Dave Champion, SJW and Federal Snitch

The Dave Champion 1911, preferred pistol of federal agents using force to compel Jews to bake Nazi cakes and build non-binary restrooms.

Recently a former friend with whom I had a falling out with made a hilarious video after a couple weeks of obsessively calling and emailing a variety of LPF officers and members while assisting Paul Stanton, with his latest attempt at character assassination on those opposing his Anarcho-Communist SJW crusade.

Paul Stanton Approves This Message

In his fantastic tale he invented a hate group and made me the leader. He says I have at my disposal an apparent army of thugs and assassins. Despite the fact we very publicly disassociated from Augustus Invictus, I am apparently working with him to take over the Republican Party, after my diabolical seizure of the LPF. My apparent goal? Elimination of equal rights laws and rollback of Civil Rights legislation. It is quite good if it were sold as fiction, but this is actually used to weave a narrative where I am more dangerous than the left wing terrorist groups collectively known as ANTIFA.

The comments on the Facebook video are hilarious, he tells every person -who thinks ANTIFA is a bigger threat than little old me, that they must not have watched it! He just cannot imagine he might just be full of shit, typical of egomaniacal blowhards. Florida Libertarians, who unanimously re-elected me for the second time last May, and know about the hard work we actually do…feel free to use the hot link above to set him straight, since the post is still there.

The story of my association with him, is that Dave was a Deputy Sheriff and Evangelical Christian. We have never been able to get a straight answer about why he left the job, perhaps a reader can investigate. It was So Cal, I think LA County Sheriff, but he admitted to some pretty serious misconduct he was involved with, and I know he carries guilt over it.

My past associations in the far-right are old news, I have always been up front about it. Most people find my story inspirational, and my work for liberty impressive. Dave’s beating and arresting innocent minorities and homosexuals was not something I ever held against him, as he was repentant and working for liberty now. I never judged him for his anabolic steroid addiction. It seemed very hypocritical for him to spew this nonsense, although now that I know he is a federal informant it makes more sense.

In addition to leaving the Deputy Sheriff job, his wife left him. One of my friends was employed by him during part of this time and witnessed the downward spiral. He started teaching shooting and advising people about taxes, which he began obsessing over, while guilt from being a state thug and bitterness for his failed marriage simmered under the ‘roid rage. His show and social media reflected this, with fiery anti-cop tirades, and extremist gay/trans rhetoric and anti-Christian material he hoped to upset his ex-wife with. He still keeps a corner of his living room a Christian shrine of sorts, in case she comes back. It’s really quite sad.

He eventually moved to Pahrump, Nevada, near one of my closest friends, since the 6th grade, through whom we became closer friends. This friend of mine has Egyptian heritage, so he knows he is lying about the racism nonsense. Furthermore, we visited him the day we went to the Manzanar Concentration Camp to honor the victims of Japanese interment. It was the subject of part of the dinner conversation, in a Mexican restaurant, with my Egyptian-American friend, after we did a show together. It would be quite the acting job just to convince a washed up cop in the middle of the desert we aren’t fascists. We did not even burn a lower-case “t” in his yard afterwards when we spent the night! Here is the show from the visit in July, 2015:

In the above video, we talk about tattoos and how they are perceived by government and society in the video, which is one of the silliest parts of his attempt to make me sound sinister. Who does not wear a suit to court or the Legislature, and go home and put on more comfortable attire? This from a guy who does everything possible to look and dress like a skinhead so he can complain about his new victim status. This entire situation is made doubly insane as Dave’s basically saying “I tattooed myself and get misjudged, lets make a video and do that to other people”


Us too Dave Champion

He also makes hay of the fact I work on legislation with law enforcement, insisting they must not know me, and I am going to somehow trick them into unwittingly taking away people’s civil rights. The irony that he is an anti-cop blowhard and former dirty cop himself is hard to ignore. His assertion that all these men are dupes of mine could almost be considered a compliment. The fact is these men are not stupid, and they know my past, and are proud of me for choosing to reject all forms of lawlessness and illegal violence. One of the sheriffs in that picture is speaking at our convention, and his wife was an LPF affiliate chair in years past. I am a proud member of Sheriff Richard Mack’s Freedom Coalition. Multiple LEO’s have been on my show, in fact I discussed the tattoos with my own Sheriff, a man I consider a friend.

The souring of the friendship came in 2016, during the controversy over whether the state should be allowed to use force on business owners to compel them to build gender-neutral bathroom facilities. On our “Sons and Daughters of Liberty” page, and other pages I admin or own, Dave had heated arguments full of insults and SJW/ANTIFA rhetoric with right wing Libertarians. When he was repeatedly made to look stupid, he changed the subject to my past, and that of others. Pretty standard fare of the Anarcho-Communists he has drifted towards in recent years, socially and philosophically.

“Your facts don’t matter UNPERSON! You’re NAZI-FASCIST…..because I said so! Now – nobody listen to the UNPERSON……or you are a NAZI-FASCIST as well!

-Dave Champion

He made a video that did not mention me by name, but was directed at my friends and I, after he was removed from the Facebook Groups over his disruptive and toxic behavior.

We thought that would be the last of him, but the tangled web of “Libertarian Socialism” brought him together with Paul Stanton. Brandi was the Treasurer for his opponent, who I supported against him in last year’s Florida US Senate Primary. This was the source of the original beef. He is currently under investigation by state and federal agencies for criminal hacking, election fraud, and campaign finance irregularities. He has prosecuted a vendetta against the LPF and our family, ever since we helped his opponent and uncovered some of the irregularities in his campaign. He recruitment of has gone so far as working with ANTIFA to use violence to stop our convention last May, including doxxing and threats to pregnant women. Champion himself openly advocates violence towards us in the comments in the video he just made.

We thought Stanton’s FEC reports were sketchy…Then we saw his election returns…

Tonight Stanton motioned to remove me for being an evil Nazi, which failed again. A picture supposedly from Nazi propaganda was on a non-party Facebook Page of mine. While I do not have 1920’s Nazi books, I did google “Harvey Weinstein”, where I saw it. It was paired with an image of Weinstein, to make a statement that those in power are prone to abuse it throughout the ages. My offer to protect his meetings when he claimed violent threats was twisted into a threat to come to his home. A discussion from February about a legal matter became a NAP violation.

He encouraged everyone to watch Dave Champion’s video, I do too, but from my link above, so that con-man will not get traffic. To anyone who actually knows us or works with us, it is hilarious. They tried to insinuate that I make the party look bad, conveniently omitting the fact that Paul or one of his cronies was behind any and all negative press I have ever received. Multiple EC members cancelled recurring donations in order to complain about lowered donations. They conveniently omitted half of the reduction was one disgruntled member who did not get their way and left. If those who bought influence were repelled by me I am doing a great job.

The motion failed, as they always do. Before the meeting was over, Stanton resigned. I made a polite statement on the public call, and rather than gloat, I noted I hoped he could get over his grudge one day, and told those who voted to remove me that there was no hard feelings. I meant it too. The fate of our liberties is way to important to let personal beefs interfere with.

Thus concludes my experiences with Champion and Stanton. I think the fact that not one hair on either their heads has been hurt is ironclad evidence of my commitment to non-violence. Ask yourself, would you be able to resist bitch-slapping either of these two if you were me? After two years of harassment including threats of violence which we actually document? In the answer you will find out how much I truly suffer for liberty, principle, and my fellow Americans. Hopefully now I can do even more for the LPF and freedom in general.

For news coverage of the story, click here to read the article in Florida Politics.

The public response to Stanton’s resignation below, his FB page is here for those who wish to comment.


me comments

The usual suspects liked it, Commissar Sarwark’s wife, Matt Kuhnel, Mr. Libertarian Socialist, etc.

The meme that was to end my political career, I wasn’t sure Harvey Weinstein or Emma Watson were alive in the 1930’s, but if Commie Paul says so…..in any case I see a century of fat cats exploiting women and society, not swastikas….


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