The Fate of Empires

The people are saber rattling. Washington would do well to listen.

If the 535 vampires in the capitol had any sense they would remember the historical end result of their arrogance. Watching them add a trillion in deficit spending while trying to bribe us with a temporary tax cut shows some incredibly serious chutzpah on their part.

You can only push people so far. I have a peaceful solution with adding a 3rd opposition party to the mix, and I am doing my best to implement it. The arrogant leaders in Washington need to cease and desist though. If they keep up the fleecing and ever increasing tyranny, they can look to Rome, and see their fate.


The working classes of America today, are in many ways like the heathens of Europe, who the Romans thought to lay ever increasing taxes and disrespect on. The cosmopolitan degenerates on capitol hill see us as backwards and simple, because we still value things like honor, faith, land, and folk.

If you want to lose a war, send men who fight for a state against men who fight for the land of their fathers, or for a noble cause such as liberty. The last words of William Wallace still bring a chill to my spine. If you think anyone will give a fuck about what Chuck Schumer has to say, a few centuries later, you’re part of the problem.

It is only fair to warn them, I honestly don’t think they go outside their bubble much.

Here is a quick history lesson describing their fate if they do not change course.

387BC- The Gallic Senones routed the Roman army in the Battle of Allia.

Then they sacked Rome, KILLED ALL ITS RULERS, and proceeded to loot their houses before burning them down.

They demanded a large sum of gold as tribute if they wanted them to leave, at some point a Roman accused them of using false weights. The Senones leader, Brennus, threw his sword on the pile of gold to shut them up. The once proud Romans were the heathens official bitch.

410BC- Not learning the lesson, they pissed off the Visigoths. Historians say it was not as bad as the other two. Personally, I think it was the best one, based on the psychological tactics used by the Visogoth leader, Alaric.

He spread fear prior to entering the city. They were so scared the people abandoned the state religion, forcing the Pope to allow them to resume pagan sacrifice. Totally broke the state religion and cast Roman Catholicism as a faith of the weak in the minds of its own followers.

When he invaded they went to the mausoleums of Augustus and Hadrian. If you remember Hadrian, he went and attacked the Heathens, when he got to what is now Scotland, the Picts fought back so hard that Hadrian had to not only leave them alone, but build a wall to keep them from coming after Romans.

Anyways, these places held the corpses of the ancient Emperors, which were drug out and destroyed. They burned many symbolic places like the old Roman Senate. It was never rebuilt.


After disgracing their ancestral heroes and burning down the symbols of Roman power, Alaric saved the best for last.

He took all the riches, and was also able to capture Emperor Honorious’s sister, Galla Placidia. They passed her around until she became enchanted with heathen sexual magic, and married Ataulf, who was Alaric’s brother in law, the next man elected as their king. He then bred the emperor’s sister to produce pagan princes, and she loved it.

Alaric was a brilliant tactician. He new better than to occupy, and he knew of the conflict between by he Christians and pagans of Rome.

He didn’t destroy the Basilicas of Peter and Paul, likely leaving the pagans suspecting cooperation, which increases friction. He divided the conquered.

He didn’t kill the bulk of the population. They would just bring in new people who wouldn’t remember.

Alaric left them alive, to forever walk the streets among the symbols of Roman power, reduced to burnt rubble. To see the empty and desecrated graves of the men who started it all, and foolishly believed money could conquer will, or cosmopolitanism could defeat tribe and tradition.

How was Rome to rebuild a people inspired by its glory, when its people walked among daily reminders of the empires impotence, with images in their heads of the Emperors sister breeding for those who defeated them.

Although the sack in 387 BC, and the next one had higher death tolls, this was the moment Rome was broken, in my opinion. It wasn’t but a few decades until what historians regard as its official demise. Intelligence will always beat brutality in the long run.

I feel compelled to include this quote from Wikipedia, and point something out.

“The Visigothic invasion of Italy caused land taxes to drop anywhere to one-fifth to one-ninth of their pre-invasion value in the affected provinces., Aristocratic munifence, and the local support of public buildings and monuments by the upper classes, ended in south-central Italy after the sack and pillaging of those regions….”

The halls of power may seem impenetrable, and the arrogance of empire works in combination with the drugs and alcohol to make the Senators and Representatives feel safe and warm in their gilded hallways.

Just remember that history shows that us heathens always have our day. You can only plunder us for your own devices for so long. You would do well to learn the lessons of Rome. Or one day you will walk the crumbling streets of your former empire, while we enjoy your women in the hills and laugh at your fate.


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