God Hates Feds

Take a moment and look at the divide in our nation, and consider what the left is actually peddling. *Change your DNA with the death shot, you cannot trust 99.7% chance with immune system. *Chromosomes are not real, pick a gender or make one up. *Everyone should have the same amount of stuff, but not … More God Hates Feds

Libertarians and a Burning Rome

David Azerrad published a powerful piece in The American Conservative, titled “American Conservatism is Fiddling While Rome Burns”. The critique of modern Conservatism is fantastic. The critique of Libertarianism not so much, in the sense it critiques a “modal libertarianism” that Murray Rothbard, godfather of the LP, also critiqued with the same vigor. These people … More Libertarians and a Burning Rome

Communism, Open Borders, and Natural Law

Why Left Wing Delusions Are So Destructive Libertarianism is Natural Law Enshrined In Politics I have a variety of people on the social media pages associated with this website. I generally do not ban contrarians as they provide fodder for good debate. Most Libertarians/Conservatives have encountered a common fallacy offerred by Marxists who still cling … More Communism, Open Borders, and Natural Law

Libertarian Jim Crow

My forced isolation the last few months allowed me an opportunity to assess the body politic in an interesting way. I returned to witness a bizarre campaign to “keep out the alt-right”.  I do not know how exactly this is defined, but there is no way to mount such a campaign without forcing people into … More Libertarian Jim Crow