Response to Luke Henderson of “Being Libertarian”

It is one thing to be in error, but another to suppress clarification. Seeking to offer benefit of the doubt, I posted some clarifications in the comment section of THIS ARTICLE regarding the LNC Chair race. I had even shared it because I was quoted in it, and decided to give the author, Luke Henderson, … More Response to Luke Henderson of “Being Libertarian”

Toxic Matriarchy of the Sarwark Administration

A recent incident showcases the toxic Matriarchy fostered by Commissar Sarwark’s regime. There have been many allegations of impropriety thrown around during the chair race. Most directed at Joshua Smith by supporters of Commissar Nick Sarwark. Disrespecting women this, alleged inappropriate laughter at inappropriate comment that. Even the disgruntled ex card was pulled. The cadre … More Toxic Matriarchy of the Sarwark Administration

To The Gulag Libertarian!

    March 6, 2017 After I published a scathing critique of Nick Sarwark’s support for the ANTIFA rioters in Berkley, Augustus Invictus also condemned him. The neo-marxists infesting the party responded with the typical Frankfurt School playbook. The dismissals were full of buzzwords like conspiracy theory and flippant dismissals of the facts presented. In … More To The Gulag Libertarian!