Liberty Requires Faith, Tradition, and Heritage

The Missing Link For The Libertarian Party By: Ryan Ramsey Promotion of faith, traditional values, and pride in ones heritage are the missing link in the liberty movement. Why? The dominant collectivist evil of the Wolf Age, in fact, its main catalyst, is Marxism. Marxism is the rival of Libertarianism, not Republicans or Donald Trump. … More Liberty Requires Faith, Tradition, and Heritage

The Science of Political Success – The Power of Positive Exposure

Emerging science suggests that the key to changing hearts and minds is exposure to people who defy negative stereotypes, and befriending those you are inclined to hate. By: Ryan Ramsey I have been asked many times why I spend time arguing online with leftists, NatBols, NatSocs, NeoCons, and others. The best way to become a … More The Science of Political Success – The Power of Positive Exposure

Communism, Open Borders, and Natural Law

Why Left Wing Delusions Are So Destructive Libertarianism is Natural Law Enshrined In Politics I have a variety of people on the social media pages associated with this website. I generally do not ban contrarians as they provide fodder for good debate. Most Libertarians/Conservatives have encountered a common fallacy offerred by Marxists who still cling … More Communism, Open Borders, and Natural Law

Tactics Over Philosophy

The biggest problems often have the simplest solutions. I am not a philosopher, and neither should anyone involved in politics be a philosopher in that role. Politics is for tacticians, by definition “How”, not “What”, is the question for a party officer. The LPF made its greatest gains applying a tactical program called “First Step”. … More Tactics Over Philosophy

ANTIFA Terrorrist Threatens Gay Man Picking Up Trash In Baltimore

The boiling hatred of these left wing terrorists is on full display, as “Dirty Daryl”, glorified in a Hollywood movie called “Skin” threatens a voluntaryist community action. By: Ryan Ramsey This story out of Baltimore hit close to home for me. I am a frequent target of Marxists hiding under the guise of anti-racists, and … More ANTIFA Terrorrist Threatens Gay Man Picking Up Trash In Baltimore

Cultural Derpism

Dealing with the insane left as it goes full derp……Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. By: Ryan Ramsey AG President, Florida From: This week we have yet another headline about the “white power brown guy” trend. The American left is in a whole new rabbit hole. When The American Guard founded a Constitutional Nationalist … More Cultural Derpism

Insights On Latin American Conservatives and Media Bias

Riquet Caballero, responds to a Vice piece on Miami’s right wing with his unique and insightful perspectives. He made waves in the 2018 election by earning nearly 9% of the vote as a Libertarian in a Florida House race in Miami’s District 108, when typical returns are 1-3%. To hear more from Mr. Caballero check … More Insights On Latin American Conservatives and Media Bias

Thoughts On Anger

Opiates and Stranger Things I do not watch much TV, but I recently watched a number of episodes of a show called “Stranger Things”. The gist of it is that there is this dark force that opens a portal or gate to our world. It takes over people’s minds and controls them like zombies.There is … More Thoughts On Anger

The Gift Of Printed 2A Freedom

In response to the Republican Party of Florida embracing gun control, I Would Like To Make Sure You All Have These Blueprints. AR-15: AR-10: Ruger 10-22: 1911: vz 58: Beretta 92FS: Liberator:

Politicized Genitalia

Thoughts on the Frankfurt School “Pride Month” By: Ryan Ramsey This picture is ridiculous. So are the narratives ebbing and flowing among the body politic regarding “lbgtqchomoetc” and “pride month”. I wrote about “Hate Bait” during the engineered controversy regarding the “migrant caravan”. I had to make a correction, it was engineered by Maduro, not … More Politicized Genitalia