Cultural Derpism

Dealing with the insane left as it goes full derp……Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. By: Ryan Ramsey AG President, Florida From: This week we have yet another headline about the “white power brown guy” trend. The American left is in a whole new rabbit hole. When The American Guard founded a Constitutional Nationalist … More Cultural Derpism

The Solution – Political, Cultural, or Both?

An Analogy, and an Explanation   There is a recent conflict in the United States, as the growing movement of right-wing populism has been infiltrated by Ethno-Nationalists, National Socialists, Third Positionists, and others, who promote left-wing economic ideologies. Some even have plans for “peaceful ethnic cleansing”. These ideas are absurd on their surface, because all … More The Solution – Political, Cultural, or Both?

Friend, or Foe?

When we say “Right Wing”, the devil is in the details, and it is red. By: Joshua Long In the last couple of years, America has seen a cultural revolution with a backlash of Traditional American populism. A widespread resistance to the decades of Marxist subversion that has brought our Republic to the brink of … More Friend, or Foe?