Communism, Open Borders, and Natural Law

Why Left Wing Delusions Are So Destructive

Libertarianism is Natural Law Enshrined In Politics

I have a variety of people on the social media pages associated with this website. I generally do not ban contrarians as they provide fodder for good debate.

Most Libertarians/Conservatives have encountered a common fallacy offerred by Marxists who still cling to the idea “Communism would work if it was only done right” or “There was never actual Communism”. The argument is made in varying forms, but this is the essential premise.

Here is a recent example from Facebook:

Now, the argument is easily dismissed without much effort, because it eats itself from the outset. There is real danger in not addressing it more completely, a danger told in the body count of over 100 million people in the 20th century, and the blood leaking from protestors in Hong Kong as I write this.

If you did not notice how the commentor defeated their own argument in the first and last paragraph….look again:

Since this is such a common and dangerous fallacy, I will articulate the root issue that makes Marxism impossible, in two words.

Natural Law.

No discussion of one is complete without discussing all three.

Natural Law makes open borders impossible and Nationalism essential.

There is a large portion of human behavior governed by the subconcious instincts born of your creator’s will, or for the Athiest, evolutionary biology. No philosophy of the concious can ever change these things, period.

This is the genius in Libertarianism, AKA the heart and soul of Conservatism.

You can be religious or not, and it makes no difference. Whether natural law is the will of the creator, expressed in his creation, or whether it is the product of millions of years of evolution, the result is the same.

The reason any advocate for open borders is ignorant, is that they are in full revolt against nature.

Even animals, and surprisingly simple ones, respect territory, and claiming territory is vital to the health of any population.

The illegal immigration argument is not really political. It is about stolen resources in the form of welfare, defense of mating females and protection of in-group people expressed in outrage over rape and murder of our citizens by illegal invaders, etc.

This is not racism – this is primary school level science, and something the vast majority of humans cannot, will not, and should not reject. It is hard wired on the instinctual level, making it impossible to reject.

Science indeed shows that territorial instinct will wane to an extent in places and times of abundance. These resources will eventually decrease due to the encroachment, and competition will inevitably return in the form of violence against the invaders.

Enlightened societies realize this, and while they treat other societies with respect in the form of free trade and non-aggression, they also know they must defend their territory.

The existence of multiple wolf packs is good for biological diversity and strength of the species. They carve out and defend territory as a fundamental biological imperative. Either God made it that way, or it evolved that way to overcome other factors relating to nature and its laws. It is a universal truth we must all accept, or be destroyed by.

The problem is not racists who discriminate against migrants. The problem is that illegal aliens trigger natural instincts that foster hatred and violence. If anti-racists were genuine, they would be guarding the border.

We could have a society free of racism if we ruthlessly guarded our territory, and chose to allow migrants on an individual basis using criteria set according to the culture of the nation. Admission standards set by the tribe or nation that owns the territory.

The problem with revolting against nature is nature always destroys unnatural things. When we stopped guarding our territory, it brought back medieval diseases that will eventually lead to our populace being eradicated if we do not restore natural law by defending our territory and its resources.

Polls show at least 150 million would immigrate overnight if we really opened our borders. Our infrastructure would implode. We would balkanize and be invaded by stronger nations like China, who we are currently in a fierce competition for resources with.

Territory is about making sure enough resources exist for your offspring and tribe, and its extension of those tribal bonds that form the larger circle of loyalty called nation.

Either your creator or the bias-free result of nature placed you here. You have a biological imperative to defend it against intruders, and no God or force of nature grants the right of anyone to encroach upon it, in fact both will punish you for allowing it.

This punishment is severe and unyielding, enforced by wiping you and your progeny off the earth forever.

These same forces are the reason Communism is an impossible idea that can only end in poverty and mass murder.

You cannot help the weak and stupid breed by “empowering the proletariat” and improve your society.

Capitalism is not a tool of the greedy, it is nature applied to economy. The rewards to the strong, and without the welfare state, the most intelligent and moral would have the most offspring.

Our nation would continue to grow in power and prosperity as it did in the generations before Abe Lincoln and Marx became pen-pals and murdered the Bill of Rights, which began a campaign that culminated with the vampire Marxists all but nailing our coffin shut with the “Progressive Movement” during the 1920’s.

The Great Society is as great as the Patriot Act is patriotic.

The path charted by Karl Marx to transform free nations was Democracy > Socialism > Communism.

The reason his pipe dream never happened, and never will, is because the midpoint of Socialism, where they eliminate the Bourgeois and Capitalism and empower the Proletariat, gives men power that human nature prevents them from ever giving up.

Now this new group of Commissars controls the territory and its resources, instead of the citizens.

They cannot ever give it up because they are hard wired to defend it, and a quest to create a population without that instinct means killing literally everybody.

That is what happens every time some new experiment in Communism emerges, and for over a century now.

Natural law is not a is LAW.

It ends in mass murder and tyranny every time because the entire philosophy is an offense to immutable laws of nature and counter to instincts born of evolutionary biology which are hard wired in humans, things that concious effort cannot change.

The only way it is possible is if every single human died, thus…impossible.

Communism is madness.

Communism is the rabid dog of political ideologies and must be wiped out, stamped on like a venomous spider, burnt to ash with all its adherents.

Only then will man have any hope of peace and prosperity.

That hope lies in global decentralization of power and destruction of Globalism, relplaced by a large number of Libertarian nations, each exercizing their natural duty to defend their territory and resources from aggression and create a world governed by the organic expression of natural law in politics known as “Libertarianism” and its economic expression we call “Free Market Capitalism”.

We are all part animal.

Any theory promoting utopias that do not respect natural law will trigger their own penalty under natural law…..the elimination of your gene pool from the planet.

3 thoughts on “Communism, Open Borders, and Natural Law

  1. Strange argument but “conclusions” good. The looters of course deny that Altrurian states are mass-suicides through elementary self deception. The assertion of natural law, however, is not an argument so much as another intrinsicist claim, like Moore’s or an argument from antiquity. Ethics as taught today is a moral code to guide choices and actions, and relies on a standard of value. A right is a moral claim to freedom of action that is couched in that standard. These ideas are useful, make sense, and are especially disarming to the communo-fascist devotees of socialism. Search for “Tara Smith” U. of Texas at Austin.


    1. I have written about “Pathological Altruism” and that is a good insight.

      The ethical arguments for classical liberalism are based on natural rights and my perspective as an American Heathen carries with it a view of libertarianism as natural law enshrined in a political system, but I make a dual argument for Atheists and those of other faiths in the effort to show it is compatible and not an attempt to enshrine my religion in our government.

      I will look up the author, thanks for the tip.


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