Ryan Ramsey is the Libertarian Heathen, presently residing in Starke, Florida with his Valkyrie and mini-vikings.

He served in the United States Navy as a GM-2, and was a missile launcher technician on a Perry Class Frigate. He was Honorably Discharged in 1999.

However, a wrongful arrest for a misdemeanor firearm violation in 1998 could have created another story. The charges were dropped, but it set him on a path of activism, leading him to found Jacksonville Open Carry in 2010. He joined with other gun rights activists around Florida, and their efforts coalesced into what is now known as Florida Carry Inc. Finding an exception to Florida’s ban on the open carry of firearms while fishing, the group started having monthly “Open Carry Fish – Ins” on public piers and waterways around the state to generate media attention to their cause. They faced threats of arrest and harassment, but continued until they were able to get a bill to legalize open carry into the Florida Legislature.

In 2011 he made his first appearance in the Florida Senate, discovering a talent for public speaking, and the thrill of victory over those who would deny the inalienable rights all men are born with. The bill was eventually amended to take full open carry out despite the success in the committee hearings.

The following years saw an expansion into a larger liberty arena, and in 2014 with the love of his life, he founded “The Florida Liberty Project”, a non-partisan state level civil rights group, and began working on a number of issues including a bill in the name of Jason Westcott, requiring ¬†body cameras on all LEO’s in Florida that can satisfy both police and civil liberties groups. Other items include Contractor License reform and a repeal of the Florida Paramilitary Training Act.

On April 19, 2015, The Sons and Daughters of Liberty, or SDL, was launched nationwide. Featuring a county level organization with a stripped down platform, designed to appeal to a wider audience. It is based on restoring the Bill of Rights in the US Constitution, and opposing the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto. Its goal is a chapter in every county in the nation, keeping eternal vigilance at county and city legislative bodies and school boards, in perpetuity, as well as fomenting a ground up political revival to bring people back to participating in their own governance.

He became increasingly active in The Libertarian Party, and in late 2015 became the Bradford County Chairman of the Party’s Affiliate. In April, 2016 he was elected to the State Executive Committee of the LPF, Representing Region 4, which includes the following counties:

  • Hamilton
  • Suwanee
  • Lafayette
  • Dixie
  • Gilchrist
  • Columbia
  • Union
  • Bradford
  • Alachua

He has a pro-liberty band called “Lovecrime” that is used to support political events, and hosts a music show with artists from around the world called ¬†“Global Dissident Voices” and a talk show “Sons and Daughters of Liberty Radio”. In addition he writes articles, practical activist guides, and opinion pieces on issues.

This page is dedicated to offering practical advice and opinions to Libertarian Party members of all beliefs with the goal of growing the parties membership and influence, as well as to provide outreach to the heathen community, in order to spread his belief that libertarianism is the only political philosophy compatible with natural law.

He can be reached at:

Ryan Ramsey
Libertarian Party of Bradford County, Florida

PO Box 632 ,Lawtey, Fl, 32058

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