Right Wing Populism is Making Syria Free Again, America Should Be Next

The job of a political party is not to define an ideology, but to change policy and elect people to that end. We have a chance in less than 6 years to become the dominant US political party, and most libertarians are already screwing it up.

For a guy who can’t hide his inner commie from shining through before the opening paragraph is over, the author of “Why are right wing populists winning everywhere” has a pretty good grasp of the political winds. Apparently, in his mind, countries “fall” to this threat. I can picture the author in my mind, weeping as his vision of Globalist utopia fades, and he likely loses sleep over the looming possibility he will never see his fantasy PC liberal world. America was on a path to become a compassionate Marxist genocide, producing a world free of toxic white males, black Conservatives, and those pesky Japanese holdouts who go to Shinto shrines rather than buy sex robots. It looks as if that damn nuclear family may even survive, and large families eliminate the need for big government and Socialism.

Although he hates it, Noah is honest enough to admit that it does not stem from xenophobia, or the inner Hitler escaping from those who failed the test in the “Authoritarian Personality”, and that is more than you can say for most on the left.

You cannot reach the masses unless you understand the psychology and evolutionary biology that actually motivates their voting choices. If being correct was the secret to political power, we would have won the White House soon after the founding of the Libertarian Party. I am citing plenty of peer reviewed research that proves policy does not motivate voters in my upcoming publications. I read Alvin and Heidi Toffler’s “Future Shock” in 1993, and so should all Libertarian Party officers, because our failure is 100% the story of a party led by people who lack a real understanding of the world around us, due primarily to our inherent preoccupation with how we think it SHOULD be.

Future Shock is a 1970 book by the futurists Alvin and Heidi Toffler,[1] in which the authors define the term “future shock” as a certain psychological state of individuals and entire societies. Their shortest definition for the term is a personal perception of “too much change in too short a period of time”

The Tofflers argued that society is undergoing an enormous structural change, a revolution from an industrial society to a “super-industrial society“. This change overwhelms people. He believed the accelerated rate of technological and social change left people disconnected and suffering from “shattering stress and disorientation”—future shocked. The Tofflers stated that the majority of social problems are symptoms of future shock. In their discussion of the components of such shock, they popularized the term “information overload.”

We can keep losing elections and bemoan that facts do not seem to matter to the electorate in the voting booth, or we can figure out what DOES matter, how voter psychology REALLY works, and win. The chaos in our society a century after the Frankfurt School was founded is colliding with future shock which is creating a mass shift towards traditionalism. What defines our nationhood and tradition? Liberty! Nationalism is not an ideology, it is as empty a vessel as the word “Religion”, and its merit defined entirely by how it is expressed and what core principles it exists to defend. In the case of the United States, our Nationalism is defined by a rugged individualist mentality and promoting the Bill of Rights. We are the land of the free, the home of the brave. Justin Raimondo of antiwar.com wrote about the rather ignorant and simplistic understanding of Nationalism held by many Libertarians, who fail to realize the struggle for freedom today is between Globalist seeking to consolidate total control of the planet and Nationalists resisting a global super state seeking to eliminate borders and sovereignty to enslave the planet.

In short, the “nation” consists entirely of non-governmental structures and institutions: it is the web of social interactions and cultural context which the government spends most of its energy trying to bend to its will.
In a free society, this effort is largely unsuccessful: in a dictatorship, the state has replaced the nation and substituted its own “culture,” imposed from the top, for the traditions and values that have been established over time by the voluntary actions and decision-making of individuals.
American nationalism is sui generis. Nationalism, after all, is by definition the valorization of a nation’s heritage, its traditions, and most especially its origins. And how did the American nation originate? Why, in the first – and only – successful libertarian revolution in world history.

I am an archetype, a latch-key kid, bussed to inner-city schools in 1980’s Los Angeles to be the scapegoat for the sins of white people that came before me. I learned the power of tribe and culture and while I have made a decision not to make race the focus of my life, I still understand that it matters and affects people’s behavior. I found my American dream at the end off a dirt road in the rural south. I collect vinyl records and played banjo in as many bands as I have played electric guitar. I am going with my father in law to a record store in a giant warehouse this weekend.

The generation rising to electoral power today has experienced the dark truth about the society the left wing is selling, as I saw throughout my violent youth. I am among a new wave of leadership that is replacing the Modal Libertarian with people voters relate to. We grew up in a cesspool of broken homes and government abuse. It can only be expected, as the chickens of Marx shit on our entire society from the Democratic-Socialist roosts built for them by the baby boomers. The modal libertarians yelling rent is theft and calling everyone to the right of Mao a Nazi are not going to be able to stop Liberarianism’s advance much longer.

Murray Rothbard on Modal Libertarians

The ML is fairly bright, and fairly well steeped in libertarian theory. But he knows nothing and cares less about history, culture, the context of reality or world affairs. His only reading or cultural knowledge is science fiction, on which the ML is an expert, and which manages to keep him very nicely insulated from reality. As a result, the average rank-and-file member of the most ineffectual Trotskyite sect knows far more about world affairs than all but a tiny handful of libertarian leaders.

The ML does not, unfortunately, hate the State because he sees it as the unique social instrument of organized aggression against person and property. Instead, the ML is an adolescent rebel against everyone around him: first, against his parents, second against his family, third against his neighbors, and finally against society itself. He is especially opposed to institutions of social and cultural authority: in particular against the bourgeoisie from whom he stemmed, against bourgeois norms and conventions, and against such institutions of social authority as churches. 

Murray Rothbards “Program For Right Wing Populism” reads like the MAGA blueprint, and diverts the energy of mass future shock in the direction of liberty and away from fascism. The fact a Libertarian named Roger Stone engineered MAGA makes it hard to believe it was a coincidence. Trump has gone into the fracture of the GOP that Ron Paul started and broke it open. The decision to end the Syrian war, and now Afghanistan, created a circus of neo-Cons, united with the Democrats to undermine him and literally sounding like they want a new Cold War with Russia. The time to strike is here. I follow one of Trump’s biggest boosters, Congressman Matt Gaetz. He sponsored our last open carry bill when he was in our state house, and bucked the Florida GOP to vote for a medical CDB bill. The first bill I know of when he got to congress was to de-schedule cannabis. “America First” means ending the wars and bringing the troops home, and Trump is quoted in the headline of the New York Times saying we will no longer be the policemen of the middle east. Meanwhile our LNC Chair runs around saying the right is not our ally. The party publishes anti-Trump drivel that looks as if it was cut and pasted from Nancy Pelois’s website.

Considering that war is the health of the state, I beg to differ. When Trump hits term limits MAGA will have the moment we all had with Ron Paul. If we give them a home we will be a major party overnight and our role as tiebreaker of every vote means we will control DC, even with just that 20% or so of the electorate. Would you trade victory against the military industrial complex for whatever satisfaction one gets from pointing out a weakness in a policy of the Trump administration, which will be gone forever in less than 6 years? Is there perhaps some jealousy involved at the private go-fund-me for the border wall doing more than the LP ever has at demonstrating private solutions work better…in a rather ironic way?

We will remain politically powerless as long as we even remotely identify with the left, because anyone that appeals to will choose the Democrats, who will enforce political correctness, whereas we reject force and coercion. Leftism requires rules and force, and that is reason enough for Libertarians to reject it entirely.

Justin Raimondo, Editorial Director of antiwar.com, does a fantastic job of articulating what an actual Libertarian is thinking about the current dynamic at foot. This video was my “light bulb moment” on the issue:

Sarwark’s ability to keep us in limbo at the bottom of the barrel will end in Austin at the 2020 convention. If we can successfully elect an LNC in 2020 willing to go full steam towards implementation of Rothbard’s program, and use political science rather than ideological bias to determine public posture, we can become a major power almost overnight. The sole purpose of the party is to influence policy toward our goals and elect people to introduce policy towards our goals. The amateurs and modal lefty’s fighting a war to define the party in arguments over peripheral philosophy we will never have any power to change until we get rid of them are a bigger threat to liberty than any Trump policy.

Opinion about Trump, or his policies, are not even relevant in the context of this discussion. What Libertarians need to understand is that his base is the Libertarian leaning GOP voters sick of center-left Neo-Cons who have an upcoming date with the same frustration and alienation us Ron Paul folks got in ’08, which was the boost that brought so many of us to the LP, many of whom are now in leadership positions. The MAGA demographic should be cultured, not insulted. We should be smart enough to read the political winds. Roger Stone could very possibly be convinced to help us make a sequel to MAGA called “Make America Free Again” …….if we can finish off the lingering dildo wavers and Communist agitators, routed for the most part in NOLA. Die hard activists found political movements and parties, but successful ones don’t demand anything of the bulk of membership than their vote.

Do Libertarians increase credibility teaming up with Marxist warmongers against Trump? Do we sound logical putting opposition to tariffs that reduce the profitability of Communist slavery in China above ending the military industrial complex? “Principles” LOL!

You don’t hurt Trump by whining on FB about him, but you do alienate the people who could make all of our goals come true in our lifetimes. If you aren’t willing to be calculating and disciplined in political strategy, go home. Amateur Hour is over. The time has come for the LP to seize the power necessary to destroy interventionist foreign policy, the drug war, and Socialism for good. Don’t be sitting around in pools of blood counting 5 million dollars to buy a loaf of bread, ala Venezuela, in 25 years because you are too stubborn to see the big picture. Global slavery does not sting less if the slaves can smoke pot and have gay weddings.

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