Speech to Save Old Joe, Gainesville Florida

The Libertarian Heathen Exposes the Lies Behind “Black Lives Matter”

Libertarian Party of Florida Platform:


We recognize the right to political secession. Exercise of this right, like the exercise of all other rights, does not remove legal and moral obligations not to violate the rights of others.

One thought on “Speech to Save Old Joe, Gainesville Florida

  1. Great job! I am the President of the Chaper who owns this monument and now has 52 days to raise the money to move it. I will be moving it to PRIVATE property, but where it can be loved and enjoyed by all Patriots. We are working around the clock to raise the money to move him and see him in a safe location. Thank you for speaking up for the Veterans he represents, “To The Memory Of The Confederate Dead”. If any would like to help, we would be deeply greatful!! God Bless you and God Save the South!


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