Thoughts On A United Front Against Globalism

If one is in chains, none of us are free. We should put heavy consideration on the lessons of history and resist tyrants together, while respecting our differences.

By Ryan Ramsey

I first began to realize that there were people like me in every country and state before the founding of the American Guard. I decided to find them and interview them and started a podcast called Global Dissident Voices.

I met Victor in Venezuela, as the nation was collapsing under the weight of Marxism.

There was Dan Roodt in South Africa, where the government claimed anti-racism, but was proposing to confiscate the property of all white people. They have since signed it into law.

I met Jessica and Khaleel from Wisconsin after Marxist faculty members advocated violence against Jessica for a paper she wrote about the 5 most useless classes on campus which included some SJW drivel.

Across the world there are people who may have a different culture and religion, but still hold similar values of respect for their own unique heritage, and the courage to defend it. They also face the same enemy that I do, the delusional and murderous devotees of Marx and Engles who seek genocide and call it diversity.

Someone sent me this Vietnamese Rap song called “Fuck Communism” and as the English translation went across the screen, I saw a kindred spirit in his own land facing the same struggle. Mute it if you must and read these lyrics.

I saw a comment from Croatia – on the Vietnamese anti-Communist Rap Video – that was encouraging them.


I have always used the example of the American Indian to explain the importance of Nationalism for the preservation of liberty. Had they had a national means of organizing they could have sent us back to Europe. Lacking modern communications and hindered by old territorial beefs and rivalries, they never united under a larger circle of loyalty for the basic function of preservation.

One by one, each was picked off, until they were no more. They outnumbered Europeans here, but were destroyed tribe by tribe, not realizing their mutual self interest.

They want to wipe out Tibetan culture the same as Southern US culture. I recognize the Armenian Genocide whether or not the US government will. The destruction of historical monuments here serves the same purpose as when the Ottoman Turks did it to the Armenians.

My ancestors fought the federal government for the same reasons the colonists fought England. Why can’t Quebec be its own country with its own language?

They reality of our situation is a murderous cabal of social engineers who print the money and control the political process in much of the world. They ultimately seek a global racial and cultural genocide in hopes of creating a uniform population of credit slaves with no heritage, tribe, tradition, religion, or history. Orwell was dead on when he wrote of the memory hole.

An easy to control disarmed population with nothing they hold above their own lives or carnal self interest. No brave heroes to honor, no God to serve. Nothing but their master.

I think we face global slavery and that we should consider the idea of a guard in every country dedicated to whatever sacred principles, faith, and culture is under attack there. While being totally sovereign, in fact dedicated to remaining so, we could foster a global Nationalist resistance that was coordinated but decentralized.

I think it may be the only way to fight a global beast with all the money and power on its side.

I do not know exactly how it will work but if I can interview people in Venezuela I can certainly network and coordinate with others to create a movement to resist. More importantly light those “brush fires of liberty in the hearts and minds of men” that Thomas Paine spoke of. It brings to mind another Hamilton quote:


Recently I was talking with my friend Mugabe John Socrates who is a libertarian leader in Uganda. They are building their own city based on their ideals, carving it out of the wilderness. He spoke to me of being inspired as a boy by America and our freedoms to begin his work.

I remember the Cubans sent to the gulag for opening the Benjamin Franklin library in Havana. We began a campaign to demand their release, and send them aid. They responded by founding a Libertarian Party in Cuba the weekend of our 2017 Convention as we elected a Cuban-American Chair of the Libertarian Party of Florida.

They later said our publicity kept them from being tortured in the gulag and we secured their release.

If we can keep people from being tortured by Communists with an online and direct aid campaign, and if the mere existence of our Bill of Rights inspired a boy to grow up and build a city to live free under self governance in Uganda, just among people I know, perhaps we can use our position of inspiration and influence to foster a global decentralized resistance that could one day see the devils who own the international banks relocated to the same trench they dumped Osama Bin Laden in.

Finally we could mete out justice to the evil men who start all the wars, and who thought they would kill our nations off one by one.

What if the act of preserving our own cultures in our own nations against the Globalist attacks on them, bolstered by the power of a global network inspired by the American Guard, could result in eliminating the plague of Marxism from the planet forever?

What if the respect the varied nations of the world earned for each other in the process of voluntary cooperation to rid the world of Communism ushered in a new era of world peace, personal liberty, prosperity, and free trade that mankind has always worked for?

What if it was there all along and just waiting for us to take it?


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