Voluntaryism, Selflessness, and Paying It Forward

This week I saved a homeless family #AGjustdidit

I was once in love with a beautiful girl. We conquered the world. She struggled with addiction, but seemed to beat it. She got pregnant through a miracle. On his 6th day on earth Alexander quit breathing in his sleep. SIDS they call it. I gave him CPR. I could not revive him.

He dwells now in Folkvang in the arms of the Allmother. We had another son but the sadness and anger were too much, and she succumbed to the old demon and left with him.

I have been staying at the American Guard Clubhouse now for weeks. Now that my life is not consumed with the strife of my former relationship, I am writing new music, making big moves for the club, and have launched a new Voluntaryist community service initiative, #AGjustdidit.

My home is a sad place for me at this point in time. A place full of broken dreams, a broken heart, and the memory of broken trust.

One of my brothers has been helping me remodel, there are new windows, there is new floors and tile in the master bath, and new lights throughout. The kitchen is being spruced up. I figured it would help clean the energy there. I found a far more powerful means to do so.

I went there yesterday to bring all the remaining food to the clubhouse before it spoils, and to grab some tools and motorcycle parts. Someone had kicked the front door in. My guess is it was the feds looking around sans warrant, I know all the neighborhood teenagers, and nothing was stolen. In any case I won’t be staying there any time soon so it is worrysome.

Libertarians talk alot about private solutions. Few bring any to the table. The ones who do are the ones I seek out for friendship and the ones I work with.

When we got back my Seargeant At Arms told me about a childhood friend having a rough time. He has a wife and 3 kids, and is being evicted this week. They are drug free, and their troubles are not self inflicted. Just good people having a rough time.

I remembered the outpouring of love and generosity you all showed me after Alexander died.

I remembered all the times I talked about tribe, community, and voluntary solutions, and I told my Seargeant At Arms to call his friend and tell him to come over.

I handed him a key.

Instantly my house of broken dreams became the miracle in his life that saved his family from homelessness. He is going to help finish the remodel, and I am not charging him rent, so he can build a nest egg.

In January he will move his family to a home he provided them, with all the pride that comes with it. Who knows, maybe one day it will once again be a home filled with love and the laughter of happy children, perhaps even a beautiful woman waiting with a smile when I return from my labors.

I will add another member to my tribe and gain a lifelong brother. I provided my community with a voluntary solution based on beliefs I advocate among them, and made my words actions before them and the tribe I lead.

Those of you who donated money to help my family in the wake of Alexander’s death and my subsequent motorcycle accident made a good investment.

You made me a better man.

Thank you. I want you to know I am paying it forward.

Imagine if we all chose selflessness and compassion, rather than leave people to beg from the government……which then turns around and extorts the entire public.

We could make government unnecessary.

We could create networks built on love instead of creating markets for armed agents.

Look around you. Something is broken. Someone is struggling. You can do something.

We are known by our deeds.


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