Florida Citizen Child Protection Act

Proposing the “Gary Plauché Law”, to let the people of Florida clean up their own communities. It is time for a “Libertarian Solution”.

Gary Plauché (November 10, 1945 – October 23, 2014), was an American man known for the 1984 killing of Jeff Doucet, who had kidnapped, sexually assaulted, and molested Plauché’s son, Jody.

The killing occurred on Friday, March 16, 1984, and was captured on camera by a local news crew. Plauché shot and killed Doucet, and he was given a seven-year suspended sentence with five years’ probation and 300 hours of community service for the shooting and received no prison time.

The case received wide publicity because some people questioned whether Plauché should have been charged with murder or let off.

Plauché stated that he was in the right, and that those in a similar position would have done the same thing.

Despite the sad fact that there were some people who thought Gary should have been punished, this was a rare case the justice system worked.

While the judge did the best he could, Gary was still a felon and deprived legal firearm use. 5 years of probation, and the payments involved, were not something society needed in order to be safe from Gary. His community service in that 30 seconds, by physically removing Jeff Doucet, was infinitely more valuable than whatever they had him do for 300 hours.

Jeff Doucet being physically removed by Gary Plauché

In the years since Gary Plauché performed the voluntary portion of his service to the community, Florida has been proven absolutely impotent to protect our children.

A report issued January 2019 stated that nearly 29,000 registered sex offenders and predators now reside in the state. That’s an increase of 53 percent since 2005, when state legislators first ordered their auditors to review the state’s efforts to keep an up-to-date registry of sex offenders. There is over 73,000 registered nationwide with offenses in Florida. This means Florida has exported tens of thousands of perverts across the nation.

To understand the scope of the problem, type your address in the Florida Sex Offender search website and see how many live near you.

If you live in another state, search yours, and bring this law to the other 49 states.

Child rape and molestation are crimes that break people. The victims grow up to become adults with much higher rates of criminality, substance abuse, suicide, and mental health problems. About one in seven girls and one in 25 boys will be sexually abused before they turn 18. Solving this problem will help a myriad of other issues that plague our communities.

The current law is not protecting our children. When the government fails, the people have the right and duty to protect the young and innocent.

If the components of these proposed changes to Florida Law cannot be accomplished in the Legislature, then we must use the Constitutional Amendment process to institute these policies.

Major components of the Gary Plauché Law

  • Sex crimes against children become a capital offense for all future convictions. The designation of individuals as Sexual Predators, whether the victims are adults or children, will also become a capital punishment situation. This means mandatory, no other sentence permitted.
  • Institution of a permanent ban on any Sexual Predators or Offenders from moving to Florida, other than perhaps “Romeo and Juliet” type situations.
  • Since the state has failed us for decades and our communities are flooded with people who must be physically removed, there will be a new statute created that reclassifies the killing of any designated sexual predator under Florida law, or any sexual offender in a case where the victim is a minor, as justifiable homicide. The “Romeo and Juliet” provisions will apply for convictions before that law change took effect, so nobody who may have been convicted when they were 18 with a 17 year old girlfriend, or the like, gets physically removed.
  • Individuals who dispatch sexual predators and child molesters will be:
  • Paid ten thousand dollars, tax free, from the state’s general fund. An additional $5,000.00 will be disbursed if they eliminate the predator or qualified offender with their bare hands. An additional $2500.00 will be paid if they eliminate the predator or qualified offender with a knife, club, axe, or other edged weapon or blunt object. This will encourage methods less likely to cause any collateral damage. It will be expressly legal to create private rewards to enhance this amount.
  • Subject to a 100% property tax exemption for 10 years afterward on their primary residence
  • Eligible for a special “I Protect Florida” license plate, and stamp on their drivers license to encourage businesses to offer discounts and other perks, similar to what we do for veterans currently.
  • Immune from any civil liability related to dispatching the qualifying predator or offender.
  • Immune from criminal liability for kidnapping or other crime that may be necessary to accomplish the physical removal of the predator or qualified offender, providing no innocent people or property of the innocent are harmed
  • Immune from prosecution, if currently felons, for having or using a firearm or other weapon to accomplish the physical removal of the predator or qualified offender. If the felony was non-violent, they will be granted a shall-issue clemency and have their firearms rights immediately restored.

In addition, the State of Florida will be mandated to enter into a reciprocity agreements with all states passing similar laws. The effect of the law will be a mass exodus to other states, leading to this policy sweeping the country, until there is no place left to run. Then America will have excised the worst cancer of our society from the nation.

The property and assets of the deceased predator or qualifying offender will be auctioned off, and the proceeds will be divided equally among the victims from all cases under which they were convicted.

The critics will say Floridians are basically offering a bounty on sexual predators and sex offenders with minor victims.

We answer them with: “Yes and it’s pretty awesome!”

Other critics will implore the citizens to let the government and law enforcement do their jobs.

We answer them with: “The government has failed us. Protecting our children is the job of the people. We refuse to suffer this plague any longer. We got this.”

Send this article to your Florida Representative and Senator, and demand they bring the “Gary Plauché Law” to Florida.

You can find your Florida House Representative HERE.

You can find your Florida Senator HERE.

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