How to Stop the Libertarian Party

Let us imagine for a moment we are a globalist banker, a leader of the Democrat or Republican Party, or a dedicated Marxist. I would know that 30% of the American electorate was libertarian, and just did not know it yet. I would know that the libertarian movement was poised to break through as 30-40% of the voters affiliate with neither party. I would know that a paradigm shift that had 30% of the voters in the LP, 35-40% in the GOP, would leave Marxism powerless and a century of Socialist progress would begin to be reversed. I would also know the con was over, whereby the people are on a perpetual hamster wheel, voting for the lesser of two evils.

The liberty movement represents the #1 threat to the global banking system, and its puppets spread across the corrupt Social Democracies of the western world. Doing nothing would bring certain destruction of my power or ideology. If the Libertarian party elected even 5 US Senators, a situation would arise where it would require spproval of the LP to approve any bill in the Senate, by upsetting the current stalemate.

It would be a peaceful coup d’etat, and rather then the GOP being drug left with every session of Congress, it would be drug right, back toward liberty. There is no way I would let this happen, with trillions of dollars, all the military power of the world, and a century long program to create Socialism in America about to cross the finish line. I would expend any amount of resources necessary, and go to great lengths to stop it.

I would examine weak points, and realize since virtually all the LP’s membership was once with another party, it would be very easy to join. I would find out that becoming an officer in the LP was relatively easy, especially if you had political experience with another party and came as an operative. They do not even vet felons with election fraud related crimes, let alone new members.

I would then examine the platform, and the current trends, and identify which issues could be spun to make the LP look bad. I would remember how my predecessors yelled “legalize heroin!” when Nancy Reagan had the country chanting “just say no!”. I would set out to make sure the public knew we stood with the fringes on any issue I could. If the people shouted “build a wall”, I would shout “open borders! (except for Israel)”, despite the fact reasonable border security is in our platform.

I would seek to offend as many religious people as possible, by posting Satan memes on Good Friday on party run social media. I would bring up abortion, and cast the party as supportive of mass infanticide, even though the platform specifically respects pro-life libertarians, and many in the LP apply the NAP to babies.

I would find groups that had large scale support for our ideas, like the military which supported the Johnson campaign above Trump and Clinton’s, and I would disrespect and insult them, and double down when members tried to talk reasonable to me, and further the rift. I would accuse anyone promoting pragmatic and successful ideas of “not being real libertarians”, perhaps even “Nazis” or “Fascists”.

If I could get elected Chairman of the LP I could ruin them for at least a decade or two. I could lie about popular gay libertarian public figures and encourage violent attacks on free speech by ANTIFA.

I would see how many people were inspired by Ron Paul, and find ways to insult him in the press, and insist he is not a libertarian. I could protect my Marxist or Globalist aims by diverting attention from the advancing Socialism, by claiming Communism is no threat.

Knowing that our principles of small government and personal freedom appeal to so much of the right wing, I would make sure to tell them they are no ally, and never were. I would subvert officers and candidates in the party behind the scenes, and I would play games like having people run fake candidacies against me for the Chair election, and abdicate at the last minute to secure my position, and keep my program going.

I would do interviews with libertarian friendly people with millions in their audience, and dodge softball questions designed to offer me a chance to reach out and counter the perception that they are not welcome. I would support Communist terrorists, as their regime was set to perform a murderous form of “physical removal“.

Then, when I had the party discredited enough through all these actions, I would run for President of the United States in the next election. By doing so, I could cement every negative perception about the Libertarian Party in the minds of the American population, rendering the party of principle impotent for decades to come, and Marxism would be victorious.

My work done, I would retire, maybe to run a used car lot in Arizona, who knows.


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