Florida’s Lafayette, Pierre Crevaux

Yule is a time to reflect on the year behind us, and to give thanks. It would be a great disgrace if I did not give public thanks to a man who contributed more to our cause than any single person in Florida’s Libertarian circles over the last few years.

I first came across Pierre Crevaux in 2015 during a Facebook discussion of illegal immigration, and we did not exactly hit it off. We are both passionate and yield little when challenged. I could make a joke about the French, but the yellow vest movement has changed my view that France is a nation of cowards. At any rate Pierre soon put me in the same position I had been putting many in the Libertarian Party of Florida. I could not deny the hard work and results he produced. I was forced to gain a begrudging respect, which eventually grew into a great friendship.

Pierre came to the United States as a child, brought here by his mother as she fled war, when the Russians invaded his native country of Georgia. His father is a French citizen, which complicated his situation. He had missed the DACA cutoff, and another program to become legal was rejected. France is not war torn, so the authorities decided that he should just go there, despite having never been there and the country being deep into the downward spiral that comes at the end of attempts to do Socialism “right this time”. I think I would chose a war zone over a Socialist country, because at least in a war you can shoot the assholes who deserve a bullet.

Given his position, it would have been easy to become an America hater, but Pierre knows that government is not America. He is a Libertarian, and knows the government is the problem. His lack of legal status meant that all the doors were closed to careers that he could have showcased his talents in, so he began to volunteer his spare time to the Miami-Dade affiliate of the Libertarian Party of Florida. They are our most diverse affiliate, and there are good number of those with Cuban ancestry involved. If there is one thing Cubans hate it is Communism, an while the rich white people in the party hated me and called me a Nazi, the Miami crowd accepted Brandi and I, and soon we became working allies.

After Miami-Dade put more Libertarians in office than the rest of the state combined, with Pierre deserving significant credit, I pledged my support to the campaign of one of their leaders, Marcos Miralles, in his bid for Chair of the Libertarian Party of Florida. Pierre was the man behind the curtain and artfully orchestrated the campaign against some morally bankrupt and truly disgusting human beings working for the opponent. This culminated in an attempt to keep him out of the convention and away from influencing the delegates. Abusing their authority as convention committee members, his hotel reservation was cancelled. The same people, who called me a racist for my opposition to open borders then used Pierre’s friendship with me, and the accusations of ANTIFA suggesting I am a terrorist, to inform law enforcement of his visit, hoping to get him killed or deported.

My bond with the Cuban community and Miami Libertarians grew as I worked with them and led an effort to garner support for the release of Mises Institute Cubans thrown in a gulag for opening the Benjamin Franklin Library in Havana in 2016. They founded a Cuban Libertarian Party in response. On May 7 2017, the same weekend Marcos was elected, they founded Partido Libertario Cubano – José Martí.

Pierre got the last laugh of course, and Marcos Miralles was elected in a landslide. The charismatic young Chair of Cuban heritage did not disappoint. During his first year the LPF registered as many Libertarians as the entire period from 2012-2016. It was a nice snub to the do-nothings from both of us, considering they claimed I was going to scare people away, even forming an ad-hoc committee to make rules to stop me since their previous attempts had failed.

Voter Registrations, Libertarian Party of Florida

Chair Miralles had run on a plan called “Operation First Step”, which fields large amounts of candidates for local and county office, and abandons big money races we cannot effectively compete in. Work from the ground up, it seems so simple that I marvel nobody thought of it sooner. We want society governed in a decentralized way, so the party is organized that way. The county affiliate must approve state party activity in their county. I am the Bradford County Chair and will say with pride we are the first county that signed the agreement in Florida. Pierre began finding me candidates in droves. Mind you, in 2015 there were zero affiliates and zero candidates in the 9 county region I represent.

Honestly amazed, I began to call him “Pierre the Magic Frog”. Some of these candidates ended up forming new affiliates, and his legacy in North Florida will last long after the 2018 elections. The small minds that are slowly fading away in the party opposed the program, and they all hated Pierre. I want to thank them because it allowed him extra time to give Region 4 his attention. The asshole who called the hotel and police on Pierre filed a complaint about his helping us. No laws were broken, he held no official position. That is something I think about often, he could not even vote, so his help to us was from the pure love in his heart for freedom, and he took enormous amounts of shit for doing it. The fact he continued to take the risk after the threats makes him a man of true honor.

Operation First Step propelled Florida to the #2 spot in states with the most elected Libertarians and with Pierre’s help my region is tied for #2 in Florida, behind powerhouse Miami-Dade. The program is now spreading nationwide.

During the American Revolution, a Frenchman named Lafayette came and helped the founding fathers because he believed in their cause, and then returned to his home. Upon his death, America remembered his contribution by shipping over dirt from bunker hill, and the French revolutionary was buried in the soil of the nation he helped to free. Most native born citizens do nothing to show appreciation for our liberty, and I felt that his contributions earned him the right to citizenship. The readers may have been puzzled if it came down to it, because if appeals to a friend in Congress to pull a string failed, there may have been a gay wedding on paper with the Libertarian Heathen to get Pierre a lawful status.

As a whole America did not really deserve Pierre honestly. The founders were fighting, while the bulk of modern Americans lay down and take Karl Marx in the ass with no lube, if they aren’t fluffing him. Luckily for the LPF, Pierre saw a few of us worth helping, and did more in a few years for our cause than the combined lifetime of his detractors. Earlier this month Pierre earned the title of “Ultimate Illegal” and self-deported. The arguments for merit based immigration hit home. Somewhere my taxes are going down the gullets of thieves who came here to take, while we lost someone who gave, even when we did not deserve it.

I will miss him and will have to work even harder without him, but I am very happy that he can finally be recognized for his talents and apply them in the public view without facing people who would use state force to deport him, for the crime of being smarter and more capable than they are. Pierre is now back in his native Georgia and working in the administration of newly elected President Salome Zurabishvili.

I doubt that I will outlive him, but I think I will add a provision to my will, so that my estate must ship some dirt from Bradford County, Florida to the nation of Georgia. When Pierre’s time comes I want him to rest like Lafayette, in some of the soil from the lands he helped to free. He leaves us with great memories and me with a new appreciation for his native folklore and mythology. I am proud to call him a friend and eternally grateful for his contributions to the freedom of my countrymen.

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