Libertarian Jim Crow

My forced isolation the last few months allowed me an opportunity to assess the body politic in an interesting way. I returned to witness a bizarre campaign to “keep out the alt-right”.  I do not know how exactly this is defined, but there is no way to mount such a campaign without forcing people into a box you built, in order to dehumanize and ostracize them. This is the first and most fundamental hypocrisy those who propagate this nonsense are guilty of. We are Libertarians, and we should not set any criteria for participation in politics that is not based on individual merit.

Assigning a negative group identity, by calling people “alt-right” or “Nazi”,  you sound reminiscent of an old soundbite from the ’60s of someone bemoaning sharing public spaces with “them ni**ers”. Hate is hate, and it always manifests for some supposed righteous cause. I am not so sorry to dissapoint the left, but the water fountain of the Libertarian Party is not “left only”.  You wont get the segregation you aim for. The essence of libertarianism, and really of the American ideal, is defense of the rights of those you disagree with.

The libertarian ideal would be a situation in which a conservative who thinks homosexuality is a sin opposes government sanctions on gay people. Meanwhile, a gay person who hates firearms would oppose government sanctions on the  gun collection of the conservative. If you seek to marginalize people, you are a propping up the divide and conquer tactics that are destroying freedom. Calling people nazis to enforce a homogeny of thought sounds rather totalitarian to any rational person.

Randy Weaver did not care much for people of other races, so he moved to Idaho. Who was harmed by this act of racism? The self righteous government arbiters of morality  called him a dangerous white supremacist. They ultimately shot his kid in the back, and then his wife in the face…. as she held a baby in her arms. I suppose the anti-death penalty stuff stops at this thoughtcrime, at least  in the deluded minds of those fighting the  war  on alt-right windmills like a modern day commie Quixote.

When you stop and actually think about it for a second, you realize that nobody is harmed by another individuals opinion. How is my life or property damaged in any degree if another person dislikes a tomato, gays, or Asians? If they are not persuing a state policy based on it, it does not matter at all. The nazis have been gone 70 years. The threat to freedom today is Marxist, and they fear us more than anything, precisely because we can not be demagogued in the way the traditional right can be. You can’t throw racist at us and make it stick, so they throw it at potential members to keep us small.

To illustrate how a libertarian handles a situation of non-state discrimination, here is an example of how I dealt with a racist. I was refused service at a soul food place, so I left. I thought to myself, the guy was older, and probably grew up under Jim crow. Maybe I wouldn’t like white people either if I was him. I found another place up the road and ate a killer porkchop. See how easy that is?

The only requirement to be a libertarian is to keep the debate on cultural, moral, and religious matters out of state hands. Pre-judging people because you think they pre-judge other people,  makes you a bigger moron than anyone in the conversation. If you are assigning a collective identity to a group of people….by accusing them of assigning collective identities to people, you are the only one in the conversation I am comfortable saying is definitely not libertarian.

This is all rooted in Critical Theory, propagated by the disciples of the Frankfurt School/Institute For Social Research(ISR). The “long march through the institutions” includes OUR institution. Those who designed and implemented “Critical Theory” have a goal to divide and conquer, not unite. They have a stated goal of preventing libertarian political movements from becoming mainstream, by keeping us all boxed into opposing camps that wallow in groupthink. They employ what they call “useful idiots” to get the job done. They also kill them when they win, and they won’t care what triggers you as you are shoved into the boxcar on the way to the camp.

The infiltration conspiracy theories make me think of the cheating spouse, who tends to be very jealous. They know what they are getting away with and it makes them fear the same infidelity. The neo-marxists have infiltrated the LP, thus, they fear the boogeyman.

The truth is that libertarianism IS the alt-right. Left describes the variety of Marxist schools. Right is those who are for individual liberty and economic freedom. There arose a group on the right who were uncomfortable with the stances on the drug war, military industrial complex, and  other economic and social  issues. They founded a new party as an alternative right in the 1970s known as the Libertarian Party, aka, the alt-right.

We are all individuals and the individual is the smallest minority, as well as the most vulnerable. Their rights must be defended above all. The enemy of liberty is not the guy who disagrees with interracial marriage or hates the Catholic Church. It is the person encouraging their dehumanization with buzzwords and “isms”. Tolerance does not mean acceptance. You are free to disagree and debate. Once you start campaigning to keep them out, you become no better than Bull Connor.

I know people in the Libertarian Party who used to be in white supremacist organizations, and people who used to be in the communist party. There are people who voted for Bush and Obama in the past. Each person, for their own reasons, realized that freedom was a better ideology and they were converted. Why would we discourage that? To grow, we have to accept a variety of Americans, and unite on the basis of protecting each other from the state, even if we don’t particularly like each other.

If you want to have a voluntary commune, you are free to do so in a libertarian society. You are also free to move away from an ethnic group  you don’t like. If you think your race is superior, liberty should work out good. Any way you slice it, freedom is the answer for all of us, and all are welcome.
Marcus Garvey was deported when he met with the Klan and said they were a better friend to his race than any white liberal. That was when he became dangerous to the state. If we start working out our differences among each other the state becomes irrelevant.

There is no virtue in being bigoted against people you think are bigots. You stand alot more to gain by showing them the same tolerance you advocate.

Quit letting the enemies of freedom trick you into eating your own. The alt-right is not invading the party. We are the alt-right party that has been invaded by the left. Do not be a pawn in the divide and conquer tactics of our Marxist enemy. The virtue of our ideal lies in defending the rights of those we disagree with. Practice what you preach. Below the quote is a speech on the subject I made earlier this year, take it to heart.

“If you analyze it I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism. I think conservatism is really a misnomer just as liberalism is a misnomer for the liberals — if we were back in the days of the Revolution, so-called conservatives today would be the Liberals and the liberals would be the Tories. The basis of conservatism is a desire for less government interference or less centralized authority or more individual freedom and this is a pretty general description also of what libertarianism is”.

-Ronald Reagan


3 thoughts on “Libertarian Jim Crow

  1. Ryan, I agree with the spirit of your argument here. I’m so sick of the witch hunts and the arguments over who is the most pure libertarian. However, I urge you to reconsider describing the philosophy of liberty as “alt-right”. The alt-right today as the average person understands it is not about liberty, it’s a populist nationalist ideology. I’m not saying that former alt-right folks are unwelcome in the LP, I only seek to differentiate the lovers of liberty from the Trump supporting lovers of power.
    The point you make about Conservatives being the heirs of the classical liberalism of the founding fathers is well taken, and it’s something I always explain to non-libertarians who ask me if the LP is liberal or conservative, right or left. I offer a new narrative:
    Liberty does not belong to either left or right. In some sense it’s a mix of both worlds, which makes it unique in American politics. This is not to say that we are centrists, however. Liberty is more than a bland mix of left and right, it’s both the means and the end. It belongs in its own wing. I think of us not as left wing or right wing, but as transcending that dualistic paradigm. Call it up-wing, a la the Nolan chart, if you like. But please, I beg you, as a Libertarian in California who is constantly explaining why the LP is NOT just Republican-lite to non-libertarians and prospective libertarians, stop calling the LP alt-right. It hurts our cause, especially in blue states. I know it’s quite different in Florida, but try to keep a big picture mindset.
    Again, I agree with the spirit of your argument. I’m sick of the Marxists with their divide and conquer tactics. I wish you the best from one Libertarian heathen to another!
    In Liberty,
    Ken Gillespie


    1. I don’t generally use the term in day to day life, in the article I was just stirring the pot a little in order to challenge peoples conceptions, and tear open the box.

      I really do not have a problem with a left right paradigm, as most people can conceptualize the idea that lefft means Marxism, and right is going the other direction. I don’t consider the neo-cons right wing, for example.

      Fret not though, I am not pushing to take over the term alt-right, in fact, I am an editor for a publication that specifically eschews using the term, maybe I just had to slip it in here because someone told a libertarian not to, lol, thanks for the thoughtful response, and I am glad we share the main sentiment.


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