The War Has Two Fronts

The political war and the culture war, framed on our terms.

Ryan Ramsey


The battle for liberty is twofold, the first, a spiritual/cultural revival that promotes individual responsibility and voluntaryism in the community, reclaiming what the nanny state co-opted.

The second is to reduce government and its impediments to personal liberty and economic freedom.

We can only win fighting on both fronts. We can only be free when we win on both fronts.

De-regulating a society without a unified national spirit of rugged individualism, a higher calling, and embracement of the western enlightenment and a common set of values, is akin to finding religion in a prison.

While it may be worthwhile, nobody in their youth would set this as a goal.

The only way we will once again be able to govern ourselves and live as the founding fathers intended….is to once again govern ourselves… in mind, body and spirit, in the service of things greater than ourselves.

A two front war is no easy task, but that which we purchase too easily, we esteem too lightly.

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