No Political Solution?

“They stole the election from Trump, so voting does not matter anymore! Don’t bother to vote, there is no political solution!” – The Patriot LARPer

The ballot box is mightier than the sword, despite what many on the right seem to believe right now. There is an enormous lack of understanding when it comes to how elections work, but the biggest problem is an epic fail to conceptualize what a political solution looks like, and what the goal posts are. It is time to fill some critical information gaps, do some analysis of the political structure and recent elections, and talk about what it would take to completely change the game.

Politics is war by another means. For two thousand years or so, men in the west have understood this form of warfare is a far better mechanism to fight with than the sword. The battles do not leave the nation vulnerable to invasion. Political warfare does not sentence the men to fight and die, and give the children at least one generation of reconstruction periods that deny them the opportunities they would otherwise have.

The cost of war by political means is exponentially cheaper in both blood and treasure. People who look forward to hot civil wars are backwards fools, and generally have no idea about how they affect the nations they claim to love and the progeny they claim to fight for. If you think election results are uncertain you have not researched civil wars much.

The first step to a campaign of political warfare is the same as any other type of war. Accurate assessment of the battlefield, assessment of the enemy strengths and weaknesses, as well as your own strengths and weaknesses

Then you find the easiest paths to victory, make battle plans to accomplish them, and execute the plan.

There were many in colonial America who said the British were too powerful and could not be defeated by ragtag farmers. You never heard of them because history does not record defeatists, only the brave and cunning.

To bring this into better focus, we must break down some facts about federal elections.

Trump won in ’16 because he drew tons of voters to the polls who would normally not vote and huge numbers of them were among the roughly 40% of people registered Independent or No Party Affiliation.

Those are the people who swing elections, your Democrat and Republican voters generally check their party boxes.

While many on the right now claim to be disenfranchised and no longer believe there is a political solution, there are other groups who have been making the claim for a long time. The young, the poor, and minorities, for example.

It is no coincidence that these are also the groups that do not vote.

Roughly a third (34%) of nonvoters are younger than 30 and most (70%) are under 50; among likely voters, just 10% are younger than 30 and only 39% are under 50. Fully 43% of those who are not likely to cast ballots Tuesday are Hispanic, African American or other racial and ethnic minorities. Nearly half of nonvoters (46%) have family incomes less than $30,000, compared with 19% of likely voters. Most nonvoters (54%) have not attended college; 72% of likely voters have completed at least some college.”

The same charlatans who convinced the young, the poor, and the minorities that voting and political activity was pointless in order to control them are now selling the same lie to the American right.

If voting and political action was pointless than how has the left and so many special interest groups won so much for so many decades without firing a shot?

The answer is simple. They organized locally and changed policies locally while the apathetic right wing paid no attention.

In the US Senate, going into the 2018 elections there were 51 Republicans. The Democrats had 47 and 2 Independents who vote with them, making it effectively a 51-49 split. If Libertarians peeled 2 seats from the GOP, for they would control the entire government, since all bills must pass the house and Senate. Just a coordinated pressure campaign on a few Senators can make or break any federal legislation.

Rick Scott won his Senate seat in my state of Florida by only 10,033 votes out of 8.19 million votes cast.

For a simple example, let us consider a small place like Bradford County, Florida. lt has around 30,000 residents.

Say 1/3 are kids, and the other 2/3 voted. You could have decided the US Senator for 21 1/2 million Floridians with an aggressive local effort that swung 1/2 of the voters in one of the least populated counties in Florida. What could a good grassroots operation in Duval or Hillsborough County accomplish? Literally everything.

In the 2016 Presidential election, there were 4 out of 67 counties in Florida that were “Pivot Counties”. Jefferson, Monroe, Pinellas, and St. Lucie.

These 4 went for Obama in 2008 and 2012 but then for Trump in 2016.

These 4 counties, one a small rural one, gave Trump a critical battleground state victory.

Electoral totals – Trump had 304, Hillary 227.

Florida was worth 29 of those.

Had Trump lost Florida, he would have had 275, to Hillaries 256, making the spread only 19 electoral votes, meaning a few small swing states could have made the Hilldabeast president.

Big electoral states like CA and NY are not in play, they will go blue.

Texas has gone repub in every election since 1980.

Pennsylvania is worth 20 votes and went 4 repub and 7 dem since 1980. Florida is worth 29 votes, and has went 8 repub to 3 dem since 1980.

So recap, Florida is a major player, and it all came down to 4 counties that flipped and put Trump in office.

Many of these big federal elections come down to a few counties in a couple of states. Those patriots in these few states hold the fate of federal elections in their hands. Their votes are the key to change.

All politics is local.

These federal elections for President and Congress in our hyperpolarized environment are not decided by huge patterns of voting, but by a few counties and a small number of votes.

You CAN change the game with targeted efforts in small areas.

This makes it easy to steal elections with relatively small numbers of fraudulent votes, as we saw in 2020 when the Democrats were able to install Joe Biden through fraud.

The massive documented fraud in 2020 is leading to state and local election reform nationwide. The same narrow margins that made fraud easy in 2020 have another effect as well.

The same situation also makes it easy for small groups of committed activists to swing huge elections with concentrated pressure in key areas.

The difference between which result you have is who is working harder. Right now it is the left. Many on the right cry “there is no political solution” or “I refuse to vote anymore, it’s all rigged”. This is exactly what the enemy wants. The left will win until we mobilize locally with the same vigor they do

For those in the states like NY or CA that will not switch any time soon, and still applicable to those in battleground states, here is another white pill to swallow.

What if I told you the federal election results were mostly irrelevant anyway?

The biggest Albatross around the neck of the American patriot is the focus on national elections instead of local ones. Even what happens federally is still administered locally in large part. I recently read a great piece by the Brookings Institution that helps bring this into focus.

“State and local government total expenditures amount to $2.9 trillion in the United States. While this is less than the federal government’s $4.3 trillion of expenditures, nearly two-thirds of federal total expenditures are transfers (either to individuals or state and local governments). This means that state and local governments have in some respects a more prominent role in decision-making than the federal government. Indeed, state and local governments make key investment decisions—about infrastructure, education, and many other areas—that help determine the long-run capacity of the entire economy.”

Quick math says of the 7.2 trillion dollars spent by government annually, 5.76 trillion is controlled by the local government officials. 766 billion was spent on the military, leaving the feds in control of 674 billion. Subtract foreign aid and you are down to 640 billion dollars. That is less than 9% of the total government control of your life that emanates from Washington, D.C.

The other 91% of government is local and state. Most cannot even name those elected to these offices, let alone tell you anything about the candidates currently running. Many of the candidates run for re-election with no opposition.

The recent elections in the fall of 2021 produced dramatic changes in state houses and local offices across the US.

What is the difference between places where mask mandates and forced death shots touted as necessary to combat a fake pandemic abound, and places where people are living free and healthy with booming economies?

State and local officials.

In Jacksonville Florida there was recently a special election for City Council. It is the most populated city in Florida, with around 900,000 people. This is double the population of Miami, and over triple the size of Orlando. Land wise it is the largest city in the United States. It has an annual budget of 1.5 billion dollars.

When all the ballots were counted for this critical City Council seat, 36,933 Democrats voted, and 36,861 Republicans voted. That’s only a 72-vote difference between the parties.

Let that sink in and consider my next statistic.

The major political parties are governed by Precinct Committeemen. They decide the officers, platform, strategy, and candidates for the party. They control the money of, and broker the power within the GOP.

Of course, those damn RINO Neo-Cons have a stranglehold on it right?

Actually, of the roughly 400,000 Precinct Committeeman slots in the Republican Party, 200,000 sit vacant. For less time than the average right winger spends whining about Democrats on Facebook they could go to their monthly Republican Executive Committee meeting, take those seats, and fill every office from their state house to D.C. with true Constitutional Conservatives.

For a 25 dollar filing fee anyone can walk into the vacant seats in counties across the nation.

If you do not want to engage in direct politics, there is a million ways to contribute, because politics and policy are downstream from culture. Click this sentence for a great read on the subject. These grassroots organizations drive the success of the myriad of easily accomplished political goals laid out above.

When someone tells you “There is no political solution”, they are telling you they would rather bitch like a menstruating woman than do anything.

They are advocating the citizenry hand their rights over instead of making America great again with a 1 or 2 evening a month time committment.

They will talk about 1776 and using their guns, but we all know a man who is too lazy to use political warfare will never actually fight for his freedom in a hot revolution.

The undeniable truth is there is a rather simple and obvious political solution.

There is a way anyone who loves his nation can have a role in this political solution.

Those who argue against it should just be honest woth themselves that “No political solution” is a cop out born of ignorance and the same laziness and apathy that got us all in this mess.

“No political solution” is the mantra of the patriot LARPer.

If you want to reject this weak and craven mindset, and give your children the future they deserve, contact me and I will point you in the right direction.

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