The Little Richard Circus Show Comes to UF

Spencer’s quest to rid his bathhouse of blacks finds unwitting allies among guilty white rich kids and SJW’s of all stripes at the University of Florida


June 20, 2017

“Bathhouse Nationalist and Jewish Nazi Richard Spencer to Speak at UF”

Ok, that was not the headline, but we all know the media is controlled by the left.

We have a guy here who promotes Single Payer Health Care, International Socialism, self identifies as a “National Bolshevist”, and is quoted as saying “Marx was kinda right”, yet is called a “Right Wing Leader”, and credited with coining the term “Alt-Right”.

He rails against gays, while engaging in gay sex in widely known hotel room trysts with young fans and publicly insisting gay sex does not make him gay.

(L) Spencer explains he isn’t gay despite engaging in activity  described in pic on (R)


That should raise enough eyebrows in the room, gay or straight, but there’s more. He is a trust fund baby who soaks up over 2 million in agricultural welfare, which funds his ability to annoy everyone.


To be fair, most welfare loafers are Marxist, and a Libertarian world would force him to get a job, which could potentially mess up his hair.


Are you ready for the punchline yet?

The protesters chanting “No Nazis, No KKK, No Fascist USA” at University of Florida Thursday may have THOUGHT they protested an Aryan, but the SJW carnival was actually an Anti-Semetic one. Richard Spencer’s mother’s maiden name is Dickenhorst.

Sherry Spencer’s father, being Richard Spencer’s grandfather on his mom’s side, is Richard Dickenhorst (1923-2002). And his mother, being Richard Spencer’s great-grandmother, was Birdie M E Eckstein (1893-1972) – Jewish! Her father, being Richard Spencer’s great-great-grandfather, was August S. Eckstein (1859-1929) – also Jewish! His speech at UF included a call for an ethnostate modeled after Israel.

Of course, this is widely known in White Nationalist circles, but the internet allows these type of con men to assume any role they want, especially if it is in furtherance of a government operation akin to COINTELPRO in the 60’s, or PATCON in the 90’s, which seems extremely likely if you dig into his connections a bit.

Think about the locations, Berkley? Gainesville? NOTORIOUS hotbeds of leftism, why on earth go there but to incite riots?  Unlike Milo, who was invited by students, Little Richard books these events and pays cash and forces them to let him speak. He is playing everyone, and for that you have to give him a little credit. It should not work, we should all be smarter than that. For further evidence of his connections, here is a photo of Laura Bush with Spencer and his wife Nina Kouprianova:




It would be hard to be any more ridiculous than the speaker at Thursday’s event, but the unified forces of ANTIFA, the Social Justice Warriors, and grade “A” white guilt – this time of the “privileged collegiate” flavor, always find a way. Here is a collection of counter-protesters regurgitating leftist one liners and Cultural Marxist mantras, calling for equal rights in one sentence but calling for the government to sanction free speech in the other.


There was one attendee who inadvertently laid out the whole con-job. How the government stoked fear and outrage by sending a mass text to the whole city, then created a nice six-figure influx of cash to the coffers of the police state.


The hypocrisy and violence did come to the surface eventually. In what appeared a publicity stunt, a man in a Skinhead Costume appeared..look at the homebrew swastika shirt and giant suspenders..



One of the black demonstrators proceeds to give him a hug. I’m sure it was designed to foster understanding and show we can all co-exist without violence. It was creative and above average effort, for usually they immediately assault those of different beliefs. The video has circulated widely online, you can watch it here.

This would have been a good PR move for the alt-left, as they have recently been exposed as violent terrorists. Unfortunately they just can’t help themselves. One of the local ANTIFA who did not get the memo went ahead and punched him in the face, after he hugged the black guy. Just to clear up any idea the left actually believes in peace or equality.

The crowd disrupted the whole event, with profane heckling, and acting like animals. What did the SJW/ANTIFA/WHITE-GUILT mob accomplish, under the watchful eye of police snipers and helicopters?

1) Made this douche a free speech martyr
2) Increased his profile and influence
3) Helped recruitment by being equally gross as the guy you’re protesting
4) Perpetuated the government’s divide and conquer strategy, designed to foment unrest that can be expoited to deprive everyone of civil liberties
5) Gave the police state some nice overtime checks and made the rest of us pay for it

Then just to ice the cake, they bloody the face of a guy, ostensibly for overcoming his racism and hugging the black guy back.

Thus concludes Little Richard’s Circus Show at the University of Florida. Nice job morons, I would be asking NPI to compensate me if I were you, you helped Dick alot.

spencer aclu.jpg

In related news Donald Trump posted scathing criticism on his Twitter account:



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