Libertarians and a Burning Rome

David Azerrad published a powerful piece in The American Conservative, titled “American Conservatism is Fiddling While Rome Burns”. The critique of modern Conservatism is fantastic. The critique of Libertarianism not so much, in the sense it critiques a “modal libertarianism” that Murray Rothbard, godfather of the LP, also critiqued with the same vigor. These people … More Libertarians and a Burning Rome

Liberty Requires Faith, Tradition, and Heritage

The Missing Link For The Libertarian Party By: Ryan Ramsey Promotion of faith, traditional values, and pride in ones heritage are the missing link in the liberty movement. Why? The dominant collectivist evil of the Wolf Age, in fact, its main catalyst, is Marxism. Marxism is the rival of Libertarianism, not Republicans or Donald Trump. … More Liberty Requires Faith, Tradition, and Heritage