Why BLM’s Speech At MOAR Was A Good Thing

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Liberals Take the Red Pill!

Pelosi Denounces ANTIFA!

BLM Realizes Patriots Are Not Their Enemy – But It Is Big Government!


These headlines would sound like comedy or fantasy a year ago. Yet all these things have happened in recent weeks. I was perusing Attack The System this morning and read a re-blog – from none other than Fox news – about the erosion of public opinion within the left, regarding the “Alt-Left”. It comes on the heels of a condemnation of ANTIFA by none other than the Queen of Satan – Nancy Pelosi. It mirrors a backlash against entryism into the right-wing populist movement by the “Alt-Right”. Essentially we are seeing a rejection of both extremism, and the government sponsored divide and conquer game, by the left AND the right. Some of it is purely practical, as the left recognizes that ANTIFA is now a liability., but that is still a huge win. We have painted them into a corner. The end goal of a nation restored to the principles of liberty enshrined in our Constitution is gaining major steam.


There is a word for a situation where your opposition begins to make inroads and seek diplomacy. When they start to realize we are right, and the wool has been pulled over everyone’s eyes and we have been played against each other.

That word is “Victory”. This is the reason that despite the history of BLM, who I myself have been extremely critical of, I maintain that their speech at MOAR was a big positive development. The main bone of contention seems to be that they were allowed to speak at all. Some White Nationalists or those Larping as such claim they were blacklisted. The organizers say that is a lie. Furthermore, there were cancellations due to the Hurricane in Texas, so there was extra time. The organizers made a split second decision to let them speak when they came up and asked. IMHO the courage that took was worthy of respect, and I would bet none of the False-Right Hitler wannabees have the testicular fortitude to go to a leftist rally and ask for the mic. The act and subsequent public defense of the MOAR attendees got them kicked out of BLM. I am also pretty sure most of the critics have not actually watched the video, they are hot-linked in the next paragraph, I cannot imagine any right wing person not being happy to hear much of what was said.

I am pretty sure he referred to the murder of Eric Garner by the NYPD, which we should all condemn, followed by saying bad cops and politicians should be fired, can you really argue against that?  “We don’t want handouts, we don’t want anything that is yours, we want …liberty” They chanted USA! USA! with the crowd, while denouncing the idea that black lives only matter when white people kill them, and stating that BLM needs to be in Chicago and other black communities to be legit. They spoke of all Americans defending each other.

This is not the message the False-Right is spreading. I love the fact these black people are saying those things, which are superior to what the False-Right spews. This is why BLM got to speak and members of the False-Right were banned. In a past life, I myself was once so focused on race I could not see how I was being manipulated by the very forces I thought I was fighting. So my hope is that a good look at the big picture will bring clarity for those who have lost focus or perhaps never dialed in their lenses for the first time.

I suspect many who thought there was some hypocrisy in the exclusion of National Socialists or their lapdogs from the event missed what really happened. There was not a platforming of a black terror group, but an element of them who realized they were wrong and reached out. To craft a narrative of equality between the two groups in this case is to convey a falsehood. The National Socialist/National Bolshevist/WN crowd does not want unity, they use derogatory terms towards Constitutionalists, they claim everyone who believes different than them is a cuck, and trot out all that “Alt-Lite” nonsense. So why would you expect anyone to invite you to their event?

BLM came to the table with “maybe we were wrong about these folks”. I have seen zero effort on the False-Right to do the same. I would wager that if they quit with chanting about Jews while giving Roman salutes and insulting patriots of other races – which is 100% sure to marginalize all present at any event – and were willing to be as inclusive as they demand everyone else be…they would be invited more places. If they started posting they were wrong about Constitutional-Nationalism, and joined the growing block of America embracing the principles of our founders, and leave the totalitarianism in the ideological dumpster it belongs in, things would be different.

In a libertarian nation organized under the Constitution, as the founders created, they would be free to have a private white commune in any of the massive empty land of this country. You do not need to advocate for government imposed racial hygiene to disassociate. Peaceful ethnic cleansing is a joke, if one person does not agree…100% outcome, you are starting a war. This country is massive, and its boundaries are not organized around language and race as in Europe, which is why those political systems born there – should stay there. This nation was literally founded in opposition to them, and was made great because we rejected collectivism in favor of the right of the individual.



You can honor your ancestry and heritage without adopting political systems from the old world. In fact, you betray the great men who built this land when you embrace the tyranny they fled to create this nation. Be a German Nationalist in Germany, but not America – we are Constitutional Nationalists. That is what this nation was founded around and organized under, and what made her great. Embrace that if you call yourself a Nationalist. By crafting a narrative that the survival of your race depends on eliminating another race, you create millions of enemies who now must join the call to rid the world of white people out of self defense, which is a natural right. You are essentially creating the force to ensure your own destruction, making you a traitor to the 14 words you espouse.

We all tend to oversimplify what members of groups think, and it is a great example of why we do better to deal with each other as individuals rather than promote groupthink. The average Republican hates what Paul Ryan, Lindsey Graham, and John McCain do. 75% of Libertarians oppose open borders, and many, like myself, are pro-life. The godfather of modern libertarianism, Murray Rothbard, wrote one of the most epic and concise papers on Paleo-Nationalism in history. I recently participated in a round-table discussion on race with a state NAACP organizer in PA, and he agreed with me and the Conservative panel member on most topics.

Could it be that among BLM there are many who do not like what Soros and the other leadership are doing, realizing violence only harms their race more? Was the rise of the Tea Party and Ron Paul Republicanism a good thing for Libertarians? I emphatically reply “YES”, and believe we should support it. I think that there are allies to be found in any group that can help us create the America we all want. When elements of the WN crowd figure out that liberty for all helps their people more than any other system, I will welcome that development as well.
The exclusion of the National Socialist/National Bolshevist/WN crowd from MOAR was not an indictment of the idea there are anti-white undercurrents in the culture. It was a repudiation of the means used to address the issue. Using rhetoric and tactics with a proven track record of failure to address the issue does not make you “based” or “woke”, it makes you ignorant and counter-productive. You are the one virtue signalling.  When rational objective activists look at the world, the rest of us see all traditionalists, nationalists, and those who respect their culture and ancestry being attacked.

The leftist “Great Society” program decimated the black family. I hear the same problems that whites in Europe and America face from patriots in Japan, Africa, and Latin America. This is not a “White vs Jewish” struggle, it is “Globalist vs Everyone”. It’s a razors edge, and those who cannot balance on it fall into Marxist “Class War” on one side or “False-Right Race-War” on the other. Either one serves the globalist master and his grand design, which ends in the destruction of ALL races, cultures, and traditions. Freedom is the answer, and there is no substitute.

These Globalists have spent nearly a century injecting political correctness into the populace, so the second you start on the race trip you lose. Think of it as a philosophical minefield. Go around. Say, I want all races and cultures to be able to thrive and I am willing to join this American “Circle of Loyaly” and enter a mutual aid and respect pact in opposition to Globalist Socialism. You cannot promote Socialism and also be right-wing, and a part of this movement, period.



“Unite The Right” was as accurately named as “The Affordable Health Care Act” or “The Patriot Act”.  I tried to warn people at the first one, and had friends who still could not see the light after the successful COINTELPRO operation against the movement a few weeks ago in Charlottesville, Va. Those who spoke at the joint operation between the federal government and leftist NGO’s to discredit the patriot movement caused 20 monuments to fall, and tarnished the American right so badly, the Globalists who created “Unite The Right (With the Left)” almost won. We got real lucky, saved by ANTIFA rioting in Berkley soon after, and the intelligent organizers of MOAR who ditched any of the buffoons associated with the debacle in Charlottesburg from the event, and the show of good faith in allowing BLM to speak, and their words rejecting violence and honest self criticism of even their own ranks.

FTR – I must note there were some people claiming they were banned over ego or reasons that are still murky. They can work it out with the organizers, I do not have enough evidence from either side to determine the exact truth about who was told not to come, or wasn’t. This article is not addressed at them, but at those who are complaining they couldn’t play Nazi on the main stage but BLM got 2 minutes.

The sad part is that I have always been vocal about anti-white racism, and effective at raising awareness. These groups being allowed into this movement brought about another casualty of Charlottesville. We had scheduled a rally for South Africa featuring speakers from the country. We wanted to draw attention to the genocide of white people there. Unfortunately the co-organizer has fallen down the WN rabbit hole. To have the event now would harm the victims of the South African Marxist regime, by reinforcing the idea they are all racists who deserve it anyway. Toxic ethno-politics hinders real discussion. Tying ourselves to those chanting about Jews doing Roman Salutes means the end of real issues facing white people in public discourse. To effectively address  these issues, they must be presented rationally – and without a Swastika flag.

Now that you have all the information, it should be a no-brainer as to why those advocating race-based totalitarian collectivist ideologies are not welcome at patriot rallies, unless they are willing to do what the BLM people did at MOAR. Leave the hate at the door, promote the idea we are all Americans and deserve the same rights, and be able to admit when you were wrong. Who knows if the words they spoke will resonate and we will see a change in BLM, at least they had an opportunity. Those not invited to MOAR can still speak freely at their own events. My distaste for Chris Cantwell is no secret, but he should not be in jail. Nobody should be in jail for opinions. That is what free speech means. It does not mean you can bully your way into events and espouse incongruent beliefs – and cry the victim.


I wanted to include these wise words from my American Guard brother, and MOAR attendee, Brien James, on the subject. Love to all my AG brothers and sisters who made the rally a positive step forward towards “Making America Free Again”.

ag bus


Brien James

 · Danville, IN · 

About BLM being allowed to speak at MOAR.

Before you make up your mind lets make sure you are judging the situation in the proper context.

1. You are having a free speech rally full of American patriots. There are no other qualifications or objectives here as stated from day one. You know that you will be heavily scrutinized and any perceived deviation from this stated purpose will be not only hypocritical… but harshly publicized.

2. The event is a success. No real opposition shows up. The tiny amount of protestors who come, either hold their signs in silence, or get ran off.

IN THE MIDDLE OF D.C., an antifa stronghold, our crowd of a thousand patriots made our speeches, laughed, networked, danced on the Washington mall like our own personal backyard party, and generally had a great time. In the aftermath of Charlottesville, Boston, and the cancelled events in California this was a big deal that we were able to do this in DC… unopposed.

3. After many hours of this and many speakers being allowed to speak, a group of blacklivesmatter activists walks through our crowd and to the side of the stage. This took courage. I don’t care who they are or what kind of nonsense they believe. They asked if this was a free speech rally. The organizer said yes. They said they were Americans and asked if they could exercise their free speech. The organizers said of course. They gave them 2 minutes like anyone else. They used it. They hung around for a few minutes afterwards and had some discussions. I think they were curious to see if there is any common ground. Some of us obviously were too.

Don’t know how much progress was made. Don’t know if this will ever happen again. I don’t imagine their side would reciprocate but I wouldn’t have guessed that we would have done what we did prior to Saturday. Anything is possible and there are more possibilities now than there used to be.

My point is that absolutely nothing was lost. The potential for gain is tremendous. It was a good and brave decision on the part of the organizers. It was a good and brave decision on the part of BLM. (I checked their pages and they are catching a lot of shit from their side for doing this as well). There is no downside for the people who were there and actually involved. The people who got off their asses and put them on the line that day. The people who care the most, and risk the most.

All of the criticism I see is coming from motherfuckers who weren’t there. Which is almost always the case. Some of you that I have seen comment harshly are people that I like and respect. People who have gone out on other occasions and put yourself at risk. So I won’t comment back too harshly. I’ll just say that you should take a step back and put yourself in the situation before you go all commando online. None of you motherfuckers are as hard core as some of this absentee commentary would indicate, or you would be dead or doing life in prison already. Trust me, I’ve know true hard core, bad ass, intolerant crazy ppl. They aren’t on Facebook. They are dead or in prison. Just chill out.

I messaged those BLM people who came on stage. I told them I don’t agree with hardly anything they have to say but I recognize the courage it took to do what they did. I told them that whites and cops aren’t linked. We shouldn’t be blamed for the cops or the system. That’s the part that hurts their movement in my opinion. Blocking roads and tearing shit up also isn’t right. I also told them that they earned some respect and they should keep fighting for their people and this country we all share… and that I will do the same.

If they messaged me back tomorrow and wanted to fight, I’d ask them where we can meet and I wouldn’t lose a bit of sleep over it. I’m not trying to hold hands and sing songs with people who basically want to segregate from me. But if they respectfully ask for another 2 minutes at any rally that I help organize.

I’m giving it to them. Just like these organizers did.



Kyle Chapman on the subject:

Based Stickman

There has been some controversy regarding the MOAR rally. Some people are upset BLM was given 5 min to speak. To clarify the events: BLM was never on the roster to speak. BLM spontaneously showed up to protest us. No one knew they were going to show. One of the MOAR performers invited BLM on stage so they could see how a “black trump supporter gets down.” At this point BLM wanted to speak. Tommy The Pissed Off Americanorganizer of MOAR agreed to give BLM a few minutes to speak. BLM spoke and were subsequently run out of the rally. This seems to have played out well in the media. Many outlets say the move shattered BLM’s narrative of Trump supporters. The BLM chapter that spoke was disavowed by national BLM leadership as a result.

The other controversy revolves around people being invited to speak. There was a deadline to have speeches submitted. Some people missed this deadline so they were not added to the roster to speak. That being said everyone was invited to attend. *No one was blacklisted.* Even if it was the case that people were intentionally not invited to speak, this shouldn’t be an issue. No one has the right to speak at anyone’s rally. Just like no one has the right to the fruit of another man’s labor. Republicans should understand this.. If you don’t like it, throw your own rally. Pick up a megaphone and speak on a street corner. Don’t expect others to cater to you.

Every patriot has his or her part to play in the spectrum of the patriot movement. Example: I’m Kyle chapman/Based Stickman I’m not Patriot Prayer. I don’t agree with everything Patriot Prayer does but I respect him. Joey’s place in the movement is just as important as mine. POA has his place in the movement. We don’t agree on everything. But I respect his work. I know his heart is in the right place. The list goes on Gavin McInnesBrittany PettiboneMilo YiannopoulosAlex JonesLauren Southern. Everyone is a cog or a gear in the patriot machine. When we start attacking one another we’re throwing a wrench in the machinery.

Purity spirals are dangerous. Holding others to inflated standards and rigid belief systems is counter productive. If you don’t like someone else’s tactics, strategy or approach. Do your own thing. Create your own movement. If your approach is better you’ll win in the free market place of ideas.

We have a long hard fight ahead of us. Let’s stop the infighting.

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