The Problem With Kolbey Criss and Tepeys, Part 1

This is a courtesy repost for a censored local group doing great work against child sex groomers. They are banned from social media and children are at risk, so they can share it from my site.

Across the US a dark shadow creeps. There is a growing cult of sadistic pedophiles who operate grooming rackets to procure more victims and make contact with vulnerable youth right out in the open.

They do so under the guise of “All Ages Drag Shows” or “Drag Queen Story Hour”. This cult dedicated to destroying the innocence of children is trying to put down roots in Jacksonville.

Here is a sample of what local criminals want to force on our children:

“Wholesome Family Fun”

Our Men’s club promotes traditional gender roles and family structures with no apology. However, we are not engaging in this protest We We are not drawing attention to this event

We did not draw attention to this event because we dislike gay or trans people. This is not virtue signals or push back as part of some political theater. We saw something familiar in other cities show up locally. Upon investigation, it is indeed  what it smelled like, and we have only just begun.

We are Americans, and individual liberty is a core principle of this nation. We may not have our meets at the Metro or Hamburger Mary’s, but we don’t care what consenting adults do.

18 and up, we don’t show up.

We would stop a gay basher as quick as a heroin laden communist throwing piss at an old lady for going to see Trump speak.

Good ideas do not require force. We do not initiate force. We will always defend the innocent because we are men. 

In North Florida, we no longer bother wasting our breath trying to convince people who made assumptions and judged us.

It is actually really fun to let the moron class make elaborate houses of cards and watch them fall.

On that note, nice headline First Coast News.

The editor and the author need to be fired. A quick public records search could have landed FCN a meaty story about a pack of druggies and criminals using this PC trash to get access to kids in order to abuse them.

You called us a hate group for opposing the guy shacked up with someone that has lynching arrests and mob assaults, luring kids from schools, animal abuse, guns, intimidating jurors, etc.

A journalist should have ethics and report the truth. You just ran interference for child abusers and molesters.

Here FCN, I fixed it for you.

Among the things some of us have seen recently were 6 year old boys twerking in dresses, while adults slap their asses.

Are you covering it up, ignoring it, or aiding and abetting the sexualization of children.

We were watching snipers point rifles at our heads in that town, while the churches and community were silent. The men you demonized are actually just local businessmen and patriots who would rather be having a cold one but our sense of duty will not allow us to sit on the couch when society fails to protect kids at every level.

Did First Coast News bother to notice the school nearby?

Tepeys has violated Florida statue 847.0134 and 847.0134 barring operating an adult sexual content show within 1600 feet of a secondary school.

Tepeys, at 2130 Kings Ave, Jacksonville, FL, is .31 miles from Bishop Kenny High School located at 1055 Kingman St, Jacksonville, FL.

Numerous videos from past clearly shows them engaged in felonies.

Regardless of them advertising this show as kids welcome, arguably any upcoming drag shows are still in violation.

Previous shows were not kid friendly and had graphic sexual content. Even if they were 18+ they are in violation of the law.

We don’t call the police, we have trust issues after seeing so many men entrapped. 

But obviously, if we do not stand up, nobody will. 

Part of these efforts is holding our neighbors accountable. We make sure everyone knows about this garbage and we put word into deed and ask that good people follow our example.

The government is not protecting our kids. It is not their job, it is our job. 

This image is from the FDLE website, depicting all the sexual offenders and predators near the drag show.

This action on Sunday is not a virtue signal against some random drag queen show for kicks, or because we are homophobes.

We have found a core of dangerous criminals preying on local children.

Across the globe at these child friendly drag events, there is always a core of dangerous criminals lurking just below the surface, and Jacksonville is no exception.

Before we go any further, we want to commend our local LGBT community.

There is a very significant portion of them joining us in questioning the motives of the organizers and asking why he does not just leave the kids out of it.

The biggest threat to gay and trans people is those who come in and validate all the anti-gay propaganda.

We now live in an age where the majority of Republicans are fine with gay marriage. Allowing groomers into your community is the quickest path to ruining that.

Seeing an LGBT community that gets it, and proactively tries to police itself, makes us Proud Of Our Queers.

Out of curiosity, does the LGBT community feel it may have been conned? Now you have government deciding gay divorces too. Likely unfairly at times.

Is there or was there talk of abolition of government marriage? It seems like the best solution get the govt out of all our bedrooms. Answer in conments.

Back to the business at hand.

Unlike the gays, we are NOT proud of Tepes Tacos, Mr. Criss, or the people in their orbit. With each layer of the onion that we peel back, it gets worse.

On the surface Mr. Criss seems clean as a whistle.

This is deliberate.

This is not a coincidence.

These operations always use a squeaky clean front man for legitimacy, because they know there will be scrutiny.

One degree of separation though, and you find shocking predatory criminals. Public information searches always turn them up. There is always people in other states that go back and forth, usually a sprinkling of foreign names that out of place when you see their backgrounds.

It smells like human trafficking to us, and in a city not far from here a child sex ring was discovered recently. A number of those arrested owned the businesses sponsoring the drag shows. There were also police officers protecting them that were arrested. We will get to that at a later date.

The FBI  is too busy picking and eating the fruits of their “cat in the box trap”, wielded on January 6, 2021 in DC. A typical entrapment plot against our mens beer drinking club and others to create false narratives that justify the growing tyranny in our nation.

The prosecution of PB’s who were successfully duped by paid federal  informants was more important than stopping child rape and trafficking.

The FBI gutted their child sex crimes division to chase insurrection windmills they built themselves.

Is it a coincidence that same time frame is when these child predators saw the coast was clear for a nationwide offensive and launched grooming operations en masse?

We commend former agent Friend, the local FBI whistleblower.

We did not have to go any farther than across the living room with Kolbey Blair Criss to find the first demon lurking behind the curtain

According to public records Criss has shared the same address with Sean Alexander Flores since 2010. We try not to name people without cause but this person is extremely dangerous.

First Coast News called us an extremist group. We have every race in the area, but they call us white supremacists.

Kolbey and his co-conspirators are all over social media repeating those lies over and over to make them true.

The punchline?

On June 8, 2010, Kolbey’s room mate was arrested for second degree LYNCHING.

It is not the Proud Boys lynching people. The lynching and mob violence is being perpetrated by the people behind the curtain of Kolbey’s grooming operation. 

The fact this guy is not in prison screams informant, and we intend to find out if the same govt trying to dole out 20 year sentences for throwing a water bottle at a DC cop shooting innocent women is keeping this guy on the street to rack up convictions on people far less dangerous.

Flores rap sheet is dozens of pages. Highlights include assault and battery by mob, ANTIFA is now openly using violence to protect pedophiles, this surprises none of us, is he also ANTIFA?

We see that Sean Flores was also arrested for Possession Of Firearm Or Ammunition By Person Convicted Of Violent Felony, Criminal Domestic Violence of A High And Aggravated Nature, Malicious injury to animals.

SCHOOL”, and Contributing To The Delinquency Of A Minor.

Maybe he told them about bottomless mimosas.

We ditched school to skateboard in my day.

Now the kids get lured by animal abusing guys who have lynching and mob violence arrests. 

But the men who stand up against it are the hate group.

Of course, we have tons more research ahead, we feel like Flores is dangerous regardless of upcoming findings.

The SPLC, ADL, and First Coast News will run smear ops to protect the sickos.

We don’t care what they say. We are not leaving our city, state, or nation to our kids like this.

The ADL, SPLC, and leftist dominated journalists called every Trump voter a Nazi.

They smeared those of us skeptical of vaccines, but now the vaxtards are falling dead all over.

Fauci and Big Pharma are under criminal investigation. Keep up the good work Gov. DeSantis.

The liars who slander our fraternity have ruined their own credibility. Everyone knows they are just Marxist propagandists and grievance grifters.

On top of everything else, they ironically use the tactic they stole from Goebbels, that of telling the same lie until people believe it.

The reality?

Tepeyolot Cerveceria is providing a playground for groomers to use the “get the kids high or drunk to molest them” trick.

Bottomless mimosas to ply the kids with.

Not proud of your brewery.

Call us epithets that say we call other people epithets FCN. Honk.

To be smeared by journalists too lazy to run a 1 minute check to see who wants to dress little boys like girls and do sexual themed shows…complete with bottomless drink specials on a Sunday morning ….that is our great honor.

I can hear them all laughing at how they got virtue signalling liberals to put their sons in dresses and offer their innocence as a sacrifice to local perverts.

“This abuse environment provided by Tepes Tacos”

Anyone interested in betting on whether or not they laugh in private about how they groom the local kids while the rest of town is in church?

Kolbeys roomie was right there, it took 5 minutes to find the information. It is hilarious to us in a dark humor sort of way, since the sickos calling us extremists are the ones actually racking up lynching charges. But a huge percentage of the people involved here have extensive and disturbing records.

We all have friends who made mistakes, but not 2/3 of our friends with records like this that are ongoing.

There are more red flags there han a North Korean holiday.

As the week continues we will provide more details on this large network, but we see an entire scene around Kolbey riddled with ongoing strings of drugs, violent crime, welfare fraud, and theft arrests. We suggest avoiding having cash or valuables on you anywhere near Mr Criss and his associates. 

To clarify re: drug arrests, we oppose the drug war, it is a ruse to take our guns, and it does indeed target minorities.

The devil is in the details though, it was the race pimps like Jackson and Sharpton that pushed the crime bill and cocaine penalties. Reagan was against them at first but bowed to the pressure.

There was once a great civil rights movement led by Booker T Washington and Marcus Garvey. Booker died and Garvey was framed and deported, but his criticism of the Lenin fetishist W.E.B DuBoise and his elitist talented 10th have become prophecy fulfilled.

Meanwhile as Jackson and Sharpton set the stage for a generation of incarcerating their own race in order to grift off the grievance racket,  Joe Biden was giving racist speeches.

67 people who were not black and who were Marxists that started the NAACP.

The Proud Boys have anti-racism as a core tenet, while the drag queen kids party guy is roomies with a guy out lynching people.

All that said, we also know the role of drugs and alcohol play in grooming and facilitating child molesting.

We illustrated all of that to encourage our community to set aside their polarized views and look objectively.

What if not all LGBT are degenerate perverts but not all LGBT are virtuous?

What if some people are born gay and others get groomed or taken advantage of?

What if the Proud Boys actually bring communities together?

This operation is big. We don’t think a guy who works at Woody’s BBQ  is in charge, he is just the one they put out as a clean record front man.

This is going to take a while to unravel.

If there are any people willing to come forward and discuss abuse or grooming attempts in the area, especially at tbe hands of this network, PLEASE do so.

Do you have knowledge of the individuals surrounding Kolby’s associatss<or insights good or bad? If so  feel free to help. All submissions will remain controversial and if a redaction is needed we will let you approve before posting.

Remember it may not seem important but could be to us.

Email the information to:

We will close part 1 with some images of from previous Tepes and similar events with this crowd.

Next we will find out if it is the owners or the staff behind it. These horrific images of sexualizing kids were from their social media, so it is very unlikely they were not in on it.

What is up with elements of SPAR promoting this garbage on some level?

There is a ton of work to be done and we do it out of love for our city and for no pay so be patient and feel free to help.

Any attorneys with Lexis Nexis or Accurint who want to donate higher level searches would be an incredible help.

We are on the case and we will pull this dark force out into the light.

In the meantime, we encourage everyone to research the people around their kids, and use the FDLE offender and neighborhood searches to stay safe.

We will use every peaceful and legal tactic available to expose and shut down this and any other grooming operation.

This is not about alternative lifestyles, and we could not care any less if Kolby is the bottom and Flores the top or vice versa..

That is a confused boy in a dress and that look on his face is the emotional scars that will become his addictions and suicide later. Relatives of this child need to take him somewhere safe until the parents get out of whatever rehab or psychiatric hospital provides the help that they need and the child gets counseling.

“My mommy brought me here where they have fizzy orange juice. The nice lady in the banana hammock let me sit on her lap and drink as much as I want.”

Free refills too. Do they call it juicy juice?

We will leave you with a collage of just some of Kolbey’s circle of friends that he wants to expose local children to at Tepes.

In coming weeks we will expose an even larger statewide network we found while investigating this, which is adjacent. It will shock the good people of Jacksonville and Florida.


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