Remembering The Prisoner Of Peace

The headlines are full of wars and rumors of wars, nearly all uneccessary. On August 17, 1987, a lonely old man who refused to die was murdered in his cell after 46 years in prison. His crime? Attempting to broker a peace treaty and avoid World War 2.

What would the world today be like if we had averted World War 2? There would have been no Holocaust. Hiroshima and Nagasaki would have been spared nuclear horror. Likely, there would have been no post war nuclear arms race or cold war. No Berlin Wall.

The eight million German civilians who died under the brutal US occupation would have lived, including the 2 million murdered in Eisenhower’s Rhine Meadows death camps after their surrender.

The understanding of most people regarding WW2 is second only to the War of Northern Aggression in popular misconceptions about its causes and the events that led up to it. That is a study one must undertake on their own, but this one small chapter involving Rudolph Hess is so damning to the military industrial complex and the banksters that pull its strings, that it needs to be told. They have gone to great lengths to flush it down the memory hole.

On May 10, 1941, a man named Rudolph Hess parachuted into Scotland, landing in a field near Eaglesham. He was the German Deputy Fuhrer.

He had flown solo for nearly 1,000 miles from Bavaria in a Messerschmitt Bf 110, on a peace mission, attempting to reach the Duke of Hamilton, who he believed had sufficient political clout to help him negotiate peace with the United Kingdom.

He never met with the Duke. The war pigs and banksters had blood to spill, and they were very thirsty in 1941. Hess was confined to a prison in Britain for the duration of the war. In true Orwellian fashion, he was taken back to Germany and tried for war crimes….crimes that happened during a war he tried to stop, as he was locked in a cell in a other country. They even had the chutzpah to convict him of “crimes against peace”. He was sentenced to life, and sent to Spandau with other former NSDAP officials.

One by one, the actual war criminals who were spared the hangman’s noose after the Nurenburg trials were released. Eventually Hess would be the only inmate in the entire prison.

I collect rare, odd, and out of print books. One of them that ended up on my shelf was written by a man who guarded Hess, “Prisoner #7”. It was a very compelling story, and the abuse that was heaped on him during his incarceration, especially by the Russians, was horrific. While the official story is that he hung himself, most believe that he was strangled to get rid of this 93 year old liability to the Globalists.

The story does not end there. A few years after discovering this forgotten history, a story caught my eye. It is the reason I am writing this today. The fear among the elites that people may begin to question these awful wars is so dark, that they even tried to wipe his MEMORY from the earth.

In June of 2011, 70 years after his failed peace mission, nearly a quarter century after his death, the bankster controlled government in Germany dug up his skeleton, burned his bones, bulldozed his grave, and dumped it all in the Ocean. Annual celebrations of his peace mission had grown to thousands of attemdees. Rising public knowledge these wars are all rackets was met with a typical neo-Marxist response…..those calling out the war profiteers were “far right extremists”.

It is a perverse spectacle, because the hatred one must harbor to raze a tomb of a man unjustly tortured 46 years is mind boggling, of course they have a righteous hate in their own eyes. As a man with plenty of past experience with hate, let me tell you it is just as evil on the left or right.

In context of the “crimes against peace” Hess was convicted of, the employment of cremation is ironic, and not in a funny way. You couldn’t dump his skeleton off the continental shelf without burning it too? These Globalists are sick and evil people.

These wars they send our sons to are not wars George Washington or Thomas Jefferson would have fought. They would scoff at the banksters if they were alive, and label us all madmen to tolerate this hate machine that enriches a few men at the cost of our best and bravest.

Some people have trouble finding sympathy for Hess, since he was a close friend of Hitler before the war, but flip the coin over.

The military industrial complex, and the interventionist foreign policy that drives it is a blight on all humanity.

Even this Nazi knew it.

Lets destroy this war racket. Lets raze even its grave. Lets burn the bones of the military industrial complex, and scatter its ashes on the sea.

Lets do it before the next war.

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