On Debates, and “Real Libertarians”

Originally published at “The Revolutionary Conservative”: http://therevolutionaryconservative.com/articles/political-theory/2017-03-29-debates-and-real-libertarians.html March 29, 2017 In my experience, those who claim to be the arbiter of “who is a Libertarian” tend to be the least Libertarian people I know. I have great friends with a more left-Libertarian or anarchist view, and we all consider each other Libertarian. Our differences make … More On Debates, and “Real Libertarians”

To The Gulag Libertarian!

Reblog from The Revolutionary Conservative: http://therevolutionaryconservative.com/blog/2017-03-06-to-the-gulag-libertarian.html ———————————————————————————- ——————————————————————————   March 6, 2017 After I published a scathing critique of Nick Sarwark’s support for the ANTIFA rioters in Berkley, Augustus Invictus also condemned him. The neo-marxists infesting the party responded with the typical Frankfurt School playbook. The dismissals were full of buzzwords like conspiracy theory and … More To The Gulag Libertarian!

The Penalty for Marx? The Death of Reason.

Reblog from The Revolutionary Conservative: http://therevolutionaryconservative.com/articles/federal-government/2017-03-10-penalty-for-marx-death-of-reason.html March 10, 2017 In the latest move toward political bankruptcy by the Libertarian Party, the National Libertarian Platform was recently changed to oppose the Death Penalty. There is talk of a similar idiotic move in the Libertarian Party of Florida. As the Director of The Florida Liberty Project, I … More The Penalty for Marx? The Death of Reason.