Guns, Fast Food, and Secession

As civil war seems imminent in Virginia and possibly Kentucky, an obese populace should also consider locking and loading over their fast food and the living wage.

This week the Virginia National Guard was compelled to release a statement about being called to active duty in order to fight law enforcement protecting gun rights in 2A sanctuary counties.

Patriots all over the nation are mixing nepalm and cleaning black rifles preparing to support Virginians ready to draw the line.

In the state house in WA, bills are filed to create a new state called “Liberty” out of the eastern part of the state, divorcing the Marxists on the left coast.

Have you been to a fast food chain lately? Your dollar menu is now 2 for 6, or a 4 dollar box of assorted items. That .99 burger is 1.39, 1.79, etc. The retail signature sandwiches are climbing to 5, 6, or 7 dollars ala carte.

When you laugh at blue state mental midgets voting for living wage laws, you share the memes about the price hike negating the wage increase.

What you aren’t considering is that you are subsidizing them from the safety of Trump land. These chains are battling to prevent closing down or being involuntarily priced out of the market.

The way they are making it is by raising prices nationwide to spread it out. Its making beer, candy, chips, milk, everything sold at retail climb, and the inflation caused by out of control federal spending was already doing that, but this is a rapid increase, and each time Marx wins, all of us lose.

Thats right American fatass. You sat idly by while free speech and gun rights were suppressed, now they are coming for you.

If you want to retain your sacred right to shovel down processed food and shoot insulin between donuts, maybe it is time you put your foot down and demanded secession from the federal government.

Join the freedom fighters in Virginia and elswhere, or at least take one for the team and let that off the chart BMI magically transform you from concealment to cover.

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