Fight Globalism By Embracing Your Folkways, Happy Álfblót!

The war we fight has three parts.

All must be won to destroy the red Globalist beast.

They are the cultural, spiritual, and political fronts.

If you want to see what Libertarianism in the absence of a corresponding spiritual and cultural revival looks like, come with me to shut down one of the many grooming operations where chicks with dicks read stories to six year old boys as they twerk in dresses.

The Universalism in religion, and the Globalism in politics, were both born to a Babylonian whore who established the “beast who sits on 7 hills’, as even the bible notes. Catholic literally means universal.

Constantine was convinced the politics of global empire needed a corresponding religion. He melded the myriad of Pagan religions from across the Roman empire together, and put a Jewish ornament on top… and Christianity was born.

Ostara became Easter. Yule became Christmas. None of the actual ritual or festivals practiced by modern churchianity are biblical.

Some of the fringe sects celebrate biblical holidays like Passover. This makes sense for the Christian Identity flavor of Christianity, but not for the rest.

Where in the bible does it say that accepting Yeshua, aka Jesus, into your heart means you must also adopt Jewish folkways or the Universalist Paganism of churchianity?

Christians ironically bemoan commercialization of Christmas and Easter, when they are rooted in a perversion of the ancient cultural festivals amd religious observances.

Their priests and pastors will tell you there is a father, son, and holy ghost…..the father sent the son to earth, and they talk to each other, but they are the same being, thus, Heathens are backward Polytheists, and they are the superior Monotheists.

Keep the Christ in Christmas? How about y’all keep the Jewish stuff out of my Yule and Ostara?

Unfortunately for Rome, the original Globohomo Empire, the unity that a common religion brought to tribe and small community did not work on a large scale. Nationalism only works as a circle of loyalty forged by smaller tribal units.

Universalist religion bore the same fruit as Globalist government will. It created thousands of years of internal war over canon and dogma instead of fostering strength and unity.

The empire it was created to protect would not live to see  most of the subsequent centuries of bloodshed. 

Rome had existed nearly 900 years before it adopted Universalist religion. Roughly 160 years later, Rome was reduced to ashes and the tombs of the Emperors were desecrated by the Heathens.

The beast church remained, to face 3 centuries of justice from my beloved ancestors, raiding and burning their apostate religious centers, executing their pedophile priests, and taking back the proceeds of their looting in the name of Jesus.

Proud Of Your Boys.

Tribe and tradition was the antidote for degenerate tyrants then, and I submit that it remains so today.

Libertarians will tell you that good ideas do not require force. I would add that good religions do not need to use bribery, treachery, and conversion by the sword to expand.

I am not writing this to attack other faiths, there is a broader point I make here, and it is digestible to all.

As a side note, I reserve the right to mock Atheists without apology. They believe nothing exploded and made everything, and life just randomly oozed out of rocks, which they insist is a more sensible theory than a creator. They even say it with a straight face and an arrogant tone.

They do not realize Atheism is the newest form of Universalist religion promoted by the worst tyrants yet.

No religion is immune to strife, we have our own blowhards among Heathens, who act like a Methodist arguing witb a Baptist.

Álfblót is not Samhain!” is a common bone of contention. You will also hear passionate arguments such as: “Álfblót It is the full moon in October”, or “No way it is the first New Moon in November”. This is argued by some to no end, in the style the great AK-47 vs AR-15 debate.

In reality, either the AK-47 or the AR-15 will get the job done. Freedom of weapons and religion is always my position, it is a matter of personal preference. Likewise, there are many reasons that I believe adding some Celtic ritual to the Norse tradition makes sense:

  • We do not have a huge trove of historical records to go on when it comes to exact forms of our rituals. Let’s be real, we owe much of what we know about the ways our ancestors worshipped to Eddas written 2 centuries after Iceland converted to Christianity. We do have hard proof that Nordic, Celtic, and Anglo-Saxon often lived among each other and our histories were interwoven for many centuries.
  • Viking influence in the Celtic areas commenced in the late 8th century, and hostility between the Scandinavian earls of Orkney and the emerging thalassocracy of the Kingdom of the Isles, the rulers of Ireland, Dál Riata and Alba, and intervention by the crown of Norway were recurring themes.
  • Scandinavian-held territories included the Northern Isles of Orkney and Shetland, the Hebrides, the islands of the Firth of Clyde and associated mainland territories including Caithness and Sutherland. The historical record from Scottish sources is weak, with the Irish annals and the later Norse sagas, of which the Orkneyinga saga is the principal source of information, sometimes contradictory although modern archaeology is beginning to provide a broader picture of life during this period.
  • There are various competing theories that have addressed the early colonization process, although it is clear that the Northern Isles were the first to be conquered by Vikings and the last to be relinquished by the Norwegian crown.
  • Thorfinn Sigurdsson’s rule in the 11th century included expansion well into north mainland Scotland and this may have been the zenith of Scandinavian influence.
  • The obliteration of pre-Norse names in the Hebrides and Northern Isles, and their replacement with Norse ones was almost total although the emergence of alliances with the native Gaelic speakers produced a powerful Norse–Gael culture that had wide influence in Argyll, Galloway and beyond.
  • Nany rituals and observances, especially Álfblót, were practiced at home and varied from family to family and Clan to Clan. One of the greatest elements of returning to folkways for worship is the flexibility to adapt rituals to reflect your unique history and experiences. While it is a noble endeavor to find the most traditional methods, becoming dogmatic blowhards about it robs us of one of the best elements of Heathenry.
  • All over Scandinavia, the British Isles, and Europe we find the continuation of traditionalist religious practices mixed among those who migrated around, adopting local pagan observances into their ancestral ones and even with Christianity. If my ancestors spent 5-7 centuries in Scotland, would it not make sense that my DNA memory may call me to observe Imbolc and Beltane? We later came to America, so I also observe Thanksgiving. These additions to my observances deepen the connection to my ancestors. Have an Inquisition to purify Heathenry and boil me in oil if you have a problem with it.

We know the common threads of Álfblót and Samhain surround a time to honor the dead who came before us, and noting of the solar and lunar cycles that govern the earth. We all confront and accept our mortality, and with it the natural law that is an immutable expression of the Allfather’s will. He created nature and its laws, they are the only laws we cannot escape from.

There is no need to act like warring sects of muslims over these festivals. What is important is that we encourage everyone to learn about their heritage and folkways, and push out commercialism in favor of traditionalism. The feeling your kids get when they take part in their ancient ancestral customs is the bedrock we lay under the healthy societies we seek to restore.

I would wager that most people reading this came across something in regards to history or religion they had not heard about, or had not considered before. With any luck they hit the hot linked words or a search engine to look sone of these things up.

Being a catalyst for my readers to experience was one goal of this article, because the deeper your knowledge of history is, the clearer the path forward becomes.

he also opposes Globalism and Universalism.

Traditionalism is not the worship of the ashes, it is the preservation of the fire. Never let the wicked cast the visionary as reactionary.

The Globalist tyrants want a population of godless mindless credit slaves. It used to require capture or conquering to enslave men, now they enter into slavery voluntarily, and for convenience.

They want to reduce humanity to a bunch of Robots with nothing they hold more dear than the next carnal pleasure they buy with usury laden fiat currency made by banksters.

They seek a population of mere meat suited skeletons who will never have a single thought that they are a link in an unbroken chain going back millennia. They cannot enslave men who feel responsible to honor the sacrifices made so they could be here, and feel a duty to their progeny to leave them an inheritance of prosperous and free societies.

We were not created to be submissive worms or bow to popes, kings, or governments. Are you really willing to live under the boot of this latest cult of cannibal pedophile psychopaths who seek to hold the scepter over the entire planet?

Which way western man, Globalism or Traditionalism?

There is no better time to meditate on these thoughts than now, as we approach the time of year that all mankind has marked with festivals and rituals celebrating the harvest and our honored dead since the moment the Allfather created us.

As I finish this article, all over America, brainwashed vaccinated masktard women are competing to dress the most whorish while hunting cheap booze and beta-male cocks.

Our kids were transformed earlier into candy extortionists in our neighborhoods.

Deep down though, you know there is a feeling in the air.

That feeling is why all human cultures observe today or very close to this date with reverence.

For thousands of years, before we had written languages, and before many of our cultures ever made contact, most had similarly themed ritual and observances this time of year.

Is it more plausible that the parallels in nearly all traditionalist religions is coincidence, or that our creator taught the various tribes and clans of his creation the way he wanted to be honored?

Considering the fact your current practice is a mashup of pagan rites from all over the Roman empire, perhaps learning about, end emphasizing, the elements taken from your unique heritage is the most Christian idea a Heathen ever gave you.

To the Christian reader, give the story of the Tower of Babel a fresh read. You can insist on calling our creator by his Jewish name if you must, just remember he still opposes Globalism and Universalism and in the book you revere as the word of God, he purposefully separated us by language, culture, and geography.

What if I told the western men reading that there is no such thing as “white”?

What if I said that lumping our rich history and the many races and cultures of Europe in a melting pot and calling it “white” is literally genocide?

If you are of the west, you come from tribes and nations with vastly different language, culture, food, folkways, geography, and history.

Learn about them. Begin to incorporate them into your life. Teach them to your children. Share them with your family. Connect with others who share the same roots.

Only then will you see the truly astonishing beauty that Globalism threatens to destroy.

That clarity of vision is where men will find the will to resist.

Decentralization and localization of religion, culture, and politics is the future for the sovereign individual.

It is the true essence of traditionalism, the law of nature, and the will of the Allfather.

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