How women could save America

“There are no good men anymore” “All Guys Cheat” “I am a strong independent woman, I don’t need a man”

While we cannot blame women for the wretched state of modern manhood, they do have a role in fixing it. It is a role bestowed by natural law and one that is just as important as motherhood. Western society is patriarchal and it should be. However, our creator put a check and balance in the mix that nobody wants to talk about.

Over the last few weeks I have had a number of conversations with women that touched on the generally shitty state of manhood in the west.

I do not deny most of their critiques of men. The Wolf Age/Kali Yuga is indeed upon us. I am neck deep in the culture wars. We live in a time of chaos.

The solution to the problems of any nation have multiple facets. We need cultural, political, and spiritual revivals. Men AND women have to reject Cultural Marxism, toxic mentalities, and dishonorable behaviors. There are many things that both sexes must work together on.

However, there is an elephant in the room. I cannot believe I did not see it sooner.

Women have an unused tool in the battle. It is a powerful one, and now that we are in late stage clown world, the true power our creator gave women is about to be taken from their exclusive possession.

It is time to deploy the power of your vagina ladies.

The women of the west need to declare a pussy embargo on men who are weak, dishonorable, lazy, cowardly, and who do not understand that liberty and prosperity start with healthy families. Stop having sex with losers, they do not deserve to get laid.

Healthy families are the root of healthy tribes and communities. These give rise to healthy nations.

Now the same mass murdering psychopaths who sold females no fault divorce, infanticide, working all day outside of the home, and replacing a male provider with the child support racket have a new plan.

They are robbing women of the one thing.they have owned exclusively throughout history.

The left is now giving any man who wants to be a woman a license to use armed agents of the state for pronoun enforcement. He is a woman now.

Hormones and surgery. The government subsidized vagina is here. Soon the dudes will all have perfect surgically created pussies. The kids will be made in labs. Women are just one of hundreds of genders they say, and they will not need women then. I almost wondered what they would do, but they already kill the female babies in China so I bet I have a good clue.

Sex is an instinct, it is a drive that rules men. It is way more powerful than conscious thought. This is by design, it is the engineered guarantee that women will be valued and protected.

If not for our overwhelming quest for vaginas, men would just run around the woods, kill things, and make wine out of honey. But, the quest for pussy that starts with the first hit of testosterone, it rules our lives until we are in our 60’s and our cocks quit working. Plot twist, now we have Viagra so till death do we part with our boners.

After we breed one of these magical contraptions, the responsibilities for the kids kick in, and keep us going for a few decades.

Doing all the work, fighting all the wars, and conquering the wilderness does not seem bad at all, when heroic deeds is the path to higher grade women. Pussy is at the root, or a major component of, every notable historical event in history.

The Allfather made us and said, “here fellas, meet woman. They are all at least partially insane, they are frequently treacherous, physically weaker so you pretty much have to save them from everything for the next few thousand years, and share everything you make with them.

You cannot just ride around on horses and fight, get drunk, and kill stuff. The life support system for these vaginas will have an instinct to nest. You will be dragging boulders and driftwood from the beach to the hills because they want a nice house. You have to keep it stocked with firewood. You have to get extra weapons and build military stuff as well, because they can’t fight or run good. Also they bleed for a week once a month out of their vagina.


This vagina is a magical thing that gives you amazing pleasure a couple times a day. You will try to break it every time but it is magically resilient. It will teleport souls across the dimensions to animate your children. The kids will literally come out of this vagina thing. They feed off something called tits which is basically your bonus for me throwing all this on you guys.

The women that own these vaginas will obviously want to be well protected and they will be mildly obsessed with comfort, security, and shiny things.

What will determine the quality of these vaginas, and the women that own them, and these tits I was telling you about, is the amount of wealth you can acquire through skill in agriculture, trade, and production of goods.

You may also get the best quality vaginas by being a warrior and gain fame in battle, or by leading men well as a chieftain.”

For thousands of years, each generation had better lives and lived longer. The best women would not take mediocre men. For the dumbest and weakest, the bloodlines died off.

Unfortunately a real asshole named Karl Marx was born and 100 million people died over the last century.

Even worse, COMINTERN founded the Frankfurt School in Germany 100 years ago, which moved to Columbia University in New York in 1933.

They realized women’s power must be destroyed. They taught a few generations of women to hate their vaginas.

They started pushing propaganda, revising the way men had beem driven to greatness by the natural instinct to earn top shelf pussy and calling it “objectification”. They said that it was oppression that women had to stay home and raise babies and let men support them.

Within a few decades most women are having the babies of losers, slaving away at jobs they hate, and killing the babies of the losers they give pussy to, or making the rest of us pay for the food and medical care of the next generation of white rappers, sex offenders, and guys with squatted trucks.

The echo of Natural Law is now found only in a few sad places, like 80 year old billionaires marrying 25 year olds.

I have a quick question for the post-modern American woman.

How long are you going to wash down your anti-depressants with red wine in your shitty apartment after work, trying to get the attention of the next loser by posting.your whorish pictures on Instagram?

Do you feel “liberated” having sex with some guy in his 30s, in his bedroom, in the same house he grew up in, but only after his parents went to work?

While the groomer mafia, aka teachers union, molests your childs body and mind at the government indoctrination center you send them to? Prisons they call schools, where their minds get poisoned before they even have a chance in life. A place they only go to so you can work for things men would have gladly bought you… for the price of giving you pleasure…. pleasure you now give yourself alone with a battery operated dick….

Nature does not objectify or discriminate. The Allfather created vaginas and gave them superpowers in order to produce healthy families and societies.

When the left says the Patriarchy objectifies you, recognize that was actually the source of your power. A power they stole from you.

Take back your power ladies, flex it on the simps, losers, and idiots.

Normalize expecting men to have a house, career, honor, masculinity, intelligence, work ethic, respect in the community, faith in something bigger than himself, and a love for his country.

Stop giving head to Peter Pan the 30 year old who still plays video games and lives in his parents garage. Stop giving pussy to any male who does not lead a life of purpose and is physically, mentally, and spiritually strong and getting stronger.

For all of human history until 1968, women depended on men. They tended to choose wisely and faced consequences if they did not.

The government now pays cash and prizes to women for ejecting fathers.

Kids raised without a dad are handicapped in life in every measurable area. They want your kids in their private prisons and to be losers on government assistance to increase spending. Using.entire generations as pawns and cannon fodder for the Cloward-Piven strategy is the real objectification we should all be talking about.

What if I told you there is a good man in this country for every good woman? What if the smart and successful ones have too much to lose in a no-fault divorce system to consider marrying again in their 30s and 40s?

Removing accountability is never the solution.

The men of this country that still have some testosterone and a soul are fighting a three front war.

All the debates, votes, activism, and elections will never win this battle with the speed and efficiency women could if they stopped having sex with leftists and losers.

The easiest way to make America great again is sitting right there in women’s laps.

Force the American male into a position where they are suddenly compelled to lift weights, read books, start businesses, buy homes for women to raise their kids in, and be involved in the community in some positive way…. or they will have blue balls 24-7. Their mentally and physically weak genetics will not carry on and curse the next generation.

The bulk of dudes will not even realize why they are making all these changes. Man buns will be chopped, fedoras thrown in the trash with video game consoles and seltzer beers. Most people are sheep, be a good shepherd.

You have half the money ladies…. but you have ALL of the pussy. Know your worth.

Do women really want food stamps, medicare, and a dark future for the kids they raised alone? Do women prefer that to being provided for and dicked down proper by a nation full of rugged individualist alpha males? I don’t believe that, the latter option has to sound more attractive.

My brothers and I will keep fighting to save our nation. We know it is our responsibility and duty, and we are prepared for the long game.

It would, however, be a lot faster to restore the nation if women would recognize that the feminism they were sold was actually chains.

Your creator gave you a role as the check and balance for society. He gave you the most powerful instrument of power on earth, female readers are probably sitting on it as they read this.

When you see that man in uniform, the muscular tattooed tradesman, the man in charge of something, the obviously smartest or funniest man in the room…all of you females know how they make you feel.

This is not an opinion, this is evolutionary biology.

Do you want to spend your life with a weak metrosexual, or alone with a loser’s kids…. feeling dumb because you get no help ….and you should have known better?

The American woman should accept nothing less than spending her life next to (and frequently under) a man who respects the freedom and prosperity we enjoy here enough to keep it.

Men who do not respect themselves and their nation will never respect women. All of this is symbiotic.

We could win back the nation decades sooner. If women stood up and demanded mandatory 50/50 custody unless there is severe circumstances, abolition of no-fault divorce, and the end of compulsory government indoctrination that would be a game changer as well.

Form a new women’s liberation movement.

Kick it off by launching a pussy embargo on weak, effeminate, and unmotivated men in America

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