Truth About Borders and Free Markets

Those who talk about liberal immigration policy as a free market solution do not understand economics and the real problem.

By: Ryan Ramsey


If we truly want to solve the immigration problem in the United States, discussion of current immigration policy is not the place to start. By understanding what is really happening, we could solve it at the root, and not even bring the subject up.


Socialism, the drug war, and the bankster’s illegal war machine place gross artificial pressures on the immigration and labor market by attracting leeches looking for freebies, made worse by people fleeing the corrupt narco states to the south, and by flooding the nation with refugees from unconstitutional wars.


Letting them in is not how to fix it.


Abolish Socialist policies, end the drug war, and abolish the prison/military industrial complexes… and the problem solves itself.


Extreme immigration control is the only way to restore the free market for immigration. The anti-Trump RINO’s that comprise the GOP establishment are funded by modern slavers making untold billions on exploiting illegal labor.


They pay big money for the GOP to talk tough and not actually do anything. That is why Republican Presidents going back at least through Reagan have all engaged in amnesty programs. Case in point – as I wrote this Florida Senate Republicans just amended their E-Verify bill to exempt the agricultural industry, the majority of the slave industry in the state, after months of posturing as tough on illegal immigration,


Their modern counterparts are all “Never Trumpers”, because he is trying to end their racket. Supporters of open borders are not humanitarian, they are useful idiots for Globalist Oligarchs and supporting modern slavery.


If you want to talk about markets, fine. Given the massive artificial forces on the labor and immigration markets, the free market is dead in the arena. The only way to fix it is to talk about creating a market force for immigration reform with counter pressure on the corrupted market. The quickest way to do so, and the place we have electoral movement in support, is to institute ruthless border enforcement and denial of pseudo-slaves to the Globalist Oligarchs.


Let those crops rot in the field one season, let that building construction halt. Force them to comply with the insane regulatory system, workers comp, leftist labor laws, and minimum wages. Watch what happens overnight.


Within a year there will be REAL immigration reform, as well as mass push to dismantle huge areas of regulation on business to make lawful business affordable. It will put the numbers on blast and force dismantling of Socialist payouts to foreign labor, stop the bleed in the medical and education systems, and end anchor babies and other means used by the left to stack the electorate with Socialist voters in their effort to outflank and undermine Libertarians and Conservatives seeking to restore the Bill of Rights.


The result will be a truly free market, in which people can come here and earn to meet labor needs, but will be unable to use the state as an armed robber of the citizenry to disburse the wealth of the nations families to immigrants. If they cannot earn their keep they won’t have an incentive to come.


Saying you want immigration to be liberalized to have a free market for labor is akin to focusing on the persistent sores of a diabetes patient without treating the disease.


Cure the disease and the sores go away.


If you do not understand this simple economic principle, you are unqualified to be part of a legitimate discussion on the issue.


Stop whining about immigration law, the Border Patrol, and ICE, this is not a problem in need of a bandaid.


Cure the systemic disease of Socialism, unconstitutional war, and the drug war/prison industrial complex, and immigration solves itself.


The way to make that happen is ruthless border enforcement. Engage the cartels and the coyotes with hellfire missiles and drones.


Drop leaflets all over Mexico and Central America in conjunction with  a mass advertising campaign, letting it be known anyone caught crossing the border, or inside the United States illegally, will be banned for life, and offer a 30 day self deportation grace period. Those fingerprinted on the way out during the grace period would be eligible to come back, sans welfare and after proving they aren’t criminals or carrying typhus ridden fleas.


Ignore it, you will be an enemy combatant, and without uniform, subjecting you to the same treatment as any other foreign invader crossing a sovereign border to steal from the citizens. Any business owner caught employing illegal labor would face a 10 year mandatory prison sentence and forfeiture of all their assets, as would anyone harboring or giving them material aid.


Bring the troops home and deploy them all to our borders and watch how quick this becomes a moot point, and the true free market will bloom.


The short term economic trauma is an investment with an immeasurable return. It will hearken the destruction of Socialism, deregulate the labor laws, and allow the sort of immigrant that made America great free access, and remove all incentives for criminals and parasites to even bother.


The “Libertarian Solution” puts the humanitarian concerns of a small group of criminals second to the prevention of global slavery and the true humanitarian goal of global economic liberty and personal freedom, which will only occur if we save this Republic.

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