On Libertarianism, Tribalism, and Nationalism

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

-Richard Buckminster Fuller

In the world today, most people can sense something is wrong. Our governments are going bankrupt, while at the same time driving the people into poverty.

There seems a constant erosion of individual liberties and economic freedom. This is painted as the price of progress, by the hucksters selling the big lie of socialism.

If you have a basic understanding of economics and history, it is obvious that we are on a path to ruin.

Control of the federal government is auctioned off every election cycle to the highest bidder. The average citizen has no representation, and they know it.

People feel powerless against it and shut out of the process. Lacking hope, and raised to be good credit slaves by the controlled media and compulsory government school curriculum, which are engineered to discourage critical thinking, they are lost.

They become easy prey for the self indulgent pleasures of the moment, sold on billboards or in back alleys in every corner of our nation. Fat and lazy from a diet of processed food and sugar, dependent on chemical drugs, they retreat to their houses owned by the bank— to stare at the omnipresent glowing television selling degeneracy, cowardice, and selfishness.

It is a daily ritual in most homes, and the time devoted to its worship is staggering. It is no mystery that they would re-enact this behavior the next day as they go about their lives.

Who else are they going to emulate? What other source does the bulk of our society receive its ideals from? Its rather Orwellian when you think about it, and when that light bulb turns on in your head, you will realize it is by design.

Not long ago, America was a shining example of strength and self sufficiency. This country was started as a place for people who valued freedom over comfort. They took great risks, some signing on for years of indentured servitude, to have a chance to test themselves against an unexplored land full of savage natives, to see if they could make dreams reality.

The old world tried to follow us, and dull us with the age old opiates of empire, security and prosperity, and place us under tribute to pay for it. The empire was chased off the continent in a righteous hail of bullets, run through with the cold steel bayonets, at the hands of men who instinctively knew about tribe and community.

Men who prized honor, those who knew that there were sanctions for its breach. You would be ostracized socially, your business would suffer, respectable women would not consider you for a mate, you may be written out of an inheritance, or forced to duel or fight.

People had large families, for they knew that one day they will be old or infirm, and would have people to take care of them. These families were lead by men who took civic duties seriously and participated in local government.

They took part in their community and knew the importance of networking, since for thousands of years it was necessary for survival. If you couldn’t unite your community in times of danger, another tribe would destroy you.

Furthermore, they knew the tribes occupying other areas in their country and would support each other, for example the Clans of Scotland who were able to unite to drive out the English. 70% of those who settled what is now the southern United States were of Scottish descent.

Organizing society in this manner happened organically, over millennia, as each generation learned a little more, some lessons harder than others. Humans do not change, as the saying goes “there is nothing new under the sun”.

They wrote a basic social contract that bound us as a nation for defense against outside attack, but ensured freedom for all citizens to do what they pleased and keep the rewards of their hard work, The United States Constitution.

We will always be afflicted with those who seek to gain power over us, whether motivated by megalomania, a desire for resources or living space, or a myriad of other reasons. The weapons, faces, and places change, but the motivations and the predictable results do not.

Alexander the Great, who killed Bessus but never conquered what is now northern Afghanistan around 330 BC had the same experience as the US, who may have killed Osama Bin Laden, but never conquered it, and left the people living in the same tribal manner, with the same culture, as they have for millennia.

The result was the same when the Romans went into ancient Scotland and were repelled by the tribal Picts, forcing Emporer Hadrian to build his famous wall to protect himself from those he sought to invade. Rome, the worlds mightiest empire, was repeatedly sacked by multiple groups of European tribes they had attacked, starting with the Gauls around 390 BC, ending in a total rout, and the ruthless killing of the noble elders of Rome and the burning of their houses.

Once a society becomes affluent, it starts to forget what fear and hunger feel like. You fight to give your children peace, but if you do not keep a martial attitude, and maintain a relationship with violence, they will become prey. If you would like to see an example of how this plays out, take a look at Europe.

The people became pacifist and Socialist, infected with pathological altruism. The average man was not expected to carry a gun and know how to use it. So when they went to the great war, most of them had never held a rifle before, and because the countries were not populated by heavily armed people, they were just playgrounds for war pigs.

Literal rivers of blood flowed as millions died, except for one country. Switzerland does two things well that we should emulate, they do not seek to intervene and force other countries to do their will, and they have an automatic rifle in every home.

Every able bodied adult receives military training and forms their defense. Exactly as the founding fathers envisioned. The armies fighting the two world wars marched right around them. The tribes that form their nation were safe.

Now picture a healthy tribal system, where people live in relative peace and freedom. History shows there will be the occasional rise of a movement or empire that is bent on conquest. So while your tribe can deter other tribes in your area from harming you, what if another group, possibly hostile, gains a new technology, or unifies into a nation or empire?

This is the fatal flaw of Anarchy, for without a method to unify, you cannot mount a defense. If you look at the history of the Americas, the Indians outnumbered us at the beginning. What they did NOT have was unity.

One by one they fell, as disease did the jobs the bang stick did not. This is why Nationalism is essential to Libertarianism. If we were to establish Anarchy, you’ll see invasion of parts, maybe Alaska by Russia, parts of the southwest to Mexico or cartels from mexico, but what reason do Floridians have to help?

How many of the 1.6 billion muslims come across the open border? How long before they impose their will on you when their birthrate is 8.1 and ours is below the 2.1 necessary just to sustain a culture?

The reason we have an overbearing government has nothing to do with Nationalism. It is because of the vain belief that technology can replace instinct and natural law.

It is due to the abandonment of our tribal cultures that previously regulated human behavior in a voluntary manner, and ignoring our own NATIONAL contract, that all powers not specifically relegated to the federal government were reserved to the states.

In turn, the states were supposed to govern at the smallest level possible. Most government should be at the family and tribe level. We should be setting standards for the behavior of those we associate with. The solution for kids becoming killers is not more laws, it is to raise them to feel like they are a part of something bigger, and that their actions reflect on their families, and bring honor or dishonor to their ancestors.

If they knew the history of their culture, they would know how many people suffered to get them to this veritable land of milk and honey. They would not need swarms of militarized police to keep them in line because they would live in the manner developed over thousands of years that allowed us to build the greatest and most peaceful societies the earth has ever known.

The instinct to tribe is wired in our DNA. Why do you think kids join gangs? Ever notice that gang activity tends to be proportional to the number of broken homes in an area? Motorcycle clubs, the military, the masonic lodge, the rotary club, the church. These are all the places people go for the benefit of tribe.

Brotherhood, to those who practice it, means more than anything. It is time we recognize it and purposefully seek to foster and maintain it.

If you look at Marxism, at its core is militant atheism and attacking anything related to ethnic pride or the family. It doesn’t matter the religion, or the race. They have to destroy the things that make people live lives of purpose, and therefore strength.

In America the Socialists attack the churches, they propagate the white guilt propaganda. They tell women not to have babies. Men are portrayed as buffoons. They push every sort of degenerate behavior. They snuff out dissent with political correctness.

Often the best way to make a strategy to fight an enemy is to look at what he is attacking. He attacks the biggest obstacle in the way of his victory. So start pushing back, start living lives that defy them.

The way forward if you want to see freedom, is to start from the ground up. Donald Trump is not your savior, neither is Gary Johnson.

First, start with yourself. Get in shape. Learn to fight and learn to shoot. Learn to survive without modern comforts if need be. Take your responsibility as the protector seriously, have some food and water saved up so you don’t end up in some superdome nightmare in case of natural disaster or terror attack.

Get off any drugs you are dependent on. That is slavery. Whatever your race or nationality, learn about its legends and heroes, and its history. Realize you are responsible to carry on the triumph of your very existence. Every drop of blood, sweat, and tears by your forefathers was to give you a fighting chance in a world they made a little better. Will YOU be the one to drop the ball? Is that how you want to be remembered?

We are meant to live lives of purpose. A nation comprised of people who see their daily work as creating another strong link in an unbroken chain going back millennia do some amazing things, and America was a perfect example until we allowed this leftist cancer to eat away at us.

Next, pass this to your family. Kids need direction and purpose more than anyone, teach them their heritage, bring them to cultural festivals, historical re-enactments, teach them they are a part of something far greater than themselves.

Whether a martial arts team, boy scouts, or some other constructive activity, get them involved in a positive tribal experience. It is not enough to teach the three R’s. They must also learn to fix things, shoot, fight, situational awareness, good communication and body language, don’t just raise them, develop them.

By the time you have done those two, you will be meeting people with similar interests, make a point to forge relationships with the good ones, and build a local tribe. I will address this process more in depth in a separate article soon.

Each person, each family, each tribe that returns to this way of life loses their need for the government. As it spreads throughout communities, government starts becoming more and more useless. Let it die on the vine. We can make it go the way of horse and buggy if we will take all the responsibilities we have abandoned to the government, and reclaim them.

If we start with ourselves and our families, then build a tribe, we can network with other nearby tribes and start to make changes on the city and county level. I have created something called the Free County Initiative. I will explain it, with a step by step way to implement it very soon.

Ultimately these counties can unite and effect state policy, and finally national policy, as the organic rebirth of freedom starts boiling out of the pot. Sound lofty? Perhaps, but then again, every great achievement in history was scoffed at until it was made reality.

Most people I meet during the course of my political activities ask me “what can I do”? Here is your answer. If you only get to step one, you have developed yourself into a better person, step two your family grows immeasurably stronger.

Once you start a conscious development of tribe and enjoy the benefits of it, you will be in a much better position. You will have some people to help, and people to help you. You will begin to break the isolation imposed on us, and realize you are not alone. Those around you will see it and want to be a part of it.

You will now be a part of the solution and not the problem. Should the worst happen and we have a shooting revolution you will have the kind of network built that has been shown the only effective means for partisans to defeat a larger and more technologically advanced adversary.

Quit yelling at your TV, go outside and smash it with a sledgehammer, and invite your neighbor over. Those people on Facebook that you agree with on so many issues….invite them to dinner or to the park and let the kids play.

Keep in mind good people to have around…a doctor or a nurse, a gun nut, a mechanic, a guy who does a lot of hunting or gardening, imagine what type of people you would need to help you survive if the government collapsed tomorrow, and make it a point to culture friendships with them and bring them into your tribe.

Don’t wait until the next election, don’t wait for someone else to fix it. The founding of America started in farmhouses and taverns. Passionate men started brushfires of liberty in the hearts and minds of men.

I hope this match finds some dry kindling in the hearts and minds of the reader. If we want a libertarian society, look to the only successful way any society advanced before government.

We don’t need to reinvent the wheel. We just need to build ourselves, our families, and our communities and become a mighty nation once more.

Liberty from the ground up. Self sufficiency and personal freedom are not ideas, they are lifestyles, find those roots and water them.

No more talk, make America free again!

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