Thoughts On Anger

Opiates and Stranger Things

I do not watch much TV, but I recently watched a number of episodes of a show called “Stranger Things”.

The gist of it is that there is this dark force that opens a portal or gate to our world. It takes over people’s minds and controls them like zombies.There is a giant spider monster made of the rotting corpses of its victims, that grows larger with each one.

These ill equipped kids try to fight it. Ultimately though, they realize that by closing the gate, the dark force cannot animate and control the spider monster. So to kill it, they just have to avoid it long enough to close the gate.

I have come to believe that the opium poppy is akin to the force that controls people in the show.

As I watched I began to understand that emotional trauma from broken families and mankind’s cruelty to each other, and the anger it creates, is much like this dark force, and the opium poppy and the addiction it creates is the mind control coming through the gate building the spider monster corpse by corpse.
The drugs wont stop until the anger stops. AKA- closing the portal/gate. There’s an insidious force coming from this flower that seemingly redirects thought patterns and creates false reality, and in totality.

It is more than the simpler matter of the maladjusted chemical stew the brain sits in, and low dopamine or seratonin. Look what hippies did with cannabis from the 1970’s to now with selective breeding.

Cannabis does not create chemical dependence, nor does it radically alter brain chemistry. Imagine what selective breeding of opium poppies for millenia have done. Consider how big pharma then distilled the sap.

For at last 5000 years these insidious little pods have been used to control people. Think about it, the opium wars in China, the selective guarding of fields during the war in Afghanistan war. This little flower dictates the activity of the most powerful militaries on earth.

It kills people, happiness, and love. The pain left its wake creates its own market demand. It exploits the worst in man. Those abused or abandoned become angry, many of these are good people and this anger is uncomfortable due to cognitive dissonance. So….they kill the pain.
They become servants of the darkness, hurt the next round of victims to be fed to the spider made of rotting corpses.
On and on it goes, as the spider gets bigger and the dark force grows in strength.
I don’t think we can kill the spider. Closing the gate in context means healing people in ways that kill the market. Libertarianism is all about markets, and it is natural law enshrined in politics.

I remember fighting to convince a loved one recently lost to the dark force of the importance of communication, and simple rules of relationships based in evolutionary biology, as I watched love slip through my fingers like fine sand.

It was far too late then. There was already the thunder of the four horsemen, and downward spiral of demon cycles. Guilt makes anger, and anger blinds. It is contagious, I had to fight and escape the spider myself more than once.

75% of the country fails at relationships. I have a long held rule on my jobsites, before you install electrical equipment, read the instructions. Sometimes there are minor things that can have catastrophic results. Fire, death, explosion.
How much pain is there on the planet because people do not know how to avoid communication demon cycles? Why do we accept a honeymoon period followed by entropy and dissatisfaction, that ends 3/4 of the time in broken homes? How big a market to kill pain do we create in our ignorance?
I have a friend who has a remarkably similar story. I have been sharing my lessons and was told I missed my calling, and that I should be a therapist. I am flattered…. but I am an activist, so I want to bring important concepts to the body politic and the culture at large.

What if we simply fostered the idea of reading the manual first?

Why do we teach geomoetry but not how to foster and grow love?

Is healthy communication not every bit as important as drivers education?

I think of how the insight and work of Jonas Salk radically transformed human survivability from infection. One simple thing he noticed, and found a way to address, practically doubled the lifespan of every human since.

What if we could double the family stability rate?

What if the accepted norm became teaching the youth how to love and respect their mate, how to communicate and build fortresses in their hearts and defend that happy place that all bitter divorces and broken families once occupied?

I am not sure how this will look, or how to do it. I am inspired by the words of my friend though. I think I will take the advice I give to the men and women I lead.

I tell them to find hidden talent and ability in each other and encourage them to foster new skills among the tribe members.

I don’t want to play referee between arguing couples, I am always looking at bigger pictures. I want to find a way to teach the next generation how to have healthy and loving relationships, and do it before they suffer the heartbreak and pain.

If we kill the market demand for toxic ways to kill suffering, by preventing the suffering, we will be in a much better place to end the drug war.

I think I will accept the inherent challenge in the phrase “you missed your calling”.
I have always found great satisfaction in doing things thought to be impossible, especially while turning the lies and spite of my critics on their heads.

What if we can lift the yoke of pain, heartbreak, and suffering from a culture and shut the gate, and watch the spider die?

What if men smeared as a hatemongers taught a nation how to love?

I have a shit eating grin at the thought of it.
Mission one, healthy relationships for home and tribe.
Fuck a spider monster and the anger it lives on.

I wrote a song a few weeks ago that inspired this article. Here are the lyrics, and a link to a very raw recording in my temporary bedroom at the Jax AG clubhouse:

“The Worst Drug Anger”

Opiates will kill you,
They’ll find you blue and cold,
One thing true about all junkies,
They never grow old
Cocaine and speed will kill you too,
You’ll blow up your own heart,
But it’s a little known fact,
That all these drugs have a common start,
Anger – It’s what the dope hook is made of,
You can never really quit, unless from anger you wean,
Youre hooked on anger before you ever push that needle in your vein,
Anger is the worst drug I’ve ever seen
You don’t need to see a dealer,
Or have a cent unto your name,
To get addicted to the drug called anger,
Its in the poor and those with money and fame,
And you don’t have to score to feed it,
Like a cancer it will grow inside,
Into a filthy thing called hate,
You’ll see it metasticize,
You’ll lose your friends amd family,
You’ll hurt the ones that you love,
And in the wreckege left by anger,
The syringe it will see first blood,
Anger – It’s what the dope hook is made of,
You can never really quit, unless from anger you wean,
You’re hooked on anger before you ever push that needle in your vein,
Anger is the worst drug I’ve ever seen
Broken homes or bombs in markets,
When schoolkids get gunned down,
You can always dig to the root,
And there anger’s found,
Its anger that bred that hate,
It took to kill innocent kids or love,
It brings a blight on our families and nations,
It brings a curse down from above,
Anger – Its what the nail bombs are made of,
Hate and violence will be there unless all of us can wean,
That school shooter was hooked on anger before he ever slapped home that magazine,
Anger is the worst drug I’ve ever seen
Theres only one way to cure anger,
You also find it deep within,
Its the only drug you should be hooked on,
And it can wash away the greatest sin,
If this world wants to see redemption,
And restore our blessings from above,
We all need a new habit,
The only cure for anger is love

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