Nobody Cares If We’re Right

A recent Reason Magazine piece is a great illustration of a major factor in LP stagnation

Reason published a critique of the major parties recently, and inadvertently hit on something scientific, and part of the research cited in projects I am working on.

Hate of the other guy, not good policy…that’s what motivates voters. That is why “fiscally Conservative socially liberal” did not offer something for everyone, it made everyone hate us.

There is decades of peer reviewed research into the minds of voters that charts a clear path to win for the Libertarian Party.

  1. We can only court one party at a time if we want to break the duopoly.
  2. We should focus 100% on pointing out the GOP is now anti-gun and lukewarm on big government, and cast ourselves as the real deal in the fight against the left. We take the low hanging fruit in the curremt climate.
  3. We keep criticism of Trump to ourselves and court the largest populist movement of the century, so that when Trump term limits, we give MAGA a long term home. MAGA is Murray Rothbard’s dream come true and he wrote the script for it in 1993.
  4. Then we would have the electoral stroke to offer real protection to non-Marxist elements of the Democrat coalition, like rich gays and Conservative blacks. We poach them and at that point, we will become the dominant party.

Reason didn’t mean to, but they brought up one of the biggest reasons the LP stagnates. If you are not trying to WIN, you are not the “Party of Principle”, you are a co-conspirator with tyrants.

2 thoughts on “Nobody Cares If We’re Right

  1. Make that 2057… Curve-fitting websites let you plug in the LP % of the vote for recent elections. The sigmoid curve based on logistic substitution models appears as a graph and other features allow extrapolation along the constrained curve. But for 47 years the LP has been repealing laws it took the populists and progressives-socialists half a century to pass. The Nixon subsidy has slowed us, and it’s been exported to every fascist mixed economy, but the LP is still using spoiler vote clout as levers for erading bad laws.


  2. 1. Is unsupported speculation and misses the NAP entirely. 2. Ties spelling error to murder of unarmed civilians, the “low-hanging fruit” of the El Paso amok. 3. Tries to suck us into a personality cult. 4. Makes the obvious into a silly prophecy. Substitution of products happens because millions of consumers CHOOSE. Measurements and logistics curves show the LP need only keep whack jobs from wrecking the platform to morph inexorably into 51% of the vote by about 2017. But right this minute, now, our spoiler votes are what is changing the laws and undoing all the looter and mystical crap that put the 16th adn 18th Amendments into the Constitution. The predictive power of Fisher-Pry logistical sigmoid substitution curves was known when the LP was a new thing. We’ve logged 200 million votes for the best platform out there. The looters must imitate us or follow the Tasmanian wolves and communists into extinction. This is what the past record shows in measurements. We are already winning, and OF COURSE the looters deny it!


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