Rethinking Foreign Policy

We could achieve peace for our nation and crush the ChiComs and European Socialism without firing a shot.

By: Ryan Ramsey,
Libertarian Veteran’s Caucus

The endless trillions bled from our economy to be in the middle east is an albatross around our neck. Over extended empire was the end of Rome, and it will be the end of the United States if we do not make radical changes in foreign policy.

We do not need the oil in the Middle East, we have an abundance of our own. China and Russia do not. We simply need to restore energy freedom, and politically marginalize the Marxist enemy within posing as environmentalists that block domestic energy production. War hurts the environment exponentially worse than drilling or fracking.

If we bring our troops home and restore the foreign policy of the founding fathers, then our enemies like China and North Korea will be bogged down and perpetually weakened dealing with the weirdbeards. It will be their buildings and airliners bombed. It will be their people’s trillions spent and their soldier’s blood spilled.

We should immediately end our role in in NATO, a relic of the Cold War. We should leave the UN and abandon all other global government tools. Europe would be forced to spend their own money for defense, which would crush European Socialism without firing a shot.

America would laugh all the way home in peace and a booming economy while our rivals spend a century killing each other. Rather than invade Iran, we should answer their attacks with a spectacular response, and leave the Iranians in the rubble cursing the backwards Mullahs for their foolishness, and respect the vote of the Iraqi Parliament by immediately leaving all bases and leave no equipment.

We should immediately end all foreign military and economic aid with no discrimination. Funding Israel and their enemy Saudi Arabia is madness. America’s hind tit is closed for everyone.

Endless war between China, North Korea, and Islamist extremists is a best case scenario. Afghanistan broke the USSR let it break China.

All we have to do is start respecting our Constitution and the founders condemnation of foreign entanglements to make it happen.

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