miralles.

The threats against LPFCON were coupled with stalking of the wife of a Vice-Chair candidate running as a team with Miralles, perpetrated by knights of the king. The Vice-Chair candidate and his family were forced to move, and conveniently Omar “Ryan’s Bitch” Recuero was re-elected. He continues to poison the LPF and sabotage it in a coordinated fashion with the former king and a drunken janitor turned Reform Party Chair who abused his authority and had a members room cancelled, and reported him as a terrorist in hopes of having him killed by police.
Augustus ended up being weak and folded under the pressure. He started riding Richard Spencer’s coat tails and quit the LPF to become a Nazi cosplayer.  After his antics with “Crying Cantwell” at the federal operation organized in Charlottesville, VA, The American Guard voted unanimously to remove him.

Augustus was faced with a declining audience after leaving the LP to unite with left wing racists. He quit the Republican Senate race, and saw a Netflix show on the Unabomber and started telling everyone he was now the Unabomber’s disciple, and made a video claiming he was going to “quit the internet” to save face. He has since returned to selling snake oil to the deluded.

Cantwell became a federal informant after being used as a sex toy by the jail’s black prisoners.

In October 2017 “Commie Paul” Stanton resigned in disgrace after his final failed attempt to have me kicked out of the party, and was re-assigned by his government handlers to a new operation. All traces of him have vanished from the internet.

The LPF registered more voters since Marcos Miralles was elected in 2017 than the entire period from 2012-2016, and is running the most libertarian candidates in Florida’s history.

The few remaining court jesters from the king’s realm have been unable to stop the rise of the LPF, despite all their efforts.

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