Florida Citizen Child Protection Act

Proposing the “Gary Plauché Law”, to let the people of Florida clean up their own communities. It is time for a “Libertarian Solution”. Gary Plauché (November 10, 1945 – October 23, 2014), was an American man known for the 1984 killing of Jeff Doucet, who had kidnapped, sexually assaulted, and molested Plauché’s son, Jody. The … More Florida Citizen Child Protection Act

Florida Concealed Weapon Permits and Medical Marijuana

Demystifying Common Misconceptions By: Ryan Ramsey I get many questions and comments regarding fears that holding a concealed weapon and firearm permit in Florida, and also getting a medical cannabis card, could result in losing the right to own or purchase firearms. In Florida, the Agriculture Commissioner who issues CWP’s also has a medical cannabis … More Florida Concealed Weapon Permits and Medical Marijuana