Uncivil Rights – LGBTQP+ and Drag Queens

The latest in my series exposing Marxist perversion of libertarian ideals covers the sexualization of children and the efforts of the Proud Boys over the last year to push back, in the wake of the trans school shooter.

Homosexual mass murderers, some with Gender Dysphoria, have popped up in history as long as we have records. Abe Lincoln, Adolf Hitler, The Roman Caesars, it’s actually a regular historical theme. One we all need to recognize and do our part to fight in this generation.

In the wake of the FBI inside job on J6 and the election theft it served to cover up, federal agents assigned to child trafficking were nearly all reassigned to investigate that mostly peaceful protest.

The pedophile community saw the coast was clear, and began dressing in drag and going to schools and libraries to groom kids, and then upped the ante with full stripper shows and bottomless mimosas, like the one we shut down in Jacksonville.

It seemed a good plan, make them follow us right back to the child predators.

All the FBI did was send JTTF to take our plate numbers while ignoring the victimization of children.

The Proud Boys were smeared as homophobic. Recently the pedophile drag queen ANTIFA put snipers on the roof, worried we were showing up to stop their sex show for kids.

It was foreshadowing the tragedy we saw yesterday, when a tranny with a manifesto slaughtered kids at a school.

This is the fruit borne of the Biden FBI and the inability to understand Cultural Marxism and the works of the Frankfurt School.

“Let us sexualize your kids or we will murder you.”

Libertarians have always looked at it like “what you do in your own bed is your business”, but that is a simpleton take.

It does not take into account the depravity, predatory grooming, and mental illness driving the gay/trans “movement”.

It ignores the reality that the gay rights movement is a Communist movement. It was conceptualized and executed by the Frankfurt School/ISR camp who have no problem recruiting demons into their causes.

It is not the privacy of your bedroom when you march through the streets, make your own flags, and force it on kids. It’s an invasion with the goal of stealing the innocence of our children.

Nobody is born with a genetic desire to gyrate in fishnets on a stripper pole in front of 10 year olds.

Luckily 40+ percent of these trans demons kill themselves, but the ones still afflicting us are promising vengeance, retaliation for our exposure of their once underground racket.

Remember I am a Heathen, but hindsight being 20/20, the Christian Conservatives were right the whole time.

The “Gay Rights Movement” is a movement with the ultimate goal of normalizing sex with children, and it’s too obvious now for Libertarians to ignore.

If your central identity component and the main focus of your activism is what you do with your genitals, you’re a fucking sicko. You are hijacking and corrupting the liberty movement.

Stop being afraid to state the obvious.

Nobody ever cared who you love.

I have never performed a sex act that changed the way I talk and dress, or made me want to start a movement. It is pretty easy to spot the bad actors.

If you are gay you better get right up front here and shout it like Gays Against Groomers.

If you suffer from Gender Dysmorphia you probably already loathe drag queens as I know many in the gay community do.

Get in the coffee shops, get in the streets, and help us stop this madness. I will buy you a beer and we can troll the planet with the pics.

Sometimes you have to be real and stop playing semantics games.

Reality is the the core of the LGBTQ+ community are hard core Marxists and support pedophelia.

They want child rape legalized, just like the core of the Islamic community supports terrorism.

The Globalists running the world’s governments support it because most of them were regulars at Epstein’s Island.

You will spot the gays who are not Marxist Pedophiles easily, they will be out front telling people to stop using their sexual proclivities as a front to push Marxism and Pedophelia.

It really is that simple.

Silence is complicity.

Your leftist “libertarian” sacred cow is hereby culled.

If you think there is any path to abolition of the tyrannical state that does not include a Traditionalist family revival and a populace of religious and moral people, you are an ignoranus, purposeful spelling.

Don’t lecture me on libertarianism when you haven’t even read the foundational works of our philosophy and heroes. They all are very vocal about it.

Tennessee legislation that banned child drag queen and other hyper sexual shows is not the reason for the school shooting. Neither are similar bills in Kentucky and other states filed after Proud Boys drew attention to the problem.

Governor DeSantis is 100% doing a good job to pull alcohol licenses from businesses that sexualize kids.

Florida led the way with “shall issue” concealed carry, and we’re doing it again with legislation to put pedophiles in the electric chair.

ANTIFA is guarding pedophile drag queen story hours with rooftop snipers, giving bomb making instructions to members, and promising a summer of vengeance.

The culture war went hot yesterday.

What is the US government doing?

The DOJ is promising 1000 more arrests for a protest over 2 years ago. A protest that had less violence than the most benign ANTIFA or BLM protest.

The government is in the midst of a kangaroo court show trial, which is part of an effort to destroy the Proud Boys who are the only ones protecting our nations children.

I don’t know how we keep doing it. I truly believe the Allfather is at work guiding the hearts and minds of my beer drinking fraternity.

Once again we have forced the left and the globalist pedophile deep state to show their true colors. Some of it involved trolling them shouting “we are gay” and dancing YMCA.

We committed acts of terror on beer bottles and shot glasses, while the trannies shoot up schools.

Meanwhile Biden and the DOJ call us the greatest threat to America.

Translation: “Proud Boys are exposing the core of your Marxist America”. The commie pedophile village we won’t let you groom our children in.

Get off your couch and join the fight to save the west and our children at http://www.proudboys-usa.com.


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