The Daniel Hayes Dumpster Fire Award, and Challenging Useful Idiots

A recent flood of buffoonery brings a need to articulate the formula for success. An organization does not prosper being nice, and a culture of civility is a recipe for mediocracy.

Allow me to explain some pretty recent history. The Adrian Wyllie camp ran the LPF 2012ish- late 2015. The leadership at the time was running the party into the ground and having an SJW meltdown that started as cover for a religious bias, and it continued after Wyllie left. Wyllie was a good candidate, I voted for him, but good leader…not so much.

I used this website, and others, to publicize the corruption, inefficiency, and dishonorable activities of the regimes before Marcos.

People pissed and moaned, tried to throw me out of the party for “making us look bad”. Smeared me in the press and across the web, hacked, doxxed, and threatened me and my family. One time as I lay in the hospital following a motorcycle wreck 3 weeks after my son died, a former infiltrator I called Kim Jong 7 motioned to kick me out of the party.  They even formed a committee to make a code of conduct to silence me, which failed like every other weapon used against me.

The left HATES the fact that I have won most libertarians over, and that the ones who look a little sideways at me end up realizing I was right about people I challenged and the party is better for me exposing their BS in the long run.

Had you been following the LPF long enough, you would have seen that it was not until you started seeing stories like “Ryan Ramsey Taking the Libertarian Party of Florida On A Tour Of The High Road”,  that you started to see attempts to throw me out of the LPF.

Latest example, I banged it out with Daniel Hayes, until he eventually blocked my old account last year. Speaking of that, have you ever been wiped from social media for a year? Why me and not the “nice,  polite, and civil” leaders? Consider who raises the ire of the state and the hate of the left, for there lies the ones dangerous to their machinations.

It took a bit longer for the rest to figure Daniel out. Since Hap Werther, who he is insulting and smearing the memory of, cannot defend herself, I am going to do it.

Daniel is a douche, we all know it, see you on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge Jennifer.

The enemies of liberty are not nice people, and people who aren’t getting results are placing us at their ultimate mercy. Essentially, my heathen moral code and concept of duty would consider me to be initiating force on all of you if I do not oppose corruption, inefficiency, and buffoonery when I know it is there.

My past that has made me a lighting rod brings this party a lot of benefits, that many of you do not tap the way you should. One of them is the perspective gained from a lifestyle where who you work with and associated with – is a matter of life, death, or extensive incarceration. After a couple decades, you gain enormous insight into people, and when to bring them in or turn them loose.

This is not fun, admittedly, every now and then it is. Bringing the Florida Senate tar and feathers, and some of the articles I had to write were fun, but it is mostly a big pain in the ass. Be real though, we do not have another 40 years to squander. I also do not have time to argue about stupid shit, like whether being soft on child rape harms the party or not, which defending has become an odd obsession among the Sarwark/Arvin/Shipley camp.

If I am going after someone in the party, it is for good reason. Also realize there is a high standard at play, and I am civil, purposefully, and have set high standards to determine what will require corrective action toward a person. For a while many ignored the attacks on me,and what happened? Egyptian LNC Representatives like Nekhaila and AnCaps like Josh Smith started getting called Nazis too, and Ron Paul and Tom Woods to ice the cake. It gets worse the more you ignore it.

An individual must be causing actual harm to our efforts before I will bring it to the memberships attention or attack the behavior in public. If you don’t get it, recognize I am dealing with many things you do not know about, and not because I have not made the information available. Mostly I want to handle it so you don’t need to be bothered by it and focus on your campaigns. Unfortunately I cannot always stop aberrant and harmful behavior, so I have to make everyone aware since everyone votes to decide if they may continue sabotaging our efforts, like a Director At Large undermining fundraising efforts.

In any case, my results and experience in this odd little environment should be enough to have earned a little trust and benefit of the doubt.
There is also not a single person I have ever shamed in public that has not been given an opportunity to come correct and get a pass, which you cannot say about my detractors.
Go ahead, ignore me, and brush it off when I criticize another officer. I will have “the convo” with you in a year or two. Ask just about any member of the EC or County Chair who has come around the last 3 years, I bet they will laugh and tell you about their time they had it.
It goes:
“Man, at first I thought you must be crazy…but holy shit, you were right”
If people feel intimidated, rest assured, as long as you haven’t been hurting, I wont be bothering you, and let you figure it out. If you know anything about me, I treat all this as a purely tactical issue. I have never gone after anyone, unless you are causing a loss of registrations, votes, funds, are involved in activity that causes measurable harm. While opinionated, I work fine with anarchists or minarchists, we should all be hostile to Socialists, of course. I also spend a ton of time being helpful and offering suggestions, and generally trying to help….before anyone gets put on blast.
So don’t be annoying and call for civility while I am carrying out a successful plan to clean this place up, a process that created a place for many of you that did not exist. When I got here you wouldn’t have wanted anything to do with the LPF and my allies and I did not get here with civility and tolerance for BS. It actually does require a “good cop”, but someone has to do the dirty work.


Here is the successful formula to creating a thriving political organization:

1- Challenge corruption and inefficiency
2 – Work hard and provide results
3 – Real talk and transparent decision making
4 – Praise where it is due
5 – Ridicule where necessary


Mankind only has 4 ways to modify behavior of other humans.


  • Shame/Ridicule

  • Punishment/Fines

  • Exile/Incarceration

  • Physical Removal/Execution


The left wants to remove Shame/Ridicule with political correctness.

The left attacks the death penalty for rapists, murderers, and pedophiles. (Not reforms to prevent innocents from being executed, like I do, they say we are obligated to suffer them and pay for their food, housing, and medical care with money stolen from taxpayers)

Look at what you are left with when calls for civility silence shaming an asshole, and a dad cannot put a bullet behind the ear of a man who raped his kid.

The State, and The State.

Prison, fines, parole. Chaos to be exploited by the authoritarians with the bullhorns.

That is no recipe for a civil or free society.

If hearing about an officer’s conduct is uncomfortable, you join the voices in opposition, you do not  shame the whistle blower. Shame and public ridicule are THE ONLY means to fix problems that do not involve force. So we need more, not less of it.

My fight in public with the previous regime made a place for Marcos Miralles to challenge them. He is probably the second nicest guy alive, Alex Merced being the nicest, but me? I sure as hell was not during his campaign, and my very uncivil behavior helped him succeed.

In the first year of Marcos’ term, we registered as many Libertarians to the LPF as the entire 2 previous regimes from 2012-2016.

I was the first County Chair to sign on to “Operation First Step”, and by the beginning of his second year as Chair, we now lead the nation in elected Libertarians.

Zero candidates, zero affiliates, zero elected officials. That was Region 4 when we founded the Bradford County Affiliate. 32 months later we lead the state in candidates, have seated Mayors and multiple county officials, and I set the record in state history for most affiliates founded by a region rep, and I am not done.

My formula works. I will continue to challenge members and leaders. It is totally lizard mode impartial. I even had to challenge Marcos a while back, and he did what leaders do and leveled up.  If someone is good I will promote them. If they harm us I will shame them, and I have more information than you do, so I would appreciate benefit of the doubt.

When someone comes along who can do better, I will step out of the way and promote them, because none of my motivation is personal or philosophical, only to restore the Bill of Rights.

I cannot be nice all the time and be effective. I will continue as I have done the last 3 years, because it works. I will retire when the Libertarian Party is the dominant US political party.

Until then, we are not good enough.

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