Tactics Over Philosophy

The biggest problems often have the simplest solutions.

I am not a philosopher, and neither should anyone involved in politics be a philosopher in that role.

Politics is for tacticians, by definition “How”, not “What”, is the question for a party officer.

The LPF made its greatest gains applying a tactical program called “First Step”. The LNC is mired in mediocre election returns not because of being principled, but because of a lack of wisdom regarding which principles to showcase at what times.

The right wing populist revival that smashed the establishment parties and put a man both party power structures hate in the White House, MAGA, is also hated and mocked among many Libertarians. It is a prime example of how and why we fail in the voting booth.

The Godfather of the LP, Murray Rothbard, wrote the script for MAGA in 1993. It is much bigger than Trump, and the most powerful Libertarian movement in existence. Why? Because war is the health of the state and making America great again explicitly involves ending the military industrial complex. Universally MAGA rank and file oppose our role as world police.

MAGA provides the easiest path to political power the Libertarian Party is likely to ever see. It is composed of people that easily clear the 80/20 rule, and who had no real interest in politics before Trump started talking about the left in the smear terms they deserve.

When Trump term limits the GOP will provide us a commie lite candidate ala McCain or Romney, probably worse. Skeletor, AKA Rick Scott, a gun control loving douche who got rich scamming a government program will probably run.

The LP could co-opt MAGA and secure a solid 25% of the electorate. The paradigm shift we always wanted is available in 5 years. So how do we do it?

1) Shut up about Trump policy you don’t like. Hard science shows the voters do not care about policy and view politics as team sport. Your social media Trump critique makes you an irrelevant bottom shelf leftist in the eyes of the voters.

Yeah. I know some of them are ignorant. Telling them so is not how you win. Govern with principle, and remember you will never be able to govern outside of being admin of your Facebook group without using science and tactics to win actual elections.

2) 3 weeks before the 2020 election, the LP candidate states we are no longer campaigning. We state we do not want to be the reason Trump loses to whatever Stalinist loon the DNC throws up.

We stay on the ballot, still get our 3% and ballot access. Its a tactical PR stunt.

3) We spend Trump’s last term pointing out all the GOP hate and obstruction, and all the Republicans colluding against him with Democrats. We praise efforts to end wars, his harsh words for the Federal Reserve, NATO, UN, etc. Nothing off platform. Pure principle, just focus on the overlap and ignore what we disagree with, we have no power to stop him. Do not jump in with the left to attack him. As long as we are seen as leftists we remain powerless.

4) After we court MAGA 4 years, we sell America a sequel to MAGA.

Make America Free Again.

We run Vince Vaughn and Penn Jillette against the loons and goons the majors throw up post Trump.

We win.

We see our principles graduate from social media to the halls of power.

Or we could just keep being the smartest kid in the room that annoys the hell out of everyone and see our kids and grandkids permanently enslaved.

Your choice Libertarians.

2 thoughts on “Tactics Over Philosophy

  1. I disagree in part. I used to agonize after elections till the meaning of “winning” became clear. Winning is getting enough libertarian spoiler votes to scare the crap out of the looters AND cause the worst one to lose. This puts evolutionary pressure on their party to adopt coloration in planks and platform that contrast less with ours, so that their looter OPPONENT loses thanks to our covering the gap. This is how the Fabian commies and mystics saddled us with prohibition and the income tax, and the process is reversible. –libertariantranslator


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