On The Echo Chamber Circle Jerk

Libertarians are once again looking victory in the face, and deciding to blow it by ignoring tactics and political science in favor of masturbating in the echo chamber

Those of you who follow me notice I rarely attack fellow libertarians now, when I used to do it alot more.

At one of my leadership conferences I learned a very powerful concept in relation to dealing with opposition.

It was taught to me that one should never expend energy attacking a person who is not a direct obstacle to your goal/empowerment.

We don’t have anyone that is going to beat Trump, our candidate in 2020 will serve a main role as an idea injector and seed planter, and were it not for the need to retain ballot access, there would actually be a huge tactical gain to be made with a last minute withdrawal.

If Trump wins he term limits afterwards, and every day this impeachment charade continues he wins more support.

Therefore we stand zero to gain from expendig energy on Trump hate, and even less to gain attacking his supporters.

What is going to happen in 2024 is the revenge of the NeoCon. They are going to replace everyone in Trump’s camp with their guys. Terrible limp wristed RINO’s like McCain and Romney before them.

This is going to alienate the MAGA crowd, and despite Trump being basically a NY light liberal, a huge chunk of his base is very libertarian leaning, and has an anti-establishment undercurrent, and the energy to put people in the street and the voting booth.

If you remember the surge the Libertarian Party got when the GOP alienated the Ron Paul crowd….it is going to be very similar, except it will be exponentially bigger, representing a voting block up for grabs that comprises 25% of the electorate.

What we should be doing is pointing out how shit the GOP is on guns, growth of taxes/govt, and the other high echelon identity components of Conservative voters, and seeding their minds how the Republicans are full of shit on the basic tenets of conservatism…which is far more than the 80% common ground we usually consider as sufficient. We let that seed grow over the next 5 years, water it, fertilize it, watch it grow.

If we plant different seeds, and yell from the peanut gallery about cheeto hair, we morph in the minds of our low hanging fruit into these shrill dumbasses doing this impeachment charade, and we will alienate them, and remain irrelevant.

I am not willing to blow the one chance in my lifetime for the LP to become a dominant party. We only need a few Senate seats to literally control the government.

Are we here to win?

Do we really want to put ourselves in a position to begin dismantling the state?

I do, and so I don’t waste time attacking Trump or his supporters because they are not in our way, and doing so can only hurt.

The last group in the Libertarian Party I continue to attack are the left libertarian element. The reason is because they are the main obstacle to our empowerment in the current climate.

I don’t give a shit if you want open borders, I just expect you to be smart enough to shut up about it so you don’t blow it. You have exactly zero people in the House and Senate, you are virtue signalling all of us into marginalization.

One anti-Trump shitpost on social media is all it takes to turn people off, permanently. I can prove that with decades of peer reviewed research.

This is not a philosophy competition, this is a political science competition.

You say I am not a real Libertarian because I won’t join your open border circle jerk?

You have zero ability to do anything about border policy.

If you platformed the LP in Washington, we could dismantle Socialism, the Drug War, and Interventionism, thus creating conditions whereby you might make a successful argument on border issues.

Maybe you arent a real Libertarian because you would blow your chance to end the drug war, prison and military industrial complexes, Socialism and the FED…. just to be the coolest kid in the echo chamber circle jerk.

SJW’s are so weak among the electorate Trump literally beat the establishment insulting them. That is nowhere to invest political capital. Mock them and win.

Maybe the path to get what you want involves creating conditions where it is possible.

Maybe I am a dick about it because your folly means my kids inherit tyranny and your echo chamber circle jerk results in global slavery.

Maybe it is time we start acting like getting Libertarians elected is more important than satisfying modal libertarians on the internet.

You have ONE JOB Libertarian Party.

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