Feminism Comes Home To Roost

The fatal blow to the American family was struck in 1968 with the passage of “The Great Society”, which rewarded women to leave or eject a contributing male. It was just a slow bleed and they killed the black and brown first so nobody cared.

By: Ryan Ramsey

Labor Day, 2019

First they came for the black family. In 1968 85% of black kids were raised in a two parent home.

Today only 25% of black children are raised by both parents.

The racist Democrats, the party of the Klan and Jim Crow, and who created the modern welfare state, were perfectly willing to sacrifice the families of an entire race to the false prophets Marx and Engles.

The left went on to enshrine white supremacy into law with “Affirmative Action”, which is based on the Democrat belief black people are too dumb to compete without a handicap.

Since we were not black, we did nothing.

Next they came for the brown family.

After corrupting our neighbors to the south with the drug war, they conned large swaths of latinos into helping them recreate slavery, ironically with 93% of the the black vote.

The black community was firmly subjugated, so the liberal Democrat began to cry “Bring your family here illegally, and tell them to vote for us”, as they created a massive demographic of second class citizens in pseudo-slavery and called anyone a racist who opposed them.

The modern abolitionist opposed the creation of a new oppressed class after we finally gained civil rights for all….but was cast as the racist by the left.

By 2015, 42% of latino kids were raised by a single parent.

We were not Mexican or Central American though. We said nothing.

In fact, so many made alot of money exploiting them, they could justify being modern day slave traders with “everyone else is doing it”.

Now as we approach 150 Billion dollars in annual debt spending to pay for illegals, pathological altruism still rules the day.

Today I read about the future for all of us.

I know the feminists will tell you how they are “all about their kids” on their Tinder profiles.

Science is clear. The mere absense of one parent creates a nearly insurmountable hill for the children.

We are approaching a society where half of our children are doomed, because the left convinced women that losing their natural power as their husband’s better half was “empowering”.

The party of slavery, the KKK, America’s black holocaust, Jim Crow, and Eugenics….the Democrat Party…….has finally achieved their ultimate Marxist goal.

We are all the Democrat Party’s niggers now my friends.

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