Understanding Leftist Subversion Techniques used to stifle the Libertarian Party

O’Sullivans Law, and the 8 step subversion process being applied by Marxist elements in the Libertarian Party

O’Sullivan’s Law states that any organization or enterprise that is not expressly right wing will become left wing over time.  Murray Rothbard correctly identified right-wing populism as the path to victory for the Libertarian Party back in the 90’s and now we see very clearly the toxic nature of the left. I honestly never thought I would see a day when people who were not even white, or who had mixed race children would be called Nazi’s for disagreeing with Cultural Marxist elements, but that day has arrived.

The fact is that leaving the LP is not the answer, for they will follow you to the new endeavor and corrupt it as well. What we need to do is start educating the party members about “The Long March Through The Institutions”, and how to recognize what they are seeing, and to openly reject these individuals and arguments, and call them by name and explain what they are doing. I started this last year when I explained the history of ANTIFA after they began assaulting and threatening Libertarian events.

I purposefully want to keep this short and sweet, as the article that inspired it had tons of information and I wanted to boil down a few of these concepts in small doses. Here is the 8 step process used to subvert political movements, as applied to the LP.

1) Leftist ideas are introduced into a growing political party through a few vocal members.

2) Through heavy use of emotional manipulation and guilt-tripping, more and more members, and eventually entire affiliates, and then state parties become leftist. The party principles are no not applied. Free speech, open discourse, or differences of opinion will not be tolerated. Non-leftists will be labeled and ostracized.

3) Traditionalist or right-leaning leadership acts only after leftists begin taking over leadership positions, and the Marxist claim ownership of the party and call the Traditionalist and right-leaning Libertarians “entryists” or claiming they are not even Libertarian.

4) Initial resistance gives way to retreat, as Traditionalist or right Libertarians decide to cut their losses and leave the party for a smaller, more Traditionalist or right leaning one. The general public begins to associate the LP with leftism in general.

5) That Party grows and eventually starts to grow and prosper.

6)Meanwhile, the successfully subverted LP hemorrhages membership, as there are not enough leftists interested in Libertarianism or Libertarians interested in leftism to keep it alive after Traditionalist and right Libertarian exodus.

7)As the Traditionalist/right Libertarians re-organize and grow in strength, the newly burgeoning party becomes the new target for leftist subversion.

8) The cycle repeats.

We are all going to have to stick together and unify against this enemy. You must choose to understand that the success of liberty in the political arena necessitates a victory over the left in the culture war. Silence is perceived as weakness, and intimidation is the most potent weapon they have. The more people who speak out, and give the middle finger to political correctness, the less the subversion techniques work. Eventually so many people are smeared and given labels that it becomes obvious what they are up to.

Demons hate to be called by their names, expect it to get worse before it gets better, especially as they are called out and exposed. They stand to lose a century of progress, they are going to lose their minds. Victory means putting Marxism in the dustbin of history, the last major collectivist ideology left on earth  with any power. It must be done if we are to achieve the goals the Libertarian Party was created to accomplish.

If you previously bought into the notion Cultural Marxism was some conspiracy theory and want to learn the truth, or want to explain it to someone, this documentary is an excellent place to start:


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