Response to Luke Henderson of “Being Libertarian”

It is one thing to be in error, but another to suppress clarification. Seeking to offer benefit of the doubt, I posted some clarifications in the comment section of THIS ARTICLE regarding the LNC Chair race. I had even shared it because I was quoted in it, and decided to give the author, Luke Henderson, … More Response to Luke Henderson of “Being Libertarian”

To The Gulag Libertarian!

    March 6, 2017 After I published a scathing critique of Nick Sarwark’s support for the ANTIFA rioters in Berkley, Augustus Invictus also condemned him. The neo-marxists infesting the party responded with the typical Frankfurt School playbook. The dismissals were full of buzzwords like conspiracy theory and flippant dismissals of the facts presented. In … More To The Gulag Libertarian!