Republicrat Jay Trumbull On His Gun Control Vote

Watch him lie when confonted, as he does the Trumbull stumble.

In this video from a town hall in Bay County Florida, “Gun Control Trumbull”, AKA ” Red Flag Jay”, “(R)” Florida House District 6, displays his ignorance and hypocrisy.

1) “We had budget hearings so I hastily voted to rape your 2nd and 4th Amendment rights.”

Blaming your rape of the Bill of Rights on the Balanced Budget Amendment is the worst excuse EVER.

2) “Before the bill you could buy a shotgun at 18 but a rifle at 21.”

No you moron, the SHOOTER IN QUESTION bought the rifle at 18, which was the REASON THEY RAISED THE AGE! Why are you making laws when you do not even know the existing law?

3) “Democrats had worse bills, so I voted for a bad one.”

The GOP has roughly 2/3 of the Florida House, they all could have easily been voted down.

I was THERE.

I sat with a prominent Florida Senator who told me Bill Galvano, who recieved $500,000.00 from Communist Mike Bloomberg, threatened to take all earmarks from anyone who voted no.

The vote was a bribe at the behest of Bloomberg to keep Jay’s pork projects.

4) “This will save lives.”

This will cause more death because now people fear losing their guns if they seek mental health care.

5) “We only had 3 weeks and the pesky Florida Constitution says we have to balance the budget, and of course new left wing laws are necessary without considering them because of some crazy person lost it, because Conservatism means government must solve the worlds problems with draconian laws.”

The stunning lack of principle is literally painful to listen to.

6) “There is not enough Baker Act beds to hold crazy people while we give them due process and remove their guns after a hearing that respects the 4th Amendment.”

Absolute lie, and furthermore he sponsored no legislation to increase availability of Baker Act beds in his BUDGET hearings as an alternative if that was actually on his mind.

7) “Thankfully we have Governor Desantis to maybe veto the horrible laws I voted for.”

Hey jackass, you voted against the Bill of Rights long before he was elected, and when he was trailing in the polls, he miraculously won after Trump endorsed him over another RINO, Adam Putnam… the golden boy of Skeletor, AKA Rick Scott, who was in league with Galvano and Bloomberg.

8) Q: What is your excuse for supporting more gun control and not sponsoring pro-gun bills now that there is no time crunch Jay?

A: You’re a RINO piece of Bloomberg sucking trash with no spine.


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