Why A Straight Pride Rally?

Helping Libertarians understand the voters they need to win over, in order to win elections.

By: Ryan Ramsey

The Boston Straight Pride Rally has been criticized by many Libertarians who do not understand why it was important.

As an officer in The American Guard, which co-sponsored the event, and as a well known LPF activist as well as a former state officer and candidate, I want to help bridge the gap and close the disconnect here between the LP and the larger liberty movement.

The rally was based on some very basic psychology concepts which I have written about frequently in recent years, and have been putting increased effort into spreading because they are the key to toppling the one party system masquerading as a two party system.

The basis for understanding the rally lies in a very non-controversial insight I discovered while volunteering for a study creating de-radicalization models to prevent extremist violence.

When an identity comes under attack, people increase their assertion of it.

That’s why you saw a big rise in Black Nationalism during the 1960’s, concurrent with the fight over Jim Crow laws.

It is why I was a White Nationalist in my youth, when I was a minority English speaker in Los Angeles.

During that time in my life, I was getting regularly assaulted for my skin color by illegal aliens fueled with left wing hate by neo-Marxist teachers.

It is why the original gay pride rallys began, as there were state sponsored discrimination against gays at the time.

Today gays are no longer an oppressed class, but one that gets special protection at the expense of straight citizens.

The meme in the cover photo is not an exagerration, as the assault on traditionalism has gone from the subterfuge of the Frankfurt School tactics to overt hatred, as the term “Cisgender” rolls off the tongue of the modern left as an epithet.

There are two things about our event that seem to go over the heads of alot of people. One is the insight into the psychology of the body politic, explained above.

Let’s face it, Libertarians are traditionally tone deaf there, due to the mass ignorance in our movement toward another psychological factor involving the way personal and political identity intertwine.

The second factor is the enormous political gain to be made stoking populism on the subject. This is one of many insights that Murray Rothbard blessed us with at the pinnacle of his life’s work…..which were largely ignored by Libertarians.

The rally idea was based on these two concepts, ideas with decades of solid research backing them up.

Furthermore, it achieved the tactical goal of providing additional proof to the electorate that ANTIFA is disingenous about racism, tolerance, and whatever else they use to cover their true violent Marxist aims.

By having a gay Grand Marshal, Milo Yiannopoulos, and being 100% peaceful while dozens of leftists were arrested for assaulting innocent people and police, they were left with nothing to demagogue and the public was left with no doubts that anti-Fascism was never a real goal for ANTIFA.

Why does The American Guard, cast as a hate group by some elements of the controlled media, need to protect a gay man from mobs of violent leftists?

A very basic answer to the question “why do we need a straight pride rally” can be found in this fact alone.

The Boston Straight Pride Rally forced the leftist conter-protesters to be honest about the real beliefs they have, we collected a bunch of these flyers they distributed that day.

The personal opinions of Libertarians in matters of the culture war have to be generally regarded as highly suspect, and our vote totals in national elections are the evidence of why.

I like Adam Kokesh alot, and work with him close on some things. He had alot of my friends in the patriot movement eating out of his hand for a while, they loved his idea of dissolving the federal government in a bankruptcy process.

His speech at the event alienated them in a bad way, the same way we alienate 97% of the public every election.

I am going to continue to try and educate Anarchists, Conservatives, and Libertarians until we achieve enough unity to wipe all vestiges of Marxism…Cultural and State based….from earth. Only then will any of us have a chance of being free.

Rest assured though, this event had alot more thought put into it than you may think. 75 years of peer reviewed research were employed here, along with tactics already proven to be effective against the establishment.

I hope to spread this knowledge to a large enough portion of the LP and the greater liberty movement to see us succeed.

One thing Libertarians are great at is speaking their minds. I offer thanks to the critics for giving me an opportunity to educate and plant seeds.

One day we will see a Libertarian Party that becomes professional enough to understand that being right on issues is not what wins elections.

True principle for a party is when we figure out how to win elections, and make our ideas the law of the land.

A few of the American Guard members, including Libertarian Party officers, providing security for Milo at the Boston Straight Pride Rally

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