Let as all take a pause today, and consider the cost of not recognizing the knowledge of our roots, history, and heritage as essential to the strength and survival of any culture.

By: Ryan Ramsey

A few thousand years ago, a group of humans realized that they were repeating the same mistakes over and over, which led to a sort of human hamster wheel of disease, invasion, starvation, and general misery and lack of progress. Generation after generation wasted their time making the same mistakes. Somewhere along the way, a long forgotten hero of mankind realized they should pass down an oral tradition to the junior tribe members, so they could advance and prosper. With the invention of writing this became the history book. Humans had realized that most of the problems they would encounter in a lifetime were repeat events, and/or predictable cycles, and that their entire future would rise or fall on how much care they took to learn the wisdom of their ancestors, and how diligently they applied it. From that day forward each generation was a little more peaceful and prosperous than the last.

Every so often a tribe or Nation would forget the importance of history as the bedrock of survival and advancement. We began to write down the story of their demise and the horrible consequences of forgetting these lessons as well, to avoid the mistakes of others as well as our own. This article is part of that tradition, and while the US decline is often compared to the fall of Rome, I have been sounding the alarm that we not need to look back so far to see our fate. While Rome provides important lessons, we are on a frightening path almost identical to the Weimar Republic, the German State from 1919-1933.

The main issues in this piece will be related to the growing ANTIFA/Marxist violence in the streets of the US in places like Berkeley, and the predictable re-emergence of National Socialist and other similar groups to growth and prominence. These groups are attempting to co-opt the right wing populist movement based on healthy Constitutional Nationalism, and shift the energy into toxic Ethno-Nationalist, National Socialist, and even National Bolshevist activity. This entryism lead to the recent violence in Charlottesville, VA, tarnishing the movement. Controlled media, the propaganda arm of the deep state, is more than happy to exploit the situation.The media pushes a narrative devoid of any fact or dutiful reflection. Hours are spent talking about it on the cable news channels, while the headlines of every newspaper carry a story on the subject. Yet the consumer of modern media is left ignorant of any real facts related to the root causes, inevitable consequences, or the historical precedent regarding these issues..

This road leads to a place where America drives off a cliff, and lands in one of 2 places, Marxism or Fascism. There is not a third option once we drop off the ledge. We can save her, but only if the citizen puts truth on a pedestal, learns history, as well as takes responsibility to be an active participant, and does so quickly. If this sounds extreme to you, please finish the article, and ask yourself if it still does. I bet you will shudder to realize it is not only plausible, but nearly certain.

Reality Check:

“This Is Our Fault, The Government Wont Fix It, The Solution Is Actually Easy”

We need to question the information we receive, assume that mainstream press is always pushing an agenda, and verify claims that counter our prevailing wisdom. This means even if admitting if you were so wrong that you were hoodwinked into thinking Global Warming was something Al Gore was right about, and bought a $50,000 hybrid. You may have really believed invading Iraq was great foreign policy, and only America haters disagreed. You need to realize it is okay to be wrong. Being wrong is the result, not the problem. The problem is we are not considering it a moral duty to investigate things before we let them affect our votes, and not being pro-active to spread the truth. It is immoral to ignore this imperative.

If you have a child born today, it leaves the womb in more debt than the average American has amassed in their lifetime. We must clean out the culture of the enormous amount of false information that people commonly believe, it is driving us to certain national ruin. Our kids are now born indentured servants to corrupt politicians. If you are not researching before you vote, you fail as a parent and a citizen. I consider not bothering to spend some time to keep your kids from being born into debt slavery to be equivalent to child abuse, and we all should hold each other accountable and fix it.

Fake news exists because people do not think seeking the truth is important. You cannot legislate a fix for that. I will give a specific example regarding the Confederate Monument debate later in this piece that will leave many wondering how something so totally opposite of the truth could be in the middle of this debate, and another insane historical perspective, that melts under scrutiny faster than a snowball in Miami, at the root of the entire debacle. Ice the cake with a likely potential to destroy the Constitution, and slide the continent back into the hell of European collectivist tyranny. Once you realize you have never heard any of this, consider that all the information needed to stop it two years ago can be found from just this website. Ponder the idea there are millions of sites that also have this information, you just did not bother to look. You will be on your way to being a part of the solution.

To start with, we all need to quit complaining about the press. They sell us what we want, so the reason the papers are sex scandal, violence, and the drug problems of celebrities are because our culture is rotting. Neither politics or the press are nastier today than in the past. If we all knew our history we could have saved millions of productive hours spent bitching about reporters being unfair to Trump, billions of hours could have been put to use in limitless ways, rather than bemoaning a toxic environment in Washington DC. 320+ million Americans are a google search away from learning about the July 12, 1804 Duel in which the sitting Vice-President, Aaron Burr,  shot and killed the former Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton in an area in NJ.

This one site had hosted 18 known duels prior to that. The feud was a long running one involving other politicians, and the event that led to the final gunfight? Burr was running for NY Governor in 1804, and Hamilton had been writing negative press in the papers. Political fallout from Hamilton’s death included major weakening of his political party, from which it never recovered. The Federalist Party had already been weakened by the 1800 Election. Members included George Washington and the first and last President the party elected, John Adams. With the defeat of Adams in 1800, and Hamilton’s death, the party was done; ended in 1816, officially dissolved in 1824. Remember this fact for later, and remember to ask the next person whining about the toxic environment in DC and the unfair press when the last time a former government official died in a gunfight with the Vice-President over an article the guy wrote. A group of Roman Senators stabbed Julius Caesar to death in 44 BC, plunging the country into Civil War.  This is not a new trend.  Politics and media are pretty tame these days if you don’t let people tell you what to think.


Breaking News! Beware The Ides Of March! Tonight At 11! Bonus Feature, ANTIFA targets statue of Caesar!

The only honest press that ever existed, or ever will, was small and independent or personality driven. We can fix this easily. I broadcast across the planet helping spread the ideas of personal freedom and economic liberty, and do it with decent equipment. It cost me less than an I-Phone to make it happen. Everything you need to understand the world is at your fingertips. I laugh every time I hear about “the controlled media” and how Trump is so mistreated by the press. This is nothing new, and you were warned long ago about newspapers. This has always been the case. I will now refer you to lesson number one – The problem is not the media, it is the fact you keep them in business. For my part, I literally shot my cable box and cancelled all newspapers years ago, and today I see what a powerful and liberating choice I made for the better. I am not fed my news by partisans and propagandists, and I am not distracted from real problems by tabloid journalism.

We are not special, we should know better than to allow any of the press to get under our skin, because if we bothered to read what our forefathers who founded America had to say, we would know better. Blaming others for your problems when you got a 200+ year prior warning on the subject is as weak as it gets. I intend to take Mr. Madison’s advice below and apply it towards a simple solution to the insane amount of laws and statutes. I am working on legislation to force the legislature to effect the removal of 2 laws in Florida for every new law passed, and including provisions to simplify language. We will begin restoring a founding principle, that laws should be few and simple. We all need to revolt against traditional media.  The founders told us all of  this from day one, and it was thousands of years old by then, so start listening to history and get rid of CNN.

“I deplore with you the putrid state into which our newspapers have passed, and the malignity, the vulgarity, and mendacious spirit of those who write for them. … This has in a great degree been produced by the violence and malignity of party spirit.”

“An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people.”
– Thomas Jefferson

 “A popular government without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy; or perhaps both. Knowledge will forever govern ignorance. And a people who mean to be their own Governors must arm themselves with the Power that knowledge gives.”

 “It will be of little avail to the people, that the laws are made by men of their own choice, if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read.”
-James Madison


The modern “wisdom” of our day states that doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. Considering the bulk of them continue to vote for Democrats and Republicans, expecting reform, I am forced to call shenanigans on their claimed wisdom. This is a great place to illustrate the overall point I am trying to make, before I add any controversial subject matter. With any luck these simple facts will convince any skeptics to keep reading. This is easily available information, that explains why Washington DC never seems to change much, regardless of which of the 2 major parties wins an election.

Before you run to Google, I want you to write down how the Democrat and Republican Parties were formed, and by who. I also ask you to write down your understanding of what the men who founded the United States, and wrote her Constitution thought about the role of political parties in their new nation, and whether they would approve of the current structure of America’s “Two Party System” as healthy for the Republic they fought so hard to found and free. Can you think of anything they said that could be relevant today? I know it is 2017, so go ahead and send yourself a voice text if you must. Trust me here, this is an important exercise.

I expect most of the readership just realized they had no idea about how these parties were formed, nor did they have much to ponder about the ideas the guys who created the Republic on the rather important subject of  political party structure. This is true even of my readership, which are generally extremely intelligent and well read.

There was a large amount of effort put into creating this nation with more liberty and prosperity than any other in the history of man. The people who created it did leave us warnings of some bugs though, and were very open about them. These are some basic things that we, the citizen, was warned about profusely, and given dire warning of apocalyptic consequences should we ignore these issues. I can trace 100% of our problems in Washington DC to political issues that are rooted in carelessness, an the electorate brought on ourselves. Most folks did not realize it, and that is because they did not take care to even read the basic instructions that were left for future generations by the founders.


An Illustration:

One thing that many of the Founding Father’s hated was political parties. We have been in a self destructive electoral race to elect the lesser of two evils the last few decades.

I attribute the Democrat loss last election to the establishment Democrat take-down of Bernie Sanders. He represents everything a real Democrat believes. He was anti-war, where Hillary was presiding over Obama’s trick of bombing more black and brown people than the guy before him with the drone program. She looks like a Republican Neo-Con on paper, other than the support for government funded infanticide and a few essentials to pander to a few groups with power in the party. After the glee of finally electing a full blown Communist to a Presidency, they realized it was just for show, if betrayed Democrats had any faith left after Obama promptly ignored the gays, anti gun, and other “bread and butter” base groups, they lost the faith as dramatic increases in civilian deaths via drone bombs, plans for war with Iran, and refusal to send the tanks in on business owners who refused to build eco-friendly non-binary bathrooms.

The most glaring failure of Obama was, of course, never force-fed to the public by the media. Obama had 8 years to do so, yet he did not pardon every non-violent drug offender in America, and this is a huge chunk of the black community per-capita, who can never be hired for a good job. Considering the fact the CIA funded war in Central America with cocaine sales to mostly black urban areas, you can have an old cocaine charge from the 80’s and still get a true leg up. I can see the press conference in my mind: “Here’s a second chance guys, hope and change, make me proud”. He could have helped heal the racial tensions dividing America with a stroke of the pen. It could have dramatically changed the lives of millions for the better, and without a cent of entitlement money. I am a white guy and I would have done it for everyone just because I believe in redemption.

Next, let us examine the GOP. The reality is that Republicans voted for Trump because he was NOT Hillary, and also because the GOP establishment tried to sabotage him relentlessly from day one, and the base was not letting the GOP shove another guy like McCain, who is slightly to the left of Pol-Pot, down their throats. Trump’s nomination was essentially the middle finger of Red-State “flyover country”  right in the eyeball of the DC blue-blood, along with a kick in the nuts from the bible-belt . These hucksters have slowly transformed the GOP into commie-lite since the days of Reagan and Goldwater, and ‘Murica was sick of it.

In the eyes of most Republicans, they had suffered 8 years of Obama because a Neo-Leftist GOP establishment refused to stand up for their values. The rank and file call this group RINO’s, or “Republicans In Name Only”.  McCain was bad enough, I remember, as his nomination after the sabotage of Ron Paul was when I became officially disgusted. I was part of some of the first Tea Party groups that were a last ditch effort to keep Karl Marx from owning the title to the Republican machine. This crowd opposed Obama with a guy named Mitt Romney. He thought of Obamacare first and passed it as Governor of Massachusetts. The other big issue in ’08 was fear of another assault weapons ban after the Clintonistas ban expired in ’04. Romney had signed an assault weapons ban in Massachusetts.

Look at Congress post election. Rand Paul, Massie, Amash, and a few others are the only people there who do anything to make government smaller, or even bother to make a show of trying. A Republican-controlled Congress does not even try to reduce spending. When they tell you the Republicans want to lower spending, they mean they proposed less deficit spending than the Democrats. They cried about the 1 Trillion Dollar Obamacare Cost, but were devoid of tears when Bush signed a 400 Billion Dollar (but so far is over 549 Billion) Medicaid Expansion (Tell Me More How You Hate Socialized Medicine). In his second term he gives a parting gift of a 700 Billion Dollar Bailout to the predatory sociopaths at thee international banks who destroyed the US economy in an orgy of greed. Looks like financial disaster either way if I just look at the facts without bias.

The GOP says they are the small government party, but has not even offered a balanced budget since 1994. When these goons attacked Trump, and Trump started poking at all the media and establishments that pander to them, the populace ate it up. They got sold a line of smaller government, only to get screwed. Literally every election year since the days before we all had personal computers and cell phones. They wanted a laugh, and a champion, but in a few years the swamp will still be full, and they will vote to stop the next Communist the Democrats run, even after they realize he is just slightly less Communist than the other guy. The massive sigh of relief by middle America is the sound of death. We face certain fiscal ruin, none of the solutions are even on the table.  Trump will solve nothing long term, although he is more entertaining and less likely to “nuke people just to see them boil” than Hillary. These events only happened in the last few years, and the country forgot. No wonder we can’t remember the last two centuries.



The facts are easy to understand, if you care to look. Once you do look, you start to wonder what is the difference. Here in Florida I watch the Republican leadership kill our gun bills every year since the first time I went to the Senate in 2010, on top of all the information above. Its almost like we do not even have a choice, like it is really one party. Sure, they will have us arguing over race issues, gays, trans-bathrooms, abortion, maybe some differences in tax increases here and there, but where it matters they seem like the same people. The GOP they will repeal Obamacare, but instead they tweak it and take ownership, so the Democrats can wait a few years and use the inherent weaknesses to push for Single Payer Health Care. It seems like professional wrestling almost, as if they go out on stage and pretend to be enemies for the cameras, before going out to dinner and drinks as friends. Of course, that is just a conspiracy theory, would be crazy right?

Now it is time to refer to your notes regarding the founding of America. Compare them to the two major parties we all know as bitter rivals.


Wait, we have had a one party system for over a century and a half?



The Federalist Party dissolved not long after the founding of the United States, the duel between Hamilton and Burr mentioned earlier sent it into a downward spiral. This left their rival, The Democrat-Republican Party, in power. In 1824, they splintered over opposition to Andrew Jackson, with Jackson loyalists forming the Democrat Party, and opponents forming the National Republican Party, which became the Whig Party. The Whigs dissolved in 1854, with most joining the re-launched Republican Party, The rest toyed with some minor parties that came and went quickly, before being dispersed back through the two warring factions of the Democrat-Republican Party. We do not have a two party system, we have two factions of a one party system, which is one of the most important reasons to help build the Libertarian Party, and create a much needed paradigm shift. Armed with this information, the landscape looks a little different now doesn’t it? See why history is so important?

Liberal Guilt And Delusion – The Consequences

Liberalism a Weltanschauung, or worldview, a system of belief based on what ought to be instead of what is and has been. At its most fundamental, liberalism is based on an abstract, rationalist view of human nature. Liberals hold that human nature is not fixed but changeable, that humans are perfectible and their potentialities unlimited, that reason can govern the affairs of men, and that human progress is inevitable. In the liberal worldview principles, customs, and religion are obstacles to human progress, not evidence of human nature’s essence and limitations. For liberals, there is no evil, no social problem, no disagreement or conflict that cannot be overcome by their enlightened ideology.

Liberals believe that it is possible to create conditions for universal peace, perfect justice, economic equality, an end to crime, and the disappearance of poverty. Thousands of years of recorded history have no impact on the liberal belief system.

This situation was exploited by a Globalist lunatic, who literally helped the Nazis confiscate Jewish property, to launch a frontal attack on the United States. He said that working with the SS were the best days of his life, and bragged about it decades later on 60 Minutes.

His name is George Soros, and he launched his latest attack by funding an effort to remove monuments to the dead and heroes of a war that followed a secession effort by various states in the Southern US, over a century and a half ago. The ignorance of history in just this one matter has created conditions that caused the fall of the Weimar, imagine the effect of historical revisionism by the left in its entirety!

                            “Hey America! Your Statues Are Racist!”

Now for the reality about the War of Northern Aggression. General Lee freed his slaves that he inherited, because he believed it was the right thing to do, and was asked to command the Union Army. He refused out of loyalty to Virginia. Meanwhile, U.S. Grant’s father Jesse, was abolitionist who boycotted his wedding for marrying into a slave holding family, and General Grant had several slaves, who were only freed after the 13th amendment in December of 1865. When asked why he didn’t free his slaves earlier, Grant stated “Good help is so hard to come by these days.” Most Union Generals and staff had slaves to serve them! William T. Sherman had many slaves that served him until well after the war was over and did not free them until late in 1865. Lincoln said he would not free a single slave if it meant keeping the South under northern control, and was arguably the most racist President in U.S History. The war was an effort to crush resistance to the growth of the imperial federal government that now oppresses us all.

This entire controversy is built on historical fiction and false accusations of racism, made by a literal Nazi. Just one case of historical ignorance alone has cost us the following:

-Millions of dollars in wages, confiscated from the electorate, was wasted to attack monuments to lawful veterans that were mostly built with private funds.
– Massive nationwide hatred and division from a long settled war was rekindled almost overnight. It empowered the rise of Marxist Street terrorism known as ANTIFA, the same type of groups that almost toppled the Weimar Republic.
The backlash in the Weimar era of Germany, when the sitting government proved unmotivated or unable to stop the ANTIFA/Marxists in the street was known as the NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers Party), or “Nazi Party”.
The collusion of leftist politicians and police with ANTIFA in recent years has set the same stage we saw in the Weimar Republic back then and empowered modern Nazis, and other so called “Right Wing Socialists” by refusing to deal with the problem.
If there is any rise in Nazism/Fascism, it is the result of a predictable pattern, and the fault of the American Left and the spineless politicians who pander to them. I did tons of media and wrote on my site about this the last couple years, and what I warned about is materializing before your eyes America, so pay attention before it is too late.

Why does respect for your ancestors and heritage matter? Why is history of such grave importance? The answer is that all hope of peace and freedom for mankind in the future depends on our knowing the truth, and not repeating the mistakes of the past.

Is that a good enough reason?

   bakwards  marxnazmeme

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