Meet the LPF “Obstructionist Caucus”

After the election of a charismatic new LPF Chairman, a divisive faction rose up to undermine and oppose his efforts. The drama reached a boiling point during last Sunday’s LPF Executive Committee Meeting, as they made an attempt to remove me from the LPF. It is time the party understand their real motivations.  

Commissars of the Obstructionist Caucus, The Ringleaders


Paul Stanton, Former Region 7 Representative

Stanton is a former US Senate Candidate who came to the LPF from the Socialist Party. He was recruited by the disgraced former LPF Chair, Adrian Wyllie, in an effort to undermine a party member persecuted for his religion. Wyllie was an Evangelical Christian with very bigoted attitudes toward other religions. Most LPF members are unaware of the original issue between the men, but that is the truth. Wyllie’s campaign of religious bigotry toward the man fell on deaf ears, so he began selling stories of goat sacrifice and racism. He set a pattern of quitting when the LPF cannot be manipulated to serve personal ends, that Stanton would continue. “Commie Paul” resigned Sunday, October 22, after his final  SJW witch hunt failed. Like Wyllie, he ran to the press in an attempt to smear the Executive Committee and the membership when they refused to submit to his intellectual fascism.

His legacy is of Affiliates begging to be moved to other regions and open refusal to attempt to organize unaffiliated counties in his region because he needed to retain power to stop the “Nazi/Fascist” invasion. One county was disaffiliated as well under his short tenure but we were able to get them back. He successfully alienated his entire campaign team and nearly every member of the LPF and left a trail of bad press from his Quixotic Nazi windmill hunt.

In retrospect, it would be hard for any rational human being not to see that he was an agent-provocateur from the beginning. We need to expect this and weed them out sooner. A key means he was able to get his bully pulpit to spread his Anarcho-Communism was by exploiting factions and personal grudges. He took a bunch of people who disliked someone, and turned that hate into a movement that nearly destroyed the party. Luckily, one by one, as each Libertarian saw through him, they made amends with each other, depriving Commie Paul of minions.

This is a testament to the character and intellect of the average LPF member. I believed in them all along. I knew the truth would prevail, and this day would eventually come.


Omar Recuero, Vice-Chair

While Commie Paul’s departure will mean LPF prospects for recruitment, fundraising, and electoral success in coming years, he leaves a trail of destruction in his wake.

He deployed ANTIFA terrorists against Vice-Chairman Candidate, James Chipman. ANTIFA stalked him – and his wife, even sitting outside of their home when he was gone.

He had to put his family’s safety first and drop out of the Vice-Chair race. His opponent was a paint deliveryman with a bad case of “short man syndrome”, named Omar Recuero. He had zero chance of beating James Chipman. Subsequently, the LPF Annual Business meeting was nearly cancelled due to threats of violence from Stanton operatives. 



Due to the circumstances and his aid and comfort to ANTIFA, it is fair to say Omar was not elected by the will of the delegation, who were deprived of their choice due to the employment of these left wing terrorists. The main accusation against me at Sunday’s meeting, was that I made a veiled threat in a Facebook message. It was actually a discussion about a “cease and desist” with a lawyer, and trying to convince them it was dumb to force us to serve them at their home or work. Meanwhile Omar has made far more credible threats, and towards me, like this one:

Omar threat

Hypocrite much Omar?

In the months that followed, he has led the “Obstructionist Caucus”, along with Paul Stanton. They have undermined the Chair at every step, and thus the mandate of the LPF delegates. Its obvious now that he was working with ANTIFA and it is widely known that he actively sabotaged efforts to provide convention security. His response to the threats against multiple officers and the LPF Convention itself? He blamed the victim. As you can see most of the LPF officers, to their credit, called him out on it.



Sunday night he hypocritically accused me of his own crimes. He is to blame for our Committees being in shambles, forcing the new Chair to expend extra effort to fix the situation. He is as incompetent as he is disingenuous. Not only does he provide zero in substantive contribution to the LPF, he now devotes his time to sabotaging the party.

It is time for Omar Recuero to take responsibility for his reckless and hypocritical behavior and RESIGN!


Char-Lez Braden, Region 10 Representative, AKA King Alexander of Hanover

When disgraced former LPF Chair Adrian Wyllie left, this loon declared himself Chairman. For years he lost elections for the position, and finally had his chance when Adrian tried to burn the house down on his way out. Sometimes I wonder if it was not a hand off. Smarter than the other two, Char-Lez does most of his work behind the scenes.

He collects weak people around him and manipulates them into doing his dirty work. This was the tactic he used prior to the 2016 convention, using drunken janitor Joe Wendt as the henchman to insult his rivals,  and even call the police on his rival’s campaign Chair and had the hotel cancel his reservation, accusing him of being a violent terrorist. Sound familiar?

He claimed the new Chairman hacked him, which Commie Paul and the rest of the caucus then used as justification to oust the new regime. Reality was that he was using “” to register on a social media site, and the new Chair changed the password. He recovered the account, in a gracious move, and gave the info to King Alexander.

The irony of the situation is supreme. Institutional memory has always been a problem in a party with so much turnover. The punchline? Char-Lez was suspended by the LPF for a year after hacking a former Chairman’s Email a few years ago! I would link the meeting minutes, but around the time he seized the LPF throne…they mysteriously disappeared. Coincidence I am sure.

My experience was initially positive, but at the LP National Convention in Orlando in 2016, he refused to seat Brandi who was a lawful Delegate. To this day he has not provided an explanation. I was forced to have the LNC National Secretary intervene, he did not relent until I was walking on stage with a microphone to protest. At that point I knew he was up to no good. We began to suspect he was being controlled, and only after he was defeated did we realize what happened.

It turns out that an SJW lawyer named Dawn Thompson bought the king for a 200 dollar a month recurring donation, and he was willing to bankrupt the party to serve her interests. I was able to whip the votes to stop it.  Dawn preceded Paul in having a bizarre meltdown when she didn’t get her way, and left the party. Now her 200 monthly donation stopped and this was used in a poor attempt to make the new EC look bad. Two other Obstructionist Caucus EC Members also quit donating. Then they tried to spread gloom and doom on social media. I am of the opinion without these manipulative drama queens we can raise thousands instead of hundreds, and that we should never betray principle for money. We would then become no better than our opponents.

The Obstructionist Caucus Lite

While they have supported Obstructionist Caucus efforts, and voted for my removal despite proof I was innocent of the allegations, there may be hope for them. They have more character, intellect, and work ethic than the ringleaders, these are the ones that disappointed me, we expect this crap from the Commissars, hopefully the departure of Stanton will help them come back to their senses.


Karl Dickey


Karl is part of a clique of Florida Libertarians I suspect may be a little too close with Warren Redlich for comfort, which may explain his alignment. He seems to support the obstructionists, but he also called out Adrian Wyllie for some of his lies recently, which is respectable. We have disagreed in the past but seemed to turn a corner over the last year. His return to an aggressive posture toward me for no apparent reason leaves a lot to speculate about. He was an EC member for a long time, hopefully its just the standard human resistance to change and he will get over it. The Foxall campaign has been a unifier as we all like and support her, maybe all of us helping her will pay a dividend here.


James Morris, Treasurer

I will be honest, these last two stung a bit.

My first meeting with James was the 2016 Convention. He was cool and said that he thought we were a fun crowd and did not see why everyone wanted to make such a big deal about us. It was a nice gesture, and in a time when far less people knew about us and our work, thus more meaningful.

James has always been available, transparent, and I have made a point to  praise him for being one of the most competent and professional EC members. His job is one that does not get much recognition; I have tried to make the guy feel appreciated.  In the past he has never supported the witch hunts. My hunch is that he was blackmailed with more donation removals, after the main Obstructionist Caucus drummed up the donor fear-mongering operation.
Hopefully this was an anomaly and he has not decided to become one of these ANTIFA/SJW loons.


Suzanne Gilmore

I was VERY disappointed Suzanne voted to remove me. She is another person who does tons of  behind the scenes work that I have tried to recognize and praise in public. Like James, we really like her.

The alignment in many votes with the Obstructionist Caucus is not sinister in my opinion, but a result of a little known drama from a few years ago. There was a leadership change in the Miami-Dade Affiliate that left some bad blood, and now that that the former Miami-Dade leader is LPF Chair, she has the opportunity to get a little payback. It is a simple old school political beef, more respectable than the agendas driving the ringleaders.

I intend to lead by example, as I did reaching out to Russ. Hopefully she will decide in the end to put the LPF above old beefs, and move away from the obstructionists. Maybe she will reconsider whatever convinced her I am not fit to serve, and keep sending her affiliation packages.

The “sky is falling” donor report


Let’s examine the cancelled donations

Dawn “Derellos” aka Drellos-Thompson –   200

Over half of the reduction in donations was this one person, and we received 18 months of drama for the influence it bought.

Karl Dickey   – 25

An EC member who is part of the Obstructionist Caucus

Russ Wood    – 25

Russ chose not to vote on the shenanigans Sunday, but was a member of the Obstructionist Caucus at the time. I reached out to him after the meeting and thanked him. I offered an olive branch which he accepted, so hopefully he will work with me to help heal the divisions.

Lynn House   – 30

Lynn is one of the old school LPF, she recently took a step back after many years of faithful service, so this was not an event. Her vast contributions to the party over the years in volunteer hours and money dwarf this small donation.

Dick Creamer  – 30

Dick had the misfortune of being Chair of the Selection Committee during last year’s election that Commie Paul and the Obstructionist Caucus turned into a circus. They  pressured him and politicized the committee in order to ensure Stanton’s opponent would not be certified, which got so bad he resigned in disgust. I reached out to him about taking a position at the LP Veterans Caucus. I do not think anyone would fault him for taking a break. I am hopeful that if we can get the obstructionists to become team players, we can get him back as a donor and volunteer.

Rob Lapham  – 25

Rob has been a volunteer for a long time, ran as a candidate, and was Platform Committee Chair. He had a series of changes that were presented at the 2017 Convention. The idea was to refer to the National LP Platform and Statement of Principle and make our Platform more streamlined.

The trouble is that if the LNC adopted a change in the statement of principle or platform in the future we would also be adopting the changes without vote or discussion. The LP model is a reverse pyramid. We run the party the way we want the government run. Concentrate power local, with less at state and even less at national. We like the ability to have our own statement of principle, and if potential voters are on our site to look at our stance on issues, noting “see LNC Platform Item “x””, and then being forced to navigate to another site…it seemed more cumbersome than leaving the language. The Delegation did not support most of the changes.

The rumor was that Rob was a little upset, and took it a little personal. He worked hard on the Platform Committee, and prior to the new Chairman’s effort to fix the Committees, that was a rare trait. My guess is that situation, combined with the drama, made him decide to take a step back. The Obstructionist Caucus has an “us or them” attitude, so it is hard for a guy like Rob because the rest of the party respects him. They pressure anyone who maintains neutrality, which has driven the largest portion of volunteers away the last couple years IMHO.

I do not know the other individuals named in the report, but even without that information, $280-305 of the $390 reduction revolves around these SJW crusaders. Thus, 71-78% of these reductions are from Obstructionist Caucus members or people they drove out. A manufactured crisis intended to undermine the new regime and/or use against myself and other political enemies. 

Overall the LPF is doing far better than before. If Omar does the right thing and resigns, we can expect even faster improvements. If he will not, I have no intention of using my position to take any sanctions against him. I am hopeful for the future, as Stanton was the catalyst for nearly all of the parties problems in the last 2 years. His departure means that the issues above have a good chance of being resolved through civil debate. No longer will anyone have to fear that working with us will result in being gaslighted, doxxed, and hacked. The violence that Stanton brought to the mix will leave with him.

Anyone in the Obstructionist Caucus who is still on the EC and wishes to make peace will find me ready and willing. Liberty is more important than our differences.

Exist to Resist.

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